வாசகியர் கொலு போட்டி - 2011
Radhika, Palakkad Kerala11 Months ago
Hi, I am Radhika from Palakkad, Kerala. I have arranged a traditional Kolu. And a modern Kolu of two villas with compound and park. I have put up an image of 'Devi'. I have given an unique identity to 'Devi' by placing Devi's face on top of a Kuthu Vilakku and dressing her.
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Chitra, Coimbatore11 Months ago
Our kolu consists of 9 padikkattu. We have described visually how navarathri is celebrated on 9 days. The highlight is about blood donation, eye donation and organ donation. The other main items are global warming, eco-friendliness, geethacharam, ramar palam, sanjeevi malai, uchipulliyar kovil, narasimha avatharam, simple marriage and importance of fruits & vegetables. Daily hundreds of people visit our kolu. I am happy that I am able to spread good messages to all. Thank You.
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SundaraRajan, Navi Mumbai11 Months ago
Namaskaram! I, Mrs.Booma SundaraRajan, from Navi Mumbai (Maharashtra) would like to thank AVAL VIKATAN to call for these kind of innovative way to create an opportunity to participate in NAVRATRI KOLU FESTIVAL for women like me. I am a regular reader of AVAL VIKATAN. I kept our traditional Navaratri Kolu at our home. I keep this for last 17 years since i am married. First Step is decorated with our Family God and their Avtars, the Second step with Our Guru (Acharyans), the Third Step with Ashtalakshmis, the Fourth one with ladies performing Diya Puja, the Fifth one with Tirupati Balaji's marriage set, the Sixth one with Chettiyar Doll selling Nava Thaniyas and with Children's Dolls to get the Children motivated every year to keep the same during their upcoming years (after marriage), the Seventh step is with the main deity Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati for which the sahasranama puja is performed both morning and evening time. Apart from the regular Kolu adorned, I keep a theme with cultural and social concept by the side of the Kolu every year. Two years back, I kept a theme of a replica of TANJORE TEMPLE in Tamil Nadu, which has completed its 1000 years of construction. Last year, I kept a replica of PANDARPUR VITOBA MANDIR. This year I kept a theme with a concept of 'LIKE 7 WONDERS IN THE WORLD, THERE ARE 10 SUCH SIGNIFICANT NUMERICALS ATTACHED WITH OUR HINDU CULTURE', which is displayed with Individual Pictures cut, pasted in Thermocole and fixed in a TEMPLE TYPE OF SHAPE WITH KALASH ON TOP, Like ONE GANPATI, TWO ITHIHAS (RAMAYANA & MAHABARATH), THREE MOORTHIS (BRAHMA, VISHNU & SHIVA), FOUR VEDAS (RIG, YAJUR, SAMA & ATHARVANA), FIVE BHUTHAS (WATER, AIR, FIRE, LAND & SKY), SIX KARTHIKEYAS (VARIOUS AVATARS OF LORD MURUGA), SEVEN KANNIKAS (THE VIRGIN MOTHERS OF LAKSHMI), EIGHT LAKSHMIS (ASTA LAKSHMIS), NINE GRAHAS (SUN, CHANDRA, BUDH, ANGARAHA, SUKRAN, GURU, RAHU, KEDHU AND SATURN), and TEN AVATARS OF LORD VISHNU (MASYA, KOORMA, VARAHA, NARASIMHA, VAMANA, PARASURAMA, BALARAMA, RAMA, KRISHA & KALKI). The whole Kolu and the Theme Concept is decorated beautifully with lights and other decorated articles like flowers, thorans, sign boards etc. A Small Sandy Park below the Temple Concept is also an extravaganza to watch which is filled with grass, birds, animals, dancing dolls of various states for the children to enjoy during these 9 days. This year,I purchased a set of 'KARAKATAKARAN' - a theme of Tamil Village Folk Dance. This was possible with fullest support and help extended by my Husband, Son and Daughter. I invite you all thro’ this to visit our Kolu and to seek the Blessings of GODDESS DURGA, LAKSHMI AND SARASWATI Booma SundaraRajan Tower 'A', Flat # 201, Balaji Gardens, Sec-11, Koparkhairnae Navi Mumbai
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Amudhasiva, Trichy11 Months ago
Theme - " 3 " (Back water Sea ) Hi, we are very happy to participate this competion. Steps Theme : ie, Mupperum Deviar, Muperum Devar, sangatamil -3, Mannargal -3 ( Seran, Cholan, Pandian ) etc., ground theme : Back water sea. In this we decorate shops like, Nendram chips shop, Tea stall,Saree shop, coir matte shop, vegetable shop and Kerala well & resort. In resort we set guest house, play area, relax area, fun time games, auyurvedic massage centre, Swimming pool, House boat, Tender coconut, coconut tree etc., Hope you will enjoy this golu. If feel good Vote for us
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Ramesh, Hyderabad11 Months ago
Thanks to Vikatan family for this opportunity. We are into the 12th year of keeping Golu. Every year we go with a theme and this year we took Palani Thai Poosam Festival with moving Rope Car built specially for it which can be seen with more clarity in : http: www.youtube.com watch?v=KMS1NhYyPcU . Shops and villages of Palani have all been handmade with throwaway boxes. All our well wishers every year eagerly wait for our theme which is always a surprise. Thanks.
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Gowri, Chennai11 Months ago
The concept of the golu is A PILGRIMAGE TO KEDAARNATH - Dedicated to the departed souls at Uttharakhand - Kedarnath. The entire concept is handmade and most of the materials used are eco-friendly. I was at kedarnath during the tragedy hence i chose this concept and dedicated the same to the departed souls. Thanks Vikatan for this wonderful opportunity to display my creative golu to the entire world. If you like my golu please vote for the same. Thanks in advance for all the voters.
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Shuba, bangalore11 Months ago
creativity of thirumala thirupathi and ranganadhar swamy.srinivasa and padmavathi thayar
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S.Kumar, Ambattur, Chennai 60005311 Months ago
Golu Theme - Festivals of India
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Gomathi_Rethinekumar, Mayiladuthurai11 Months ago
Thankyou vikatan for organising this contest. We celebrate Navaraathri Golu right from 1958 till date for more than 50 years. We invite our friends, family relatives and neighbours for our Golu every year and will honour them by giving various gifts in customary manner. Here with we uploaded our Golu pics. Hope Aval Vikatan vasagigal will like it. Please vote for us.
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YOGALAKSHMI, Thirunindravur - chennai11 Months ago
Hi All, Happy to present my "GOLU - 2013" in this wonderful competition. Theme of this year Golu is "Mupperum Deviyargalin Dharisanam" and to promote gender equality and empower women through education. Education is the only weapon to eradicate inequality and can empower women. We take this opportunity to celebrate 'OCT 11' as International Girl Child Day. We have also created awareness to all visitors to educate girl child. We have also promoted children to learn by presenting stationery items. Thanks a lot, do vote for us.
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Geetha, Chennai11 Months ago
Kolu has traditional divine features on the ground. The left side events pertaining to lord shiva such as karthigaipengal ,Kanakadara stotram, Pittukku mansumand and pazham nee yappa thiruvilaiyadal incidents. Middle elevated platform contains Madathipathis,samayakuravar naalvar and aazhvars. Right side platform contains various stages of Krishna leelai.
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Thanks to 'AVAL VIKATAN' for giving this wonderful opportunity to participate and share vasagigal ideas and theme. We have arranged our traditional dolls as usual. Apart from this, we have dispLayed hand made items with our own creativity. The main materials used are "BEST OUT OF WASTE RECYCLING USE AND THROW ITEMS". This year we have 1)Ganesh temple 2) Nandavanam 3)Market place 4)Residential area 5)Water pond 6)Traffic police with over-bridge 7)Play area park 8)Farm house 9)Andhra Pradesh Batkamma Dance dolls etc., Materials used to decorate the above are: 1)Pop stick (for bridge, farm house fencing) 2)Unused vessel scrubber for carpet (decorated with colour tape at the Nandavanam entrance) 3)Chess coins painted and arranged for border decoration 4)Vettiver for hay 5)Tumbler stand,PVC Pipe piece for traffic police and statue stand, etc. Thank you once again and "WISH YOU ALL A VERY HAPPY DUSSHERA"
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Thank you VIKATAN for organising this.The very fact that this is being viewed by many subscribers gives a lot of pleasure to me This year's Golu depicts the traditional one in 7 steps -- first GODDESS DURGA fanked by LAKSHMI&SARASWATI followed in next steps-- avatars of LORD VISHNU, RAMA, TRIVIKRAMA AND FUTHER DOWN ALL 18 Alwars& finally traditional Chettiar. A Special theme of this golu being'BRINDAVAN NANDAKUMAR' IN THE SIDE IS DEPICTED VARIOUS FACETS OF LORD KRISHNA, starting from1) Baby Krishna crawling to the butter pot,2)Dancing with Gopikas,3)a cowherd taking care of the cows,4)Dancing on the snake Kalinga and finally5)Krishna with as PANDURANGAWITH DEVI RAGYMAYI. A RANGOLI IS DONE IN THE TRADITIONAL TANJAVORE PAINTING STYLE BY Colour powder&stones. All things have been done at home by me without any professional help.
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Sundaravalli, Salem11 Months ago
Running the 'Kolu Show' for more than four decades. Now my daughter-in-law and my grand daughter are also showing interest in this traditional show of dolls.My 'kolu' is the fruit of the labour of three generations.
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sulochana, Srirengam-Trichy11 Months ago
more than 25 years in our house we are keeping "Golu" and love to do this every year.behalf of my mom i'm posting it here.she love to do this and invite everyone to celebrate this Navarathri. Mostly decoration are handmade by my mom.this time she kept 15 steps and parks.thanks Vikatan for this opportunity.
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Elumalai, chennai11 Months ago
கொலு 2013
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Usha, Chennai11 Months ago
We have thematic exhibits every year apart from traditional padis. We have 7 padis, we also keep the village theme on the floor and Dasavatharam above the padi. Apart from these, we have 3 different themes. Our themes for this year, Haridas story (Pandurangan - Pandaripuram), Heritage of China and Adhu idhu edhu entertainment show.
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AnusuyaKuppuswamy, CHENNAI11 Months ago
Greetings This year we have concentrated on srimath ramayanam besides SriKrishna Leela
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Murugesan, Chennai11 Months ago
Theme of our kolu is "YAATHUMAAGI NINDRAI - Shakthi". Highlights of women gods. Meenakshi, Dhaatchayani, Mayilai Karpagambal, Kulasai Muthaaramman, Kanniyakumari Bagavathi etc.,etc., - Mountain has dolls illustrating the stories of Valli, Deyvayanai and also with Arupadai Veedu of Lord Muruga is kept in the mountain which consists of eco friendly products done by us. Handmade historical scenes of unmemorable legendary women viz., Chittur Rani Padmini, Kannagi, Rani Samyuktha, Kaaraikkakkal ammayar, Raani Mangammal, Nalayini, NalaThamayandhi, Thilagavathi Ammaiyaar, Manimegalai, Aatheerai,Madhavi, Menaga dance, Chandramathi,Velu Naachiyaar etc., with stories through handmade dolls. Paanchali Thugiluriththal (Sabatham) is something unique in this kolu. Seethaayanam story of Seetha - wife of Lord Rama, kept beautifully with handmade dolls. The stories of Aandal were also illustrated. Our Golu consists of eco-friendly products with traditional Main golu in 9 steps,separate 5 step kolu exclusively for Mupperundheviar. Aandal Koil Brahmotsavam with 3 steps and some new arrivals also. A separate Moopperuntheviyar (Theme golu) with 5 steps also.Beautifully decorated Goddess Lakshmi is displayed. The famous DUSSHERA festival with Thappaattam, Oyilaattam,Karagattam, Villuppattu, Theechatti, Mulaippari -celebrated in Tamil Nadu at Muthaarammam Temple in KULASEKARAPATTINAM through handmade dolls and real dancing dolls of thappattam oyilattam were displayed with suitable audio and video clippings. Thamboolam with Madurai Meenakshi Amman KumKum Prasadam.
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Malar, Coimbatore11 Months ago
Malarvizhi, Coimbatore. This year our theme is "VINAYAGAR VARALARU".We have displayed models of mythological stories of ganesh like birth of ganesh,kuberar feast,ganesh fight for wisdom fruit,ganesh curse on moon,ganesh urvalam,his special temples & different forms.
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Priya, Chennai11 Months ago
It is that time of the year, where all the ladies born of the tamil hindu culture unite along with everyone else from all over the world, in these modern days. Th socializing through pleasant aromas of Vetthela Pakku and genuine gifts of gratitude in the form of thambulams make this festival one of the most beautiful in Indian cultures. The beauty of every Kolu is the dolls carefully arranged with care and love. The same has been done in this year’s Kolu in our house. Based on a concept of ‘Thirumanam’ or Marriage, the dolls have been divided into ‘Namma Veetu Kalyanam’ which stands for ‘The Wedding of our House’ which is a display of the traditional authentic Brahmin marriage and ‘Deiva Thirumanangal’ which is the display of ‘Weddings of the Gods’. The highlight is the Krishna Leela featuring a Krishna Cricket and every other aspect of Krishna’s life. The Kolu holds the classic touch of 5 padikattu Kolu. Ultimately, the true ethnicity lies in all the guests enjoying the Kolu pleasantly with us and the sweets with pleasant music now and then. The most important guests of all being- the gods. We welcome you; it will be a visual treat which one can truly enjoy only in reality. Welcome to our Golu ! Vetthula and Thambulam assured! Theme: Thirumanam Includes: Deiva Thirumanangal and Namma Veetu Kalyanam Featuring: Krishna Leela Highlight: Krishna Cricket Kudos to a great Golu!
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srividya, Chennai11 Months ago
Hello, First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you a happy navarathri. After living for 14 years abroad, this is my first golu in India. The main theme of this year's Golu is 'Family Occasions' which starts with the child's 'Naming Ceremony', followed by the 'Ayush Homam Ear Piercing', 'Upanayanam', 'Engagement', 'Wedding', 'Seemantham' and ends with 'Shastiapthapoorthi'. As some of these sets were not sold, I had to create them on my own. The cradle & the baby, Brahmobadesam in Upanayanam, Ambal are few examples of my creation. These dolls were handmade by me. In addition to it, the main golu consists of 7 steps. This carries our usual dolls such as Lakshmi, Saraswathi, Ganesha, Perumal Thaayar, Ramar Set, Dasavatharam, Ashtalaklakshmi, Azhwars etc. We also have sides like Garuda sevai & Krishna Leela which portrays the story of Krishna from birth. Thanks, Srividya
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Rukmini, Chennai11 Months ago
விகடன் வாசகர்களுக்கு Padma Sudharsanன் வணக்கம்.. அனைவரும் வருக எங்கள் நவராத்திரி விழாவிற்கு... இது எங்கள் இல்லத்தின் 61ஆம் ஆண்டு கொலு. இவை அனைத்துக்கும் மூல காரணம் என் மாமனார் லேட் Mr.GK (G.Krishnamoorthy, Rtd. Sub Accountant in State Bank Of India LHO and Tennis Player). இக் கொலுவின் முதல் படியில் உள்ள லக்ஷ்மி, சரஸ்வதி, காலிங்கனர்த்தன கிருஷ்ணன் மற்றும் குழலூதும் கிருஷ்ணன் பொம்மையின் வயதுகள் 60 முடிந்தன. பசுமையை (விவசாயம்) உணர்த்தும் விதமாக இக் கொலுவில் பார்க்கை அமைத்திருக்கிறோம். என் நாத்தனார் கை வண்ணத்தில் செய்து, கோலத்தின் சிறப்பு அம்சம்மாக இருக்கும் மயில்கள் கூறுவது : மனிதனே, மழையை பார்த்து சந்தோஷ படும் நீ, அம்மழையில் நடனம் ஆடி உன்னை சந்தோஷ படுத்தும் என்னை காப்பாற்றுவாய் என்ற நம்பிக்கையில், உனக்காக இவ் உலகத்தில் வாழ்கிறேன். அனைவரும் வாழ்வோம் இந்த சந்தோஷ உலகத்தில்.. இப்புகைப்படத்தை எடுத்த Sathya Rajini கு நன்றி.. :) எங்கள் வீட்டு கொலுவை பார்த்து ரசித்த விகடன் குழுமம் மற்றும் இதை படித்த அனைவருக்கும் எங்கள் மனமார்ந்த நன்றி.
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Vidhya Lakshmi, Tirunelveli11 Months ago
Thankyou vikatan for organising this contest..there are somemore photos too like jesus birth,dollhouse too.but here u told to send 2 photos.but im very happy to participate in this. in villaku i did ambal alangaram u can see her,she is wearing blue saree.
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GayathriMadhanMohan, Salem11 Months ago
கடந்த 43 வருடங்களாக, என் மாமியார் கொண்டாடிக் கொண்டிருக்கும் கொலு திருவிழாவை, 8 வருடங்களாக நானும் சேர்ந்து கொண்டாடி வருகிறேன். கடையில் வாங்கிய பொம்மைகளை விட என் மாமியாரும், நானும் செய்த கைவினை பொருள்களே எங்கள் கொலுவில் அதிகம் இடம் பிடித்திருக்கும்.என் 5 வயது மகள் இப்போதே அதிக ஆர்வத்துடன் கொலுவை கொண்டாடுகிறாள். வெளியூரில் இருக்கும் உறவினர்கள் கூட எங்கள் வீட்டு கொலுவை காண வருவார்கள். நண்பர்களும், உறவினர்களும் ஒருவரை ஒருவர் நேரில் சந்தித்துக் கொள்ள கொலு நல்ல வாய்ப்பு அளிக்கிறது.
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Many of our Park's items are made by us from waste things (Card board boxes, Water bottles, Ice cream sticks, daily sheet calender etc). ART FROM WASTE is the main theme of our Kolu.
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RENUKA, SALEM11 Months ago
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Nirmala, Pune11 Months ago
This is the first (and possibly only) of its kind - Hexagonal Golu. Designed and created by my Uncle - Shri Anantakrishnan. This year, celebrating the theme dashavataram and ashtavinayak, we have arrangements of a unique coconut shell in which Dashavataram and Andal Kalyanam are housed. In addition we have a Paligai and geographical layout of Ashtavinayak as well.
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T.Dhanalakshmi, rasipuram11 Months ago
hi everyone, my hearty navarathri wishes to all,i thank vikatan for giving us this oppurtunity.may all get the blessings of great godesses.
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DevisriSundarrajan, Trichy11 Months ago
நமது பாரம்பரியம் மாறாத ஒரு விழாவாக இன்றும் கொண்டாடப்படும் ஒரு பண்டிகை என்றால் நவராத்திரி என்றே நாம் சொல்லலாம். எங்கள் தத்தா பாட்டி அவர்களுடைய தத்தா பாட்டி என்று தலைமுறை தலைமுறையாய் கொலு வைத்து வருகின்றோம். எங்கள் வீட்டு கொலுவில் கீழ் இரண்டு படிகளில் மரபாச்சி பொம்மை மற்றும் காய் கனிகள் , கல்யாண செட் மற்றும் செட்டியார் செட் என்று ஆரம்பித்து பின் சாமானிய மனிதர்களாய் பிறந்து மகானாய் வாழ்ந்தவர்கள். அதன் பின் இறைவனின் திருவிளையாடல் குறிக்கும் வகையில் பிட்டிற்கு மண்சுமந்து பிரம்படி பெற்ற கதை மற்றும் சரஸ்வதி சபதம் கதை. பின் இறைவனை விரதம் இருந்து நாம் வழிபடுவதை குறிக்கும் வகையில் சபரிமலைக்கு இருமுடி கட்டி செல்லும் முறை, சந்தோஷி மாதா விரதம், சத்யநாராயண விரதம் செட். அதற்க்கும் மேல் இரு படிகளில் திருமாலின் அவதாரங்கள் மற்றும் அஷ்ட லக்ஷ்மிகளின் செட் , ராம கிருஷ்ண நரசிம்ஹ அவதார மூர்த்திகள் , கும்ப கலசத்தோடு கலியுக தெய்வமான எழுமளையானும் அரங்கனும் அழகாய் அலங்கரிகின்றனர். இன்று சிறியவர் முதல் பெரியவர்கள் பார்த்தும் விளையாடும் கிரிக்கெட் செட் மற்றும் சிறுவர் பூங்கா என்று எங்கள் வீட்டு கொலுவில் வைத்துள்ளோம். தங்களுக்கு எங்கள் வீட்டு கொலு பிடித்திருந்தால் vote செய்யுங்கள். நன்றி.
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ram, Chennai11 Months ago
கொலு 2013
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pushpa swaminathan, Mumbai11 Months ago
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Padmavathi, TIRUPUR DISTRICT11 Months ago
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lalitha sathianarayanan, chennai11 Months ago
Vannakkam To Every One Thanks to vikatan to providing this Opportunity and thanks to All Vasagarkal I would like describe the main entities that are focused in our kolu for this year. 1. Saduragiri Mountain with the 18 sidhdas doing tapas, along with the munivar's doing the Yagam depicting their life styles and house The mountains , houses and Yaga kuntam are handmade. The natrual tree such as the tulasi are also included to as it depicts devotional feelings to the people who sees that. 2. City Life and village Life with highlights of the dolls that shows the importance of learning. Offence of the child labour, human chain for the rain water saving. Women's empowerment's, human chain against the liquor , self employment systems , Samacher Kalvi etc are highlighted. The buildings and apartments are built handmade 3. A village highlights showing the Tiruvanamalai Giri Valam and the peoples with the village life. 4. Circus and the amusement Park to symbolize that entertainment is also important as a part of the life to relax in the fast growing and tension life and also it highlights that we need to spend time for your family and child to take them outing to enjoy. The circus shows includes All the animal dolls showing the circus shows, such as the • Rat putting the rings on giraffe neck, • Monkeys walking on stick , • Bears standing on balls , • Monkey standing on Elephant neck, • tiger diving between The fire, • Lions on cages etc. Theme Park Rides includes The various rides such as Cup & Ssaucer rides, Duck Ride, Dolphin Rides, Butterfly rides etc. All The circus tents and the rides are handmade. Also we have the other highlights in our kolu depicting the Tamil months festivals, story telling for the children's, kailasam etc. With Regards, S.Lalitha
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Vijay, Chennai11 Months ago
It is a great opportunity to be a part of Kolu Competition,conducted by AVAL VIKATAN.Thanks a lot for the initiative.I have attached photos of our Golu-2013 & themes. Doll collection for Golu started 7 months earlier & we have kept the display in 2 floors spread across 3 rooms.We have been following the tradition for the past 33 years & we select a theme from mythology and we depict a story replica in our Golu. Themes in our Golu this year are: 1) 4 South states 4 Temple Towns(Replica of Kanchipuram,Guruvayoor,Tirumala-Tirupathi,Mysore )-we have depicted this theme with handmade temples,Mysore palace,Tirumala Hills,dolls etc: a)Tamil Nadu -Kanchi Kamakshi Amman Golden Car Chariot Procession Temple & happenings around the temple -streets shops etc b)Kerala-Guruvayoor Krishna Procession with Temple c)Andhra-Tirupathi-Brahmotsavam-Garuda Sevai Procession with depiction of Kapila Theertham & Tirumala Hills d)Karnataka-Mysore Dussera-Vijayadasami-Chamundi & Mysore King Procession-with Mysore Palace & Garden Fountain ( 4 fountains were made for Mysore Garden)Background 2) Krishna Leela-From Lord Krishna's birth till Geethopadesam -Light & Audio show with stories & songs -the show runs for 15 mins & a room is dedicated for this show at our home 3) Padi Golu is decorated ,in the form of a ratham chariot-wheels are handmade & roof of the room is decorated with cloth & thombai 4) Murugan Mayil Vahanam Kolam 5) Mandapam decoration & Kids Corner features -TV programme -Vijayadasami special depiction & kid dolls The Kolu setup was a team work, with contribution from my husband,Mother in law & my daughter (5 year old),helped us in arranging the dolls & we have a separate room for Kids dolls Krishna Leela show & Srushti TV -in her name was set up & she proudly explains the features to all our guests. Navarathri Wishes to all Vikatan Readers...Thanks Vikatan team...
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netcafe, thiruvarur11 Months ago
Thankyou vikatan for organising this contest.Our golu is visited by many people from our area and outside places also. They are honoured by giving various gifts in customary manner. Kindly include our golu photos in your competition and award a prize.
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PranaGururaj, Trichy11 Months ago
we keep kolu very grandly every year.this is the 14th kolu for us. We have many dolls made of chutti creation.
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M.Gopalakrishnan, Madurai TamilNadu11 Months ago
Thank you VIKATAN for organising this.The very fact that this is being viewed by many subscribers gives a lot of pleasure to me This year's Golu depicts the traditional we are celebrate past 16 years. "WISH YOU ALL A VERY HAPPY DUSSHERA" Wishes....
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vennila, Chennai11 Months ago
Hi Friends, This is my successful third year Golu celebration. In this photo, I created the Amman from coconut pasted with sandal. Please vote for my Golu photo.
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Maya, Chennai11 Months ago
Navarathri Golu is a festival our whole family looks forwad to. We have a unique idea in our golu every year which involves modern stories dolls that our children play with every day. This year we have a traditional 7 step golu with deities in the top 6 steps and chettiar bommai in the last step. On the side, we have a scene from the children's movie Madagascar. There is an African scene showing animals in the wild and a safari geep with tourists as shown in the story. This was designed and set up by my 7 year old boy with help from his 3 year old sister. Engaging children in a positive way in the golu not only ensures their cooperation, they are also proud to invite their friends home to show them our golu. Thus this beautiful festival is seamlessly integrated into our modern life. Thanks to Vikatan for the opportunity to share how our family celebrates golu.
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mangalam, Tiruchengode11 Months ago
This is Mangalam Ramanathan.எங்கள் கொலுவில் பழனி செட், கிரிவலம் செட், திருநாவுக்கரசர் கனகாதாரா ஸ்தோத்த்திரம் பாடிய கதை செட், விநாயகர் அகத்தியர் மூலமாக காவிரியை தமிழ்நாட்டிற்குக் கொண்டு வந்த கதை செட், நீதியை நிலை நாட்டிய மனு நீதி சோழன் செட், இராமாயணம் முழுமைக்கும் ஆன செட், இராவணன் தர்பார் செட், இந்தியப் பெண்மணிகள் செட், தேசத் தலைவர்களின் உருவ பொம்மைகள் போன்றவை இடம் பெற்றுள்ளன.
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bhanugovindan, west Mambalam chennai11 Months ago
A day at the beach is the theme, We have the sea with the waves and ships and boat, beach with the podium for a meeting, vendors, children playing in the sand, horse rider, shops, car parking andreal estate. Beach with the waves, podium, some dolls, rangoli on ohp sheet handmade by my mom.
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Vijayasankar, Chennai11 Months ago
Hi All, I am Vijaya Sankar. I had decorated Kuthu Vilakku as Ambal. Image 1 : Kolu Full View Image 2 : Kuthu Vilakku as Ambal
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Shobhana, Sohar,Oman11 Months ago
Theme "Krishna Vann" -Chart Golu
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Chandrasekaran, Dallas,Texas11 Months ago
The Golu Theme is 'Minature of Palani, My Hometown'. It includes Palani Malai Temple with adivaram.Periyavudiayar koil,Uzhavar Santhai,farm fouse with fields, and A Dallas Zoo where we live now.Allthe materials used are recycled materials and handmade.the dolls in minature palani setup is all handmade by me using clay.The second step has the theme of Disney land with most of the disney princess and a set of angrybirds for my kids wish.the third step is festivals of USA-Halloween (spider pumpkin),Easter(eggs)Christmas-(santa,christmas tree,there are some ladybugs n bumblee bee too which is stone painted.
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priya, Bangalore11 Months ago
No plastic and no thermacol Green Golu. Indian Village and Sri Krishna themes. Most of the dolls in the village scene are hand made with paper,wool and cloth.
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vishwak, Madurai 62500311 Months ago
golu 2013
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sundaripattabiraman, Bangalore11 Months ago
Story of Subrahmanya and Traditional Step Golu with rituals of marriage ( Janavasam, Kalyanam, Sappadu, Reception) as a sub theme.
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Rajeswari, Chennai11 Months ago
This Year the golu theme is the Thanjavur Temple. I have tried to re-create the Thanjavur Temple with the help of thermocole and other thinmgs.
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Venkatesh sundara murthy, Chennai11 Months ago
Navarathri greetings, This year we have displayed Indian States and it's culture. The dolls displayed are hand made by me. It took nearly 3 months to complete it. we have also setup a model of Malaysia Batu Cave Temple,5 ft kuthuvilaku as goddess Lakshmi and it's been appreciated widely by our visitors. we have dolls displayed in 11 steps. Another unique display is the is depiction of the song of "komatha Engal kulamatha"from the movie saraswathi sabatham.
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Lakshmi, Chennai11 Months ago
Navaratri Greetings to all. The highlights of this year's golu is Ambal herself and other rare and unique collection of dolls : Krishna Leela - Krishna stealing butter ; His mom tying him in the stone grinder ; Kalinga Narthana; Gajendra Moksham Rama Leela : Sita spotting the deer; Puthra kameshti yagam; Vibhisna saranagathi Others collections are : Valli getting scared by the white elephant; Karagattam set, Navagraha set; Crow Fox story;Satabhisekham; Pon azhaippu set; Cricket and Tennis sets These collections are logically arranged in the main 7 steps or the sub-ordinate golu a.k.a "Park" Hope my parents hardwork pays off in spades. Keeping our fingers crossed. T Thanks Aval vikatan for this oppurtunity
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hamsa, trichy11 Months ago
golu 2013
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bhuvaneshwari, Bangalore11 Months ago
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REVATHISRIDHAR, Mumbai11 Months ago
I have handcrafted dolls to tell the story of Shakuntala. The two pictures that are uploaded here depict the scene where Vishwamitrar's penance is broken by Menaka and thus Shakuntala is born and the scene where Shakuntala loses her ring in the river while going to visit Dushyanthan. THe story is presented a total of 8 such scenes. In addition to this theme based presentaion of dolls, a traditional golu is also displayed! If you are in Mumbai, please do visit and celebrate Navratri with us. Happy Navratri and Dusshera to everyone.
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durgalakshmi, chennai11 Months ago
Kindly find attached the pic for my enrollment in your golu contest. I have been unable to share the entire set of pics owing to limitations on the count of pics to be uploaded.The golu has been setup throughout the hall in a grand manner.Kindly let me know where i can share the remaining set of pics. Thanks for the opportunity.
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Srividya, chennai11 Months ago
Eco friendly kolu of vegetables and fruits made of clay. Another image depicts a tribal couple ('masai' tribe of Tanzania)with animals. This consists of wooden toys made in Tanzania.
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Dhanya, Tirunelveli11 Months ago
Namaskaram, I am very happy to be a part of this golu. I would like to thank Aval vikatan for providing great opportunity. I will take every gole as a challenging one. This time I made with my creative handwork. Specially with Ice stick whis is cheaper and eco-friendly too.
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Dhanya, Tirunelveli11 Months ago
Namaskaram, I am very happy to be a part of this golu. I would like to thank Aval vikatan for providing great opportunity. I will take every golu as a challenging one. This time I made with my creative handwork. Specially with Ice stick which is cheaper and eco-friendly too. I have posted a sample pictures for you. If you like it please vote for my snaps. Thank you.
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Speciality in our Kolu this year is "MORAL STORIES" like Patti vadai sutta KAdhai, Kokkum Nandum, Singamum Muyalum etc.
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ramasubramanian sankaran, Chennai11 Months ago
Namma Veetu Gollu - 2013
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msriramca, VELLORE11 Months ago
We are very glad to participate in Vasagiar golu paetti 2013 and thanks to Vikatan for providing us an oppurtunity to participate. We are celebrating navarathri for more than 50 years. We use to display a theme each year and this year, we kept eiffel tower as main theme. please take a look and vote if you enjoy. regards, Saroja and Family.
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ushamukund, Chennai11 Months ago
Greetings to Vikatan readers. Our Kolu consists of a seven step traditional kolu and a thematic kolu. This year theme is Dasara across India. In our theme we have arranged hand made dolls to reflect dasaras celebrated at Tamilnadu, Karnataka,Andhrapradesh,Maharashtra, Gujarat and HP. In addition to this story of Mhashasuda vadam and Devi Mahamithium is also kept. Total dolls involved are 400+ and over 200 dolls are hand made.
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sujathasukumar, NAVI MUMBAI11 Months ago
Dear Team, PFA the photos of our Golu 2013. Thanks Sujatha Sukumar
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HemaChellappa, Chennai11 Months ago
We arranged Kolu in a traditional way in 5 steps . The dolls are made of Clay and Paper mesh. Dolls of Pattabhisekham Ram, Ram's birth as child, Dasavatharam, Astalakshmi, Durga, Gajendra Moksham etc., Hema Chellappa
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Lakshmi_Priya_P, CHENNAI11 Months ago
Our Golu’s theme is “HARE RAMA HARE KRISHNA” which depicts a series of life incidents of Lord Rama and Lord Krishna as a light & sound show that narrates a few lines about each of those incidents and highlights the virtues that we can learn from them and practice in our life. 1. Lord Rama with Goddess Sita, Lakshman & Hanuman, Ayodhya 2. Ramar Vanavaasam depicting Obedience 3. Ramar Guhan which signifies Friendship 4. Seetha’s golden deer to emphasis a Husband’s Love for his wife 5. Ravana’s disguise to abduct Sita to explain that Evil notions cause Downfall 6. Jadayu moksham to describe significance of Gratitude 7. Asokavanam Seethai to highlight Hanuman’s devotion 8. Pattabhisheka Ramar to signify Perseverance & patience 9. Lord Krishna and Radha to emphasis true Love & affection 10. Vasudev carrying little Krishna to highlight a Father’s affection on son 11. Ural Krishnar which depicts Moksha to evil souls 12. Krishna’s leelai with Gopikas to signify the Bonding with bhakthas 13. Paal surakkum pasu to highlight the Love He had for all living beings 14. Govardhan Krishna to highlight the fact that a supreme power cares every living being in this world. 15. Krishna with cows to describe that He treated even animals equally to human 16. Mann unda vaayan to highlight Omnipresence of God 17. Kalinga Narthanam to depict Destruction of evil 18. Bama Rukmani Thulabaaram to signify the power of pure Devotion 19. Krishna & Kusela to highlight the Friendship 20. Kurukshetra Krishna – Bhagavad Gita’s teachings
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veenashankar, SRIRANGAPATNA11 Months ago
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Mythili, Chennai11 Months ago
We have been keeping golus for last 7 years. Pic 1 This year the theme is "Go Green" signifying the importance of trees in preventing soil erosion, helping stable weather and in protection of ozone. And the big stand has the assortment of various dolls, including Lord Ganesh, Devis, Lord Krishna and so on. Pic 2 It is the demonstration of manifestation of static energy caused by the dynamic tandavs of Parvathi along the channel of five elements (pancha poothams) and Ayngarathan Ganesh, finally reaching the world through enormous field of magnetism(Kandan-Lord Muruga)
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Chitra, Singapore11 Months ago
Navarathri Greetings to all viewers. Photos of Navarathri 2013 celebrations at our place in Singapore. Hope all of you will enjoy!
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vijisathya, Pallavaram11 Months ago
Americavin Golu. Hi Vikatan readers, if u like pls vote. This dolls decoration & arrangements by Divya Sathya. 7 yrs old. Wish u all the best for all the participants.
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Hashmithaa, Tindivanam11 Months ago
Sumathy Sathish , Tindivanam!!!!! Navarathri endral padigal amaithu bommai kolu vaithu parthiruppeergal !!!! Anal engum kandiraadha oru Hindu purana kadhaiyai bommai goluvil amaithullom !! Sorgathil veetrirukkum vaikundanadhar (Paramapadhanadhar ) matrum avaradhu 12 amsangalil irundhu 12 aazhvargal thondrinar !! Avargaladhu varalaatrai vaithullom !!
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Thilagesh, Tirunelveli11 Months ago
Thanks to vikatan for sharing our happiness with everyone.
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valliammai, THIRUVARUR11 Months ago
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kalyaniiyer, Bangalore11 Months ago
Golu 2013
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Niveditha Krishnaswami, cuddalore-Neyveli11 Months ago
Galaxy of DURGA LAKSHMI and SARASWATHI removes all obstacles and defects and divine wealth of virtues or divine qualities..Navarathri Nalvazhthukkal. Mangalam Ponguga.
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Sundararajan, Chennai11 Months ago
Water fountain was Home made.
Golu-2013 - Dolls are hand made. Rangoli's are made on waste material(s). Park scene created with home-grown grass. Street lights made with straw(s).
Jayalakshmi, Trichy11 Months ago
Highlight is the Amarnath ICE LINGAM
B.Priya, chennai11 Months ago
Vasudevar crossing Yamuna and 18 padi Ayyappan with 9 steps kolu. Kolam is made of stones.
Usha, Coimbatore11 Months ago
Kolu2 shows scenes from Ramaynana and Sivan's Thiruvilayadal. Kolu3 photo depicts village scene and the music and dance forms.
VasumathiRajan, Bangalore11 Months ago
The Golu display includes: 1. 7 steps in the centre displa with: Step_1: Vishnu and Thayar idols Step_2: Dasavatharam Step_3: Ashtalakshmi, Durga, Ganesha and Saraswati Step_4: Azhwars Step_5: South Indian Brahmin wedding set along with Dinner set and 5 laughing boys. Step_6: Chettiyaar set with 12 'kinnams' and animals. Step_7: Goddess Saraswati and 'vilaku'. 2. The left side display includes a depiction of a typical village setup and a mela (fun-n-fair) setup with stalls and rides for kids. 3. The right side display includes Garuda Seva Set and Rama Sita Kalyanam.
P.E.P.Swamy, MUMBAI11 Months ago
Three buildings of 1.An American House,2.Rasikaranjani Sabha building at Ghatkopar and 3.Hotel in Gulmarg,Kashmir.All miniatures are made by me. Also A set consists of a marriage procession and another of a cultivation set.
deepa, Coimbatore11 Months ago
I have made a small attempt with the traditional kolu set. Our kolu theme is Kanyakumari ,near which is my native place,our village. it also reflects my sister marriage which took place last month. My kids came up with lion and rabbit looking in well story and Monkey-crocodile story set with their toys after seeing clay dolls in the shop.
chitralekhapoornan, MADURAI11 Months ago
Leelavathy, chennai11 Months ago
The first image shows 12 Alwars, Ashtalakshmi,Dasavatharam, Krishna jananam, Rama jananam, 18 padi ayyappan and Thalaiyatti Chettiar. The Second photo shows Ajantha caves of Maharashtra which was made by us that depicts Indian Historical place.
vannakkilisivasubramanian, trichy11 Months ago
KOLU2013 theme-brindhavan .floating lamps, designs on plates,rangoli are hand made
suriya, Chennai11 Months ago
First year Golu after 10 years shifted to Chennai
Rajeswari, Erode11 Months ago
Golu 2013
GeethaRamanathan, Tiruchirappalli11 Months ago
simple kolu with divinity full.
MrsVasundaraSrinivasan, BANGALORE11 Months ago
The main theme of my Golu is "Safety for female child" highlighting the Craddle scheme introduced by Tamilnadu Government. The other themes include: (i) World Peace – Muslims,Hindus&Christians pray for World Peace (ii) Waste Segregation – No to Plastics (iii) Ardhanaresshwarar – Equality for women folk (iv) One India – Our India – National Integration (v) Self employment schemes – To bring out skills of individuals
sriram, CHENNAI11 Months ago
Dear Sir Madam, Highlights of this year's Kolu being: - 150 years celebration of Vivekananda - 108 Shiva Lingam Shiva Sthala - Pournami & Karthigai Deepam - Thiruvannamalai - Shakthi Sthala and more creative and fascinating presentations. Celebrate Kolu! Celebrate our culture! Regards, SHANKARANARAYANAN & USHA
Kalai, Coimbatore11 Months ago
My 9th year Kolu. Special of this year is the "Viswaroopa Dharishanam" of Krishna which is in the 1st row. Apart from this is Durgai, Saraswathi & Lakshmi which is made by "Kalasam". This Kolu contains Unique idols of Krishna, Amman and all Gods..
Praveen, Chennai11 Months ago
11th Year Golu at My House
Latha, Chidambaram11 Months ago
Namaskaram. Wish all Aval Vikatan friends "Happy Navarathri". The first snap possess steps made with green bamboo with Ganesh playing various instruments and animal dance. Down the bamboo steps is a Shiva temple mappilai azhaipu. To the right next golu padi with 5 steps displaying dasavatharam, asthalakshmi etc. In the corner, a set of Murugan dolls displaying arupadaiveedu, valli kalyanam, palani kavadi, tiruchendur murugan performing shiv pooja and Naval Kani set are arranged, followed by krishna leela, ramayan and a cricket stadium. Next snap shows photos of children's park, zoo, children's moral stories, mahabalipuram, kalyanam along with sappadu set, Rajajeswari Dharbar, Pancha Booutha shiva temples and Kailasam set. A full village with houses, school, market, every stage in farming, women and men performing various household and occupational activities, vasthu pooja, saraswati pooja etc is set. Continuing this by its side Uppiliappan temple, srinivasa kalyanam and garuda seva are displayed. I take this opportunity to thank Aval Vikatan team for its efforts.
chandrakala, Chennai11 Months ago
This is our 20th consecutive year in having Kolu at home. It's always been a huge source of joy for everyone in our family. These 10 days are always among the best times of the year for us. This year the Kolu time is extra special for us because, this is the first time we are submitting our photos for Vikatan Kolu Competition. Hope you all enjoy our Kolu setup and happy holidays to everyone :)
Thiagarajan, Coimbatore11 Months ago
Kolu in Coimbatore Press Colony by Smt. T.Kamala Rajan
shanmugha raman, shencottai11 Months ago
saraladevi, Dharmapuri11 Months ago
These dolls are of 30 years old.First step is of Andal,sathya narayanan,Vishnu,lakshmi.second step tells about dasavatharam,third step has kalasam with ashta Lakshmi,fourth step is meenakshi kalyanam and ramar pooja.fifth step is lord iyappa pooja,vinayaka music and thirukalu kundram.sixth step is about Hindu marriage and reception with musical band.seventh step tells about first deepavali,TV show and school children in front of vinayaka. Next picture is elephants doing pooja to lord Shiva. Next is crictet. The next line is karagatam in a temple and a village. Mullaipari is done in a small plate.
N.B.JAYASHREE, Coimbatore11 Months ago
swarna2003, MADURAI11 Months ago
Thanks for opportunity. Our Kolu consists many dolls made of Chutti Creations.
Prabakaran, Chennai11 Months ago
We are celebrating Navarathiri Kolu for the past 3 decades. The Sivan doll in the second row from top is almost 30 years old. Lakshmi and Saraswathy alangaram is done in normal kuthuvilakku with other costumes. House and park contribution by our chutties. Could not cover much due to upload limitations. Thanks to Vikatan for providing oppurtunity to share our kolu and also to view others.
Narayanan.S, Vellore11 Months ago
Golu pictures taken in our house is enclosed. we are keeping golu for the past 10 years. Our golu is visited by many people from our area and outside places also. They are honoured by giving various gifts in customary manner. Kindly include our golu photos in your competition and award a prize.
Gowri, Chengalput11 Months ago
Thanks for this opportunity to share our innovative ways of putting up Golu. Though we have not done it at home, we have our first ever Golu - based on Road Signals at our Two Wheeler Dealership in Chengalput. There are about 105 road signals. We placed 84 signals on the steps and the remaining in a chart (due to lack of space) next to the Golu stands. We have invited all local school and college students, General public through banners, newspaper inserts and TV scrolling advts. So far, about 200 students and 100 general public have visited our Golu. We are issuing hard copy of the Signals (without explanation)in the same order on the steps, so that visitors could identify and write down the meaning. There are three types of prizes for Children and separately for adults. Pained by the loss of life (especially youth in motorcycles) in thousands every year in India alone, I planned to combine the tradition with social awareness. Our staff whole heartedly supporting this. With best wishes to every Golu enthusiast. Divine Navarathri Wishes, Gowri Ravindranath
Ajar, DUBAI11 Months ago
My sister-in-law (Chandra) in Dubai celebrates Navrathri golu every year since last 10 years. There are golus about Thiruvannamalai giri valam and its importance, perumal procession etc all nicely decorated.
Nalini, Chennai11 Months ago
Further to your advertisement I have herewith uploaded my Golu photos.
kalanidhi, chennai11 Months ago
it's our 5 kolu hope this is will be fascinating one.hope you would like it.
R.Radha, Bangalore11 Months ago
Kolu with assortment of dolls, with many of them as old as 15 to 20 years. Thank you.
Meena, Chennai11 Months ago
Creative Green Golu!!!
Bhavani, Chennai11 Months ago
60th year Golu
LathaThamilarsu, neyveli11 Months ago
our Family wishes very happy navarathri wishes and deepavali wishes to all ....
devaneyan, Coimbatore11 Months ago
From Lower steps to Upper steps: Step 1. Plants, animals and other creatures Step 2. Human Beings Step 3. Saints, yogis and rishis Step 4: Sathyanarayana pooja and vaikundam Step 5: Das Avatharams Step 6: Astalakshmi Step 7: Supreme Gods
Chandra, Chennai11 Months ago
Navarathri wishes. Happy to participate in Times Golu Contest - 2013. I have attached photos of our golu: Description of photos: 1.First photo shows - 5 steps and apart from depicting main Gods, we have kept Murugan Arupadai veedu, Andal history, handcrafted - wax kolam, plates, flowervases and garlands. 2. Second Photo shows - This year theme is Thiruvanamalai temple - Thiruvanamalai temple, Thiruvanamalai history, Naalvargal, Marriage in temple, Handcrafted - Stone kolam.
Archana, Tirunelveli11 Months ago
We thank Vikatan for organizing this competition. Every year, we celebrate Dasara with Great Enthusiasm. While we make sure that Golu gives huge happiness to everyone, we also make sure to use all the naturally available resources. For eg: Photo 2 - where you see Grass surrounding the Pond,is made of real Ragi. We sow Ragi seeds on mud and within 2 days, it grows and gives a fantastic look.
PARVATHAM, chennai11 Months ago
Hi goodafternoon,Happy Kolu.In our kolu we have added the special feature to showw how living style has been changed from olden days to present modern days.
krisshgops, Chennai11 Months ago
Dear Vikatan.. Thank you so much for encouraging us in celebrating the dusherra festival.. We are keeping golu for the past 15 years and keep 9 steps and have around 200+ dolls. I welcome you to come to my home to get the blessings of God. Thank you, Rani
venkataraman, Bangaluru11 Months ago
The Theme is one of Tradition.This reflects the cycle of life from Lifeless fruits to Ultimate God.
Arun Sekhar, Chennai11 Months ago
கொலு 2013 புரட்டாசி மாதத்தில் வரும் சாரதா நவராத்திரி 9 நாட்கள் கொண்டாடப்படுகிறது. பத்தாவது நாள் விஜயதசமி ஆகும். பொம்மை செய்வதற்காக பூமியிலிருந்து மண் எடுத்து, நீரினால் பிசைந்து, நெருப்பில் சுட்டு, வர்ணம் பூசி, காற்றில் உலர்த்தி, ஆகாயத்தில் உள்ள தெய்வ நிலையை அடைதல் என்ற பஞ்ச பூத தத்துவம் கொலுவில் அடங்கியுள்ளது. பூச்சியாய், புழுவாய், பறவையாய், மனிதனாய் உயர்ந்து மகான் நிலைக்கும், தெய்வ நிலைக்கும் உயர வேண்டும் என்பதாகும். மேல் படியில் பூரண கும்பத்தில் அம்பாளை ஆவாஹனம் செய்து, அம்பாளின் அருளாட்சியின் கீழ் தான் எல்லா ஜீவராசிகளும் படிப்படியாக முன்னேறி வாழ்கின்றன என்ற தத்துவத்தின் அடிப்படையில் நாங்கள் 9 படியில் பாரம்பரிய கொலுவை வைத்துள்ளோம். தீம் கொலு : கண்ணன் மதுரை சிறைச்சாலையில் பிறந்து, கோகுலம், பிருந்தாவனம், கோவர்த்தனம் ஆகிய இடங்களில் :2: செய்த சேஷ்டிதங்களையும், முடிவில் ப்ரபாஸ தீர்த்தத்தில் வைகுண்டம் புறப்பட்டதையும் நாம ஸங்கீர்த்தனமாகப் பாடுவதை எங்களது தீமாக வைத்துள்ளோம். மூன்று யுகங்களிலும் த்யானம் யாகம் அர்ச்சனையால் அடைந்த பலனை கலியுகத்தில் மிக சுலபமாக நாம ஸங்கீர்த்தனத்தின் மூலமாக அடையலாம். நாமம் ரக்ஷிக்கும். பகவான் எங்கேயோ இருந்தாலும் கூப்பிட்ட குரலுக்கு ஓடி வந்து ரக்ஷிப்பார்(உதாரணம் – கஜேந்திர மோட்சம், திரௌபதிக்கு வஸ்திரம் அளித்தது, அஜாமிளன் சரித்திரம்). நாமத்தைச் சொல்ல கால நேரம் தேவையில்லை. நாமம் நரக பயத்தைப் போக்கும். ஆயுள், ஆரோக்கியம், ஐஸ்வர்யம் ஆகியவற்றை அளிக்கும். உய்ய ஒரே வழி நாம ஸங்கீர்த்தனம். நாங்களே கையினால் செய்த பொம்மைகளைக் கொண்டு நாம சங்கீர்த்தனத்தை சித்தரித்துள்ளோம். :3: கைவினைப் பொருட்கள் : மணியினால் பெருமாள்-தாயார் கண்ணனின் கீதோபதேச தேர் ஆஞ்சநேயர் பின்னல் கோலாட்டம் டாண்டியா பொய்க்கால் குதிரை தோரணம் மற்றும் பல பொம்மைகளைச் செய்து வைத்துள்ளோம். கொலுவிற்கு வரும் பெண்களுக்கு தாம்பூலம், ரவிக்கைத்துணி, தக்ஷிணை போன்றவற்றை தாம்பூலப் பையில் வைத்துக் கொடுப்பது எங்கள் வழக்கம். அம்பாளே வந்து தாம்பூலம் பெற்றுக் கொள்கிறாள் என்பது ஐதீகம். சுபம்
Madhumathi, Madurai11 Months ago
This is our 15th Year Golu. We also had other display like "a small village setup", "teppakulam" and "Kalyana mandapam" all hand made.
viswanathan, chennai11 Months ago
Greetings to all vikatan readers.our golu consists of seven steps and a theme insisting upon the change in lifestyle of people from the olden adivassi's lifestyle to the village life and then to the present, city lifestyle.. i hope you like our golu and do vote for us...thank you!!
Vijayalakshmi, Chennai11 Months ago
Navrathiri Greetings to Everybody!!!! Thanks to Vikatan for the opportunity given. We have been celebrating Navarathiri for the past 17th years at home so that our younger generation can know better about our tradition and culture and carry the values for their future and shape their life in a better way. Please view the photos and vote for us. Thanks in advance.
Padmavathi, CHENNAI11 Months ago
Dear Vikatan Team, We are keeping the Golu from the Year 1976,almost for past 37 years. We used to keep ours as a Traditional Golu. Every year we used to keep 9+9 steps , so total of 18 steps. This year , we thought of a change keeping 7 steps at one side and 4 steps on another side, total of 11 steps. During Navarathi we chant Durga Sloka Chantings, Invite neighbours ,relatives for giving them Thambulams. Its a festival to bring people together and develop relationships. Thanks for providing opportunity to say a few word on the Important Festival. Regards, Padmavathi
Arthi, Coimbatore11 Months ago
Thanks for Vikatan team for organizing this content Kalyana Set,Park,Zoo,Market area are the specialities in our Kolu. Please view the photos and vote for us. Thanks in Advance
Akshaya, chennai11 Months ago
Mrs.Mythili, Chennai11 Months ago
S. Viswanathan, Pune11 Months ago
We have been celebrating Navarathri Festival installing traditional Kolu with dolls of very old and new collections. Some of the dolls seen on the top row are 100 years old! One standing Ganapathi doll was collected from a scrap vender @ Rs 5 in the year 1970 repainted by me. We do not get dolls of high quality with clear finishing with details nowadays. Thanks to Vikatan for giving opportunity to upload photos of our Kolu for the first time.
thiyagasundaram, cuddalore11 Months ago
sasikala w o jayachandran cuddalore
maragathavalli, RAJAPALAYAM11 Months ago
Dear vikatan readers ,this is our 8th year golu if u like it vote for it thank you.
vasu, Srirangam11 Months ago
special feature - Sriranga Vimanam
sindhu, chennai11 Months ago
Dear friends...we are celebrating kolu for the past 8 years..we decorate it grandly as far as we could..pls like it...your likes encourage us to do it better every year..thank u vikatan for ur encouragement.
C.RAJESWARI, Chennai11 Months ago
C.Rajeswari, Chennai 1. Image 1 contains traditonal golu along with Pillayar in Rangoli, Water Rangoli, Floral Rangoli, Grandma's kitchen utensils like ammi, aatukal. oral olakkai etc. We forgot to use these and because of this we are eicther forced to go to a Phisio therapist or to a Gym. I displayed this with title PAARTHA GNABAGAM ILLAIYO, PHAYZASA MARAANTHATHAAL THOLLAIYO Image 2 contains animals made out of vegetables. I also made Kathakalli face with vegetables. This is in another photo and i could not send it because you are allowing only two photos. Other than the baove I displayed COOVAM River it was a sacred river during 18th centuary and people used to take bath before going to temple poojas. I displayed this with hand made dolls by myself.
padmapdyvenkat, Pondicherry11 Months ago
This is our 43rd year of KOLU.
D.Manjula, Chennai11 Months ago
"Ramayana", the epic finds its place right at the heart of our tradition and culture. The morals prescribed by the living gods Rama and Sita still remain as guiding principles in all walks of life. As part of our Golu, we have tried to depict a few scenes from the ramayana, right from the lord's birth till Rama's pattabishekam. We look at our efforts akin to that of the little squirrel's part in furthering the story of Sri Rama and Srimati Sita through the ages to come.
jagadeesh, CHENNAI11 Months ago
Aishwarya, Chennai11 Months ago
Karthik, Bangalore11 Months ago
Image1: Golu and Park Image2: Temple
sjayachitra, Chennai11 Months ago
We had One traditional 7 Step kolu and one small 5 step Kolu for my daughter.At the Side we had placed all our craft items made out of old bottles, Tissue papers, Plastic covers,ice cream sticks and Paper quilling Doll.
sumthy1, Tindivanam11 Months ago
Engum kandiradha Sorgathil veetrirukkum Vaikundhanadaraiyum , avaradhu 12 amsangalil irundhu thondriya 12 aazhvargalin varalatraiyum bommai goluvil vaithullom !!
bhavani, Pondicherry11 Months ago
This is Lalitha Ganesh from Pondicherry. We have kept the main steps consisting of 5 steps with lord vinayaka alone on the second step and chettiyar's shop on the last step who sells right from old mud pots till fridge,AC etc.On the left of this main step is the numerical golu consisting of dasavatharam for 10 navadhanyam for 9, ashtalakshmi for 8, sabthaswaram for 7,aarumugan for 6, lord vinayaka having 5 hands for 5,samyakuravar (appar,samandar, sundarar and manikkavachakar) for 4, durga lakshmi saraswati and brahma vishnu sivan and lord siva alone (3 eyes) for 3 kasi rameshwaram and thirukkural for 2 and om for 1... right side of the main step is lord krishna standing majestically. Down the step is the Gandhi amusement park and zoo snd the side is goddess Annapoorani made with a small stool and kutthu velakku.... these are the themes and i hope u will like our golu.. Thanks to vikatan for giving this opportunity for sharing our golu...
Naga, Bangalore11 Months ago
We have built a Vinayaka Theme Park this year, You can see it in the second picture
Nisha, Krishnagiri11 Months ago
Our Home's traditional kolu. Happy Navarathiri to all.
yogeshwari, Chennai11 Months ago
Hi all, This is my favorite golu photos....
Balaji, chennai11 Months ago
This is Aparna Balaji from Chennai. I have arranged Krishna Leela, Thiruvannamalai giri valam and Park set at right side. Srirangam perumal and Garuda sevai at left side. At the middle, designed Durga, Laksmi, Saraswati in kalasam and decorated with jewels. Then Kamakshi Golden Ratham along with Kamashi kuthu velakku pooja and kubera lakshmi on either sides
aruna, Chennai11 Months ago
The kolu has been prepared with the theme of villages. Villages are not known to the younger generations these days as most of us are used to city life in Chennai. The Kolu focusses on the villages and the normal day to day activities carried on in these villages, together with their habits, habitats and dressing. Further lots of Gods and Goddesses have been displayed like Vishnu avatars, Ammans, Bommai Kalyanam also for the benefit of children and adults alike.
vidhya chandrasekar, 944251636011 Months ago
This is Vidhya Chandrasekar from Madurai.We have brought the hill station nearby madurai i.e Kodaikanal to madurai in the form of golu to cool the hot madurai in this navarathri.We have kept all the important sites in kodaikanal such as kodaikanal hills,kodai road railway station,guna cave,suicide point,chettiar park,brayant park,kurinji andavar koil,etc in this golu as a visual treat.My daughter,who is doing MBBS 3 rd year has put all her efforts to make this theme this year.Please have a look at it and enjoy...Dont forget to vote if you like it..:-)
panimathi, TIRUCHIRAPALLI11 Months ago
Latha, chennai11 Months ago
This is Latha elango from chennai.our kolu consists of 5 steps and a theme based park..the first two seps consists of dasavatharam,lord ganesha,ashtalakshmi etc.. the third step consists of functions like marriage,durga pooja etc, the fourth step consists of krishna avathars right ffom his childhood,and the final step has chettiar shops....also goddess saraswathy is been dressed traditionally and placed on a stool and krishna placed next to her.....our kolu also has lakshmi,saraswathy placed in a corner and a park with pattimandram,cultural dancers and thiruvanamali girivalam...its been traditionally maintained for the past 15 years...hope you like it....thanks for this wonderful oppurtunity..
NeerajaAravind, Chennai11 Months ago
We have built the "Ashta Lakshmi" temple with the same achitecture as that of the Beasant Nagar temple - accompanied by "Sri Durga" rangoli. We also have "Lakshmi Park" where in Godesses lakshmi is present divinely(virtually) amidst us(common people).
soumya, chennai11 Months ago
Our golu is mainly focussed on the attractions in london, the different stages in the life of a woman as marriage, reception, kadhu kuthal, seemanthan. On one side we have the entire forest with animals, reptiles. The other side we have the entire village with boom boom madhu, kilu josiyam.
A.Gandhi, chennai11 Months ago
please contact the number and tell the details
shanthyshankar, chennai11 Months ago
Hey this is shanthy and my golu is of 9 steps. In my golu i have kept all my favourite deities . And in one step i have kept 4 stories of our mythology which i want to teach all the children who come to see my golu. i was planning to set up "AARUPADAI VEEDU" (six abodes of lord muruga) ,and this year i did it and i have marked in the tamil nadu map too....
Sandhya, Thanjavur11 Months ago
Our family owns the tradition of celebrating Navarathri in a grand style every year. This year, with the Teddy Bears welcoming all to the seven step Golu, surrounded by a colourful Mahalakshmi Residence, Green Gandhi Park,Elephant Procession in front of Lord Venkateshwara Temple and a Grand Wedding ceremony, The Goddess MahaShakthi is showering her Blessings on us...
Raji, Albany, NY,USA11 Months ago
This year navratri golu is based on the theme of our friend Ganesha and Prahlada.
Vasantha, Mumbai11 Months ago
Vydhehi, Chennai11 Months ago
A tribute to all artisans- the theme for this Navarathri.
Thiyagarajan, Houston Texas USA11 Months ago
arumugam, kanyakumari11 Months ago
Navaratri (nine nights) is one of the greatest Hindu festivals. It symbolises the triumph of good over evil. Navratri takes place at the beginning of October around harvest time and, as the name implies, this festival is celebrated for nine days. Navratri is also known as Durga Puja. During this period, Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati are worshipped as three different manifestations of Shakti, or cosmic energy. Durga, the Mother Goddess The festival is dedicated to Durga, the mother goddess who also represents power. Durga annihilated the demon Mahishasura after a relentless battle lasting nine days and nights.
S.Bhuvana, ERODE11 Months ago
revathi, Mumbai11 Months ago
Navratri 2013-Theme this year is the story of shakuntala.The photo attached depicts a scene where Shakuntala decided to visit the King and set off for the palace. On the way, while crossing the river the ring on her finger given by Dushyant slipped off and was swallowed by a fish. The sabha scene depicts Fortune however began to smile on Shakuntala as a fisherman caught a fish and found a royal ring in its stomach.. He took it to the King who immediately remembered Shakuntala as this was the very ring which he had given Shakuntala.
Indian Golu -Navarathiri Special
Saba, Priya,Bangalore11 Months ago
Hi all,I have kept the Golu for first time.All the displays on the floor are done by me with craft and waste materials,Though Iam 8 and half months pregnant I have kept it out of extreme interest.If you like my Golu please vote for me.
JothiRaghuraman, Chennai, Villivakkam11 Months ago
https: plus.google.com photos 102038376750591386073 albums 5932952577320690737 Please refer above photo album link. Subject: 1. Traditional seven steps kolu 2. Concept Kolu on Saint Thyagaraja – holy life history 3. Sita, Rama, Lakshmana and Anjaneya receiving guests in Foyer 4. Welcome Whiteboard gives details about Concept Kolu and daily sundal menu! 5. Live presentation of story (Thiruvayaru tour) by Ms Jothi (pravachanam) and Ms Mathura (vocal singing of relevant songs – 2 lines) – For more details, refer table below 6. Audio recording of Saint Thyagaraja's walk through with stories and appropriate singing of two lines of those kruthis
sivashankari, VELLORE11 Months ago
Hi friends We kept eleven steps kolu also in our Kolu I use to Decorate Amman daily in different forms . Here I will upload two of them one is full view of kolu and another is amman decorated as ANNAPURANI I think u all will like this. Please vote for me this will encourage not only me my whole family because its our team work. Thank you
Venkataramanan, Bangalore11 Months ago
srividya, Mysore11 Months ago
Hello everybody,feeling very excited to participate in the contest..The traditional dolls are arranged in the steps,while our newer novel concepts are displayed on the ground..The featured dolls in the steps are -Dasavatharam,ashta lakshmi,sangeetha mummoorthigal,shankarar-madhvar-ramanujar,Thulasi poojai,murugar kalyanam,Chettiyar set,kalyanam set with seer varisai...The concepts arranged in the ground is zoo,park,school with a big playground and kids playing different games like tennis cricket karate,Village with a temple,marathadi pillaiyar,bhajana ghosti,ooru kenaru,vivasaya set..The star attraction of this year's golu is Flyover,connecting the village to the city and the dusshera procession of Mysore with miniature Mysore palace, a scenic north american village during winter and a saraswathi decorated in a unique style..hope u like our golu as much as we liked!!!
Vasudha Shivakumar, Chennai11 Months ago
Hi all, Here is our entry for the Navarathri Golu Photo Contest. Pls vote if you like! Theme: Navarathri "Navapooja" With our Golu, we have depicted the Nine-Day-Navarathri Function by means of a theme of Poojas. The 9 kind of Poojas for 9 rathiris are: 1. Satya Narayana Pooja 2. Go Pooja 3. Sumangali Pooja 4. Kubera Pooja 5. Naaga Pooja 6. Kuthu Vilakku Pooja 7. Ganesha Pooja 8. Santhoshi Maatha Pooja 9. Thulasi Pooja Regards, Vasudha Shivakumar
07011948, Bangalore11 Months ago
Navarathri Golu is a traditional colourful festival. Dolls are arranged in an attractive and systematic manner. As the present day children donot enjoy stories from epics due to lack of time from parents and absence of grand parents. The various avatars of Lord Maha Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi is to create an awareness in the minds of people that only truth, honesty and hard work can bring prosperity. All the evil doings will find only negative results. We have also given message that we should save forests, animals and birds to protect our environment.
BHARATHI, chennai11 Months ago
As this is a religious function idols of gods and goddesses are exihibited. Thanjavur paintings of Lakshmi Saraswathi And Rajarajeswari and pillaiyar Were made by me .Nine foodgrains were used in making Pillaiyar
SANTHI, Chennai11 Months ago
Theme of our kolu is "YAATHUMAAGI NINDRAI - Shakthi". Highlights of women gods. Meenakshi, Dhaatchayani, Mayilai Karpagambal, Kulasai Muthaaramman, Kanniyakumari Bagavathi etc.,etc., - Mountain has dolls illustrating the stories of Valli, Deyvayanai and also with Arupadai Veedu of Lord Muruga. Handmade historical scenes of unmemorable legendary women viz., Chittur Rani Padmini, Kannagi, Rani Samyuktha, Kaaraikkakkal ammayar, Raani Mangammal, NAlayini, NalaThamayandhi, Thilagavathi Ammaiyaar, Manimegalai, Aatheerai,Madhavi, Menaga dance, Chandramathi,Velu Naachiyaar etc., with stories through handmade dolls. Paanchali Thugiluriththal (Sabatham) is something unique in this kolu. Seethaayanam story of Seetha - wife of Lord Rama, kept beautifully with handmade dolls. The stories of Aandal were also illustrated. Our Golu consists of eco-friendly products with traditional Main golu in 9 steps,separate 5 step kolu exclusively for Mupperundheviar. Aandal Koil Brahmotsavam with 3 steps and some new arrivals also. A separate Moopperuntheviyar (Theme golu) with 5 steps also. The famous DUSSHERA festival with Thappaattam, Oyilaattam,Karagattam, Villuppattu, Theechatti, Mulaippari -celebrated in Tamil Nadu at Muthaarammam Temple in KULASEKARAPATTINAM through handmade dolls. Thamboolam with Madurai Meenaksh Amman KumKum Prasadam
ROOPINI.V, chennai11 Months ago
wish u all a very happy navarathri.please take a look at my kolu photos and vote for me if u are impressed. There is a main kolu for 5 steps and a small one in 3 steps.On the floor I have displayed a criket match,zoo,birds on a grassland and a stage show.
Mrs.R.Anuradha, NEYVELI11 Months ago
The beauty of god is seen as manifold and one form is our beautiful golu The arrangement is as, the left side is my collection of lord Ganesha; the center lord venkatesa and lord krishna handworked by me; the right side lord rama&sita, swamy Raghavendra & chettier are more than 75yrs old collections Beauty is expressed as kolu; out kolu is seen as expression of beauty
Mukundan, Chennai11 Months ago
Hi,this is sumathi Mukundan from Ambattur.Our Golu has more than 60 years old dolls.Many of them are the collection of my mother-in-law.This year we have made Tirupathi Namparumal with Karpaga Virksham.All hand made using thermocol.We have also Set up Arupadai Veedu.Thank you for visiting our Golu.
JAYALAKSHMI, Bangalore11 Months ago
we put forward our Golu photoes along with Kutthu Vilakku decorated as Devi and Krishnan. The photo of Goddess Rajarajeswari in the background is a free hand drawing then painted.
v.subasshini, Subasshini,chennai11 Months ago
Thank you aval vikatan for giving chance of participating in Golu contest.This is my first Golu in my house. Actually the main thing in my Golu to intimate about the "Exercise and meditate in a traditional way without wasting money".That is by walking and playing in parks with our family members,visiting animals in Golu and worshipping God in temples also gives pleasure and thereby leads to healthylife.
uma, CHENNAI11 Months ago
We have been keeping kolu for the past 20 years. Each year we bring up with a different theme. This year 2013 we have kept "Ashwamedha Yagna" from the Valmiki's epic Ramayana which depicts Sri Rama performing the Ashwamedha yagna with his consort Seetha as a golden statue by his side at Ayodhya. The majestic horse runs through different kingdoms unopposed. Finally it is tracked down and tied up by Lava and Kusha.
rameshmct1, Muscat11 Months ago
Golu at Malu house at Muscat!!!!
S.Aarthi, Chennai11 Months ago
Hi all,I have kept the Golu for first time.All the displays on the floor are done by me and my mama, mami. If you like my Golu please vote for me. Thank you!
pranava, kovilpatti11 Months ago
Hi everyone, this is a traditional golu made by me and the hill is made by my son.
Esakkiappan, Ramanathapuram11 Months ago
Hi, This is Deivanayagi from Ramanathapuram. I have been displaying Kolu since 1987 at my home. Many of the kolu idols are from my ancestors. I have also added many of them over the years. I am happy to do the kolu decoration & do pooja for 10 days consistently every year. I enjoy little kids & elder ones visiting my home during kolu days.
risivats, coimbatore.11 Months ago
During navarathri we invite ladies and female children and give them thaamboolam and small gifts the last day is being celebrated as vijayadasami we initiate learning process in education as well as all kinds of arts. It is an auspicious day for learning. At the same time we worship goddess durga for the first 3 days, goddess lakshmi for the next 3 days, and goddess saraswathi for the next three days we give thaamboolam to ladies and female children because they get happy when wearing them. Which in 4urn returns to us as blessings from the goddess durga.
syamala, chennai11 Months ago
Hi Sir Madam, I am Shyamala from Vandalur. I am keeping Gollu with 9 steps for past 20 years. We have kept kalasam, temple, cricket set, wedding set, park with vandalur zoo.
Prabhu, Kanchipuram11 Months ago
Hi, This is our first kolu in our new home after our wedding. The purchase and plan started a month ahead of Kolu. Some of the Idols are more than 50 yrs old and includes Rasaleela, siva family, chettiar and Dhasavatharam. Idols are more specific and unique compare to the modern idols. - Saisubashree Prabhu
balamurugan, madurai11 Months ago
Thanks to vikatan for sharing our happiness with everyone.
Shubha, Trichy11 Months ago