Advantages & Disadvantages of Amla Juice


It is a moot question to examine as to whether we can take amla juice daily. It is a proverbial saying that an apple a day will keep the doctor away. This will be applicable in the case of amla fruit also as well. However, it is the quantity that matters. If we take it more than the normal quantity, it will definitely harm us. The good aspects of amla fruit are that it will facilitate easy digestion and avoid constipation. Medical experts opine that the amla fruit juice will harm us if we take it on a daily basis. Dietician Dr.Anitha Balamurali explains the effects of amla fruit juice hereunder:-

She explains that in the case of amla fruit juice, we would require at least 4 or 5 fruits. This quantity is certainly more than what we actually require. That too, if we drink a cup of amla juice daily, it would obviously cause some disadvantages.


* It is always better that children and pregnant mothers avoid this juice. Normally, vitamin C will increase the acidity level. Amla fruit is rich in vitamin C. If we take excess quantity, it will cause throat irritation and acidity.


* The fibre content in this will cure liver problems and prevent constipation. However, the increased quantity will make the stools harder and cause unwanted problems. The intensity of the problem will be more in the case of those who take less water.

* People  with kidney problem or blood pressure issue should avoid amla fruit pickle because it contains salt wherein the sodium available in this will create problems for these people.

* Amla fruit has diuretic characteristic which will dry the skin. That is why it is observed that the excess consumption will cause dryness and loss of weight.

* Amla fruit is a cooling agent. Excess intake will cause problems related to excess coolness of the body.

* Similarly, those who take amla fruit more should drink more water which is at least two litres a day. Otherwise, it will give room for skin problem, allergy, hair fall and aged look etc.

* Amla fruit is capable of creating negative effects if one takes it when a particular treatment is in process. In particular, heart patients should avoid this fruit.

* Another important point to be noted is that amla fruit would cause giddiness. Especially, those who take amla fruit daily may face this issue. If the giddiness is not frequent, one need not bother. However, if it is recurrent in nature, one should not neglect. It would be better to consult a doctor in the initial stage itself.

Dr.Anitha Balamurali finally concludes that it is rather safe to avoid daily consumption of amla fruit juice though it has a plethora of benefits in reality. No doubt, anything would become harmful if normal quantity is exceeded.

(This article written in Tamil by M Prasanna Venkatesh and J Nivetha has been transcreated in English by P.S.Ramamurthy)

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