Ten Problems Arising from Avoiding Breakfast, Careful!


The energy required for a day’s work is derived from the food we consume in the morning. But, predictions show that the number of people avoiding breakfast has been growing globally. Many avoid breakfast as ‘an effort to reduce body weight’. Some complain that ‘there is no time’. What are the changes that take place in our physiology by avoiding breakfast? What are the ill effects that arise due to avoiding breakfast?

Valluvam proclaims that ‘there is no chance of contracting any diseases if one consumes the food after verifying that the food already consumed has been digested’. At the same time, it is equivalent to heartily welcoming various diseases by not eating food even after realizing that the food already consumed has been digested.


A research conducted among those who avoid breakfast has revealed that most of them have high blood pressure than the normal rate. It is better that those who suffer from high blood pressure ensure that they take breakfast without fail. The results published by the Harvard University inform that there is a higher possibility of 27% more for those who avoid breakfast to contract cardiac diseases than those who take breakfast.



By avoiding breakfast there will be a damage on the cycle of glucose metabolism which increases the chance of getting diabetes. The functioning of glucose-insulin interaction will get affected when one skips the breakfast. With that condition, when more glucose is needed to be metabolised due to more food intake at lunch, more insulin will be secreted to handle excess glucose, imparting some irregularities in the physiology. This will cause insulin resistance in a few months, leading to diabetic condition gradually.


Those who avoid breakfast with an aim to reduce body weight will tend to have more amount of food during lunch. This will also make them have more amount of snacks in between the time. This will lead to excess calories imparted to the body. This will naturally cause increase in body weight but surely will not lead to reduction. A research finding states that those who avoid breakfast are more desirous to have more amount of unhealthy snacks.

Hormonal Changes

There will be reduced levels of dopamine and serotonin due to avoiding the breakfast. Both the hormones help in keeping our mind happy. As the levels go down, slowly it will lead to irritation and impatience within. When we avoid food, the appetising hormone called Ghrelin and satiating hormone called Leptin are affected to lose their natural function. When the level of Leptin comes down and the level of Ghrelin goes up, the feeling of appetite becomes insatiable, which will lead to excess consumption of food.

For Brain Energy

The energy derived from glucose is most needed by the primary organ of our body, the brain. By avoiding food, there is lack of glucose in the body, which leads to more forgetfulness as the brain is unable to get adequate energy. This will lead to loss of intelligence. Attention to work will also come down, leading to poor quality of work.

Bad breath

The lysozyme that is secreted from saliva functions also as a disinfectant, killing the microorganism that are available in more numbers especially in the morning. When avoiding breakfast there will not be lysozyme secretion to kill those organisms, eventually leading to bad breath.

When the gastric secretions that are timed to generate fluids to digest the food being consumed, tend to damage the gastric and intestinal soft tissues leading to ulceration. Further, this will cause reflux problems, stomach ache and issues of indigestion.

As the stomach remains empty from the last night till the next day afternoon, there will be severe damage to the metabolic processes of our body. When we avoid breakfast, there won’t be energy for the body to function properly. Due to the lack of nutrients that are essential for the physiological function of the body, there will be dullness and fatigue. Further, the energy reserved for the emergency in our body will also be utilized leading to further damage and loss of nutrients.

The name breakfast is termed to connote that the long fasting from the last night till the next day morning is broken to feed the body. So, there is no need to starve and thereby bringing ill health to us. A single crime committed by not consuming morning food will lead to more damaging ill health to our body. A balanced diet of carbohydrate, protein and fat as breakfast has the ability to fight against diseases. Therefore, henceforth the one duty that we should never fail is to take adequate breakfast.

The incidence of contracting many new type of diseases was found to be low to those who leave home for work during the early hours of a day, carrying with them porridge or liquid rice portion. With this hasty and hurried modern culture, where youngsters who skip their breakfast but tend to manage their empty stomach by filling it with pizza and burger, there are umpteen chances to have more health problems.

(This article written in Tamil by Dr V Vikramkumar MD(S) has been reproduced in English by V Amalan Stanley)

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