Medicinal use of Pirandai

Medicinal use of Pirandai

Pirandai is very useful for stomach as well as heart. It will set right gastric disorder and protect the heart. Pirandai is of multifarious types such as ordinary pirandai, red pirandai, uruttu pirandai or ball-shaped pirandai, muppirandai, thattai pirandai or square pirandai, kalipirandai, theempirandai, puli pirandai and olai pirandai. Its botanical name is ‘Cissus quadrangularis’ and is also called ‘viggravalli’. It belongs to creeper variety.

This pirandai is largely available in India and Sri Lanka. With its medicinal value, this is grown in dense forests known as ‘patrai forests’ where movement of people is rather limited. Its essence is little pungent and hence if it gets in contact with our skin, we will have itching sensation. Its stem and root parts are only useful for medicinal purpose. Though we have seen many varieties, the common one is found to be having four sides that belongs to the ordinary pirandai variety.

Different uses of Pirandai:-

The crushed paste form (thuvaiyal)of this pirandai is very useful in treating swelling due to injury, pain, catch etc. 

It will stimulate energy and give briskness

It will increase memory power; strengthen  the brain nerves

It will give strength to the bones

It will stop bleeding in the gum

Gastric related problems will be removed

Overall health and body will be in order if we take twice a week

Sometimes the gastric disorder will result in accumulation of unwanted water in the bone joints and nerve centers. As a result of this, some people will suffer from

back and neck pain. Further, this accumulated liquid will travel down the spine in the form of mucus and will permanently get seated on the back and neck parts. Due to this one cannot easily move his head and the pain will be acute. Pirandai paste will be an ideal remedy to treat this ailment.

Mental depression and gastric-related diseases will disturb the function of digestion to a great extent. Pirandai paste will be highly useful to treat this disorder.

Piles can be treated by this paste form; it will control bleeding at the mouth of anus due to piles trouble. The pirandai can be ghee-fried and one teaspoon of it can be taken both in the morning and evening to cure the piles related issues.

It will help in the removal of blocks in blood vessels so that blood circulation to the heart will be regular. Heart function will become normal and effective

Women are prone to backache and hip pain during their monthly periods for which this pirandai paste will be very useful.

Pirandai paste will be ideal for bone fracture to become normal. The ripe stem can be mixed with tamarind and salt and the powdered form can be heated and when it is warm, it can also be externally applied on the part of fractured bone or catch or on the swollen part to become normal.

Pirandai Thuvayal or Paste:-

The stem part of pirandai should be taken for peeling off the outer skin and fiber. Then we must cut this into several pieces for heating with either ghee or gingili oil. With that we must add dry chilly, tamarind and salt. For taste purpose, we can add little bit of coconut, mustard and toor dhal in fried form. Paste is ready which can be eaten with rice also.

Leaf Paste:-
Leaf paste can be made from the leaf of pirandai. This substance will cure heart ailments, blood pressure, diabetics, ulcer and piles.

How to make leaf paste?

Leaf 100 gm; ginger 1 piece; garlic -3 teeth; pepper-5; dry chillies 3 nos.;curry leaf,tamarind and salt at required level to be taken
Grind ginger, garlic, pepper, chillies and tamarind to powder
Heat pirandai leaf, curry leaf, coriander in either gingili oil or ghee
Now mix both and again grind them; add salt finally
Thuvaial or paste is ready 

Agathi Keerai


Well-ripened stems of pirandai can be cut into small particles and soaked in buttermilk with required level of salt. This can be further dried in sunlight and it will become vattral which can be fried in oil for consumption. Lack of appetite and tastelessness will be cured by this.


Pirandai Salt:-

Pirandai is required to be dried and then burnt in fire to allow it to become ashes. One kilo of ashes can be mixed in 3 lt. water and filtered for half a day. The diluted water should be poured in a ceramic vessel and must be dried in sunlight for about 8 to 10 days. The entire water would be dried and the residual salt should be accumulated. This residue salt 2 to 3 grams can be eaten with milk for two months in order to do away with obesity and excess flesh.

The mixture of two grams pirandai salt and 5 gms. nutmeg can be taken to cure impotency. This will help one to improve his potency and overall body strength.

The same pirandai salt can be mixed with 2 gms butter and taken twice a day for three days to cure mouth ulcer, bad odour and lip crack.

Thus Pirandai helps us to set right our digestive organs in innumerable ways.

(This article originally written by Maria Belsin in Tamil has been reproduced in English by P S Ramamurthy)