A hundred minutes with PM Modi!

What happened at the journalists meeting with the PM?

Recently, some journalists from Tamilnadu had met with Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, at Delhi. Although it was said to be a courtesy call meeting, it led to many speculations amongst the public…and about Vikatan too. There is absolutely no connection between the happenings at the Vikatan newsroom and the ideas that the speculations wish to spread about the encounter. Mr. B. Srinivasan, Managing Director of the Vikatan Group and the Editor of Ananda Vikatan was also one of the attendees at that meeting. How did it come to be? What happened in there? What is Vikatan’s reaction to the speculations doing the rounds in public forums? These were some of the questions that ran in my mind. I asked him if he could share his experience openly with us. Here it is, in his own words… 

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