Ever heard of truly wireless. Oh, wait what are you talking about, Airpods debuted 3 years back and you are still asking if we heard of them. Yes, Truly wireless is the most loved headphone type for the past three years after its debut in the market. The first Apple introduced its Wireless Airpods, Which eventually became truly wireless earbuds. Yes, It's expensive in the past, But not anymore. Today you can afford a decent one as low as 1500 Rupees. After the smartphone players like Realme, Oneplus and Oppo came to play, the TWS earbuds became more affordable. Ok, How do we choose one? Let's see.

Budget or Premium one?

There are plenty of options out there. Starting from 1000, you can get earbuds for even more than 30,000. As we said earlier we can buy one for 2000 itself, but we can't expect it to perform extraordinarily well. It can satisfy our basic needs. But, we don't get premium features or noise cancellation which are readily available in the premium one. Decide before you buy.

What's the issue?

Those who buy these earbuds just to know how it feels or who think it's a lot of money for just a headphone may go for budget earbuds. But, If you are going to use the buds all day, try a premium one. As this is the beginning of this technology there are little flaws in the usage, primarily connectivity issues. But, in premium earbuds, the issues are less and we can enjoy some time with them. If we go for a premium one that is above 4000, we can get good-looking earbuds with great performance and a good battery backup.

Things to note:

* Buy earbuds that have an IPX rating. When we are going for a walk or jog, there are chances that our sweat may spoil the earbuds. So, If we have earbuds with at least an IPX7 rating then it's great to go.

* Check whether the buds have noise cancellation or not. If there is no noise cancellation then attending a phone call with the earbuds on will become a headache for the person on the other end. They can only hear the noise surrounding us.

* Battery backup, earbuds launched with average battery backup up to 4 hrs. Choose one according to your usage.

Keep it safe:

Don't handle these earbuds like normal headphones. Taking good care of it is also important. Have to place it in the charging box after every use. As there are many possibilities that these earbuds can drop anytime unknowingly, they are manufactured according to it. Still, If we take good care, it'll serve us for a long time.

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Truly wireless - Budget or Premium one?
Truly wireless - Budget or Premium one?
Truly wireless - Budget or Premium one?
Truly wireless - Budget or Premium one?
Truly wireless - Budget or Premium one?
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