"The used luxury car market in India is flourishing as it enables enthusiasts to get The Thrill of Driving a supercar at a discounted price. In an interaction with Motor Vikatan, Siddharth Chaturvedi, Founder and Managing Director of Gurgaonheadquartered Boys and Machines said “We wanted to provide the same quality as a new car at a reasonable price at the same time provide excellent service. With strong momentum and growth, we now plan to target Tier 2 cities like Indore, Ahmedabad and Chandigarh in the next few months." _ Edited Excerpts

How do you differentiate yourself from your peers?

Boys and Machines focus on delivering the highest quality pre-owned luxury cars at the best price. Our competitive pricing and better quality give us an edge over rivals. Apart from this, our continuous process improvement, digitization, and booming physical presence in different cities pave an exponential growth curve. We thrive to not only fulfil but also exceed customer expectations.

What are all the new initiatives or offering you have planned to come up with in the next 12 to 18 months?

We p l a n t o expand our footprint both online and offline by connecting to customers and cater them with an experience and not just sell cars. We are planning to publish weekly articles revolving around the luxury car lifestyle, connecting on the digital front. While on the physical space, we are planning to open new showrooms in different cities. The combination of these will help us in reaching out to maximize our outreach. The future will see many digital initiatives to maintain and exceed customer expectations.

From which segment is the demand is coming?

We are currently seeing a lot of demand for SUVs, as people are opting to travel by road after COVID, and SUVs are the most comfortable alternative for everyone to cover long distances or go off-road.

Currently you have only one Workshop in Gurugram, will you be expanding to the other cities?

In the automobile sector, service is equally crucial. With time, we intend to expand our service centre facilities to all of the places where we have showrooms. So in the coming months, you can expect our workshops in Mumbai, Hyderabad and Kolkata. On the showroom front, we are on the outlook to open up in Chandigarh, Ahmedabad, and Indore which will be followed by workshops in these cities. These additions will further solidify our relationship with our existing customers as well as attract new customers. As we believe, car selling is not a onetime transaction but a long-term relationship.

How do you ensure timely service for your customers and from where and how do you source components?

At Boys And Machines, we have a follow-up action plan in place that reminds our sales and aftersales teams to contact clients about their next purchase plan, insurance renewal, periodic servicing reminders, and other car solutions. To make our process run more smoothly, we have a specialised crew with the best equipment available, as well as an easily available supply of often necessary and consumable materials such as brake pads, tyres, engine oil, air filter, and other products acquired from multiple licenced vendors.

Tell us about your digitalisation plan for both sales and service?

Digitisation is the only way going forward. The online display of stock on the website and Instagram have enabled us to reach a PAN India audience, helping with lead creation. Today, a customer in any corner of the country, where we don’t have physical stores or studios, can contact us digitally and make a purchase. We also have a dedicated marketing and public relations team that works constantly with unique ideas and creatives to keep viewers engaged and informed about what Boys And Machines are up to, such as adding new stock, CSR activities, service schemes, and many other activities to keep our digital presence active at all times.

There are many parts in a luxury car, how do you maintain the same?

As previously stated, to service exotic cars, we require the most up-to-date tools and software, for which we are already prepared, as well as have an industryexperienced after-sales team onboard to address auto solutions across India and maintain our SKU on time so that we do not run out of parts when they are required by our customers. We also import a few parts whenever required.

Are you planning to enter into luxury bike sales and service as well?

We already buy and sell superbikes all over India. Yes, we only buy exotic sports bikes like the Ducati Diavel, Triumph Rocket, Suzuki Hayabusa, and other unique machines. However, because our primary concentration is on cars, we do not provide after-sales support for motorcycles. We deal with Superbikes occasionally out of love and taste. So when we come across a unique superbike, we pick it up and present it to our valued customers purely out of passion.

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