BMW G310RR: A TVS Cousin!


The new BMW is at the heart of it the same as a TVS Apache RR310.

BMW recently launched the G310RR in Delhi and the bike sent the mercury rising, just as it was in the national capital!

The new BMW is at the heart of it the same as a TVS Apache RR310. But now it comes with a different badge and two new paint schemes.

The bike has the same TFT display as what is available on the TVS, with the addition of the BMW logo in it. Surprisingly, the BMW does not come equipped with Bluetooth, a feature which is already present in the Apache.

The Apache comes shod with Michelin’s Road 5 tyres, while the BMW gets Michelin Pilot tyres. What is more surprising is the brakes. A petal disc does duties on the TVS, while the BMW gets regular discs. Not a big deal, but it does make you sit up and think.

When we were kids, magazines used to carry two images, and you had to spot the differences between the two. It does feel like a similar game when looking at the TVS Apache RR310 and the BMW G310RR. It is difficult to find the differences between the two machines, as it is mostly identical.


The bikes use the same engine, frame, suspension and brakes. It also has the same riding modes as the Apache. 34 bhp power, 27 Nm torque, and 174 kg kerb weight all remain unchanged. Even in the suspension department, the same USD forks and monoshock is employed. Apache has fully adjustable suspension, while on the BMW only the preload can be adjusted.

The Apache is available in a matte black finish, while the BMW gets a gloss paint scheme. You also can get the BMW in its iconic white-red and blue paint scheme. Now that is something which might get hearts beating harder!

The black BMW G310RR is prices at INR 2,85,000 ex-showroom. Which is 20,000 more than the Apache. And if you opt for the racing edition of the BMW, then you have to shell out 14,000 more, taking the cost up to INR 2,99,000 ex-showroom.

Are these prices justified? Well, that is for the market to respond. To see if the BMW badge is attractive enough for riders to pay the premium over the TVS or not. Most riders, we think, will simply go for the Apache…