Experience Yamaha Track Ride

Yamaha R15M

Experience Yamaha Track Ride

Yamaha R15M


If you have a Yamaha bike, you too can ride on a race track!

‘The Call of the Blue’ Track Day!

Even if you own a race bike, you mostly only ride on the road. Most people would be willing to do anything to ride the bike on the race track. Riding on the track is sharpening your razor edges of sensory perceptions. All bike owners cannot ride on a race track, nor all bikers can become racers.

Yamaha then made an incredible announcement for owners of the YZF-R3, YZF-R15, MT-15, FZ series and Aerox 155. They were given an incredible opportunity of riding on the Madras Motor Race Track.

Yamaha fans were gaga about the news. Bookings for the available slots immediately started filling up, as everyone wanted a chance to ride on the race track. How could one possibly miss such a golden opportunity?

On March 13, Yamaha organised the Track Day experience, “The Call of the Blue”, for its customers at MMRT, Chennai. With an entry fee of Rs 2000/- you could make a reservation, bring your Yamaha bike to the track and attend the track session. More than 500 Yamaha fans attended the track ride that morning. The roar of bikes of all these Yamaha bikes was heard from afar.

Experience Yamaha Track Ride

You had to just show up with your motorcycle at the track. Full riding gear, helmets, boots, gloves et al were provided by Yamaha. I was handed the keys to an R15 for riding on the track.

The first 20 minutes were a briefing class. There are many rules to riding a bike on the race track. There was a thorough explanation of operating motorcycles on the track, the safety rules, definitions of the various race flags, and the importance of riding gears. First-time attendants were eagerly listening to the safety rules, quite unlike flyers in an aeroplane!

Many riders noted that race bikes don’t have a mirror. Others wondered how are you supposed to overtake and what exactly is meant by a pitstop. I already had the experience of riding the Yamaha R15 on the race track a few times. I was nonetheless still excited about riding on the race track again. This time my target was to hit 150 kmph on the straight.

Riders were only allowed to ride on the track after wearing armour, a full-length leather suit, track boots, gloves and a helmet. Participants were in the age range of 18 to 34 years. Regardless of age, each rider was allowed to ride 8 laps.

The Yamaha R15 M track performance was fantastic. Features like the aerodynamics, slipper clutch help you fly on the track. The only downside was just 8 laps! Others also felt the same. We all felt a few more laps would have been nicer. Everyone who saw the bikes on track wanted to have a go at it.

ஒட்டுமொத்த விகடனுக்கும் ஒரே ஷார்ட்கட்!

Experience Yamaha Track Ride

Like FDFS movie reviews, I asked for feedback from First Day First Track Ride (FDFTR) people, I got these replies:

“Riding on the track is so much fun”

“It feels like going on a roller coaster”

“I ride an R15. Only today I realise I could go so fast”

“Thrilling is when you go through the corner”

“It is so hard to race”

All participants were presented with an instant photo, t-shirt, keychain and food coupons by Yamaha. Yamaha’s ‘Call of the Blue’, as the name suggests, the blue colour is cool to the eye…

Out of curiosity and love, one customer asked, when would the next iteration of this event happen again? If you have the desire to ride the bike on the race track, then don’t miss this opportunity. I didn’t miss it either! Everything else aside, I loved taking the R15 to 150 kmph. Thanks, Yamaha!

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