HP4 S1000 RR: Track & Road Champion

HP4 S1000 RR
HP4 S1000 RR

The BMW S1000RR has dominated the race track since its debut in 2008 - HP4 S1000 RR

This bike is a little special and this review is also a little special. The BMW S1000RR has dominated the race track since its debut in 2008. This review is not just about RR. It's a special edition S1000RR HP4. This HP4 means High Performance 4 Cylinder Engine. Although BMW launched a track-specific model in 2017, the 2015 model HP4 strikes a balance between track and road riding, and this model remains a favourite to this day. This review will look at the 2015 S1000RR HP4. Every HP4 model produced worldwide has a badge number. The bike we rode was 2670. One of the four bikes available in India.

Speed is the magic of the race track. Faster and lighter bikes are superstars on the track. The HP4 has been built by cutting as much weight off the BMW S1000RR as possible. Handling, power, and riding dynamics have all changed here.

No need to weigh. It is a lightweight bike. Tank cowl, sub-frame and body panel are fitted with carbon fibre parts. 2.4 kg weight has been reduced in the sprocket alone. The Akrapovic exhaust pipe is made of titanium. 4kg weight reduction in exhaust alone as there is no catalytic converter. The battery of this model is also very light compared to the S1000RR. A total weight loss of 7 kg has made a huge difference in performance. Not only that; It has changed the steering of the bike dynamically.

A lot of things have been made with the track in mind to get high performance. For example, the gear lever and brake have been redesigned and the weight has been reduced. Different ergonomics for each rider. As one can change the footpeg position as per one's convenience, the riding ergonomics are not static but exclusive to us. Forged Aluminium Hollow swingarm is an example of bike frame rigidity.

HP4 S1000 RR
HP4 S1000 RR

It is the suspension that determines the handling quality no matter the road. Compression, rebound and damping are three important functions of a suspension. This damper is there to correct if the handlebars are not able to withstand the rebound of the suspension when going fast. If other suspension components are available, one of the unique features of the HP4 model is the Electronic Dynamic Damping Control (EDDC). The HP4 excels at the brutal speed of the race track and the challenging undulating tar road of Kari Motor Speedway with a smooth ride. Whether it's a bumpy country road or a smooth winding race track - there's no need to think about the suspension setup. Electronics will take care of most of the work.

The HP4 bike's floating disc Brembo brake setup keeps the braking bite responsive in bends even without cornering ABS. You can ride without thinking about wheel lock.

We met racer Yogeswaran Krishnavelu who was testing the HP4 at the race track. Yogesh is not just a bike racer; he says that he will enjoy whatever is fast, be it a car or a kart. Ducati UAE Race 2018-19, 2019-20 Champion. National Rookie Champion of MRF F4 Car Race last year.

"Started my career in Motocross. Now I do bike races and kart races on international race tracks. This BMW HP4 bike is called the Competition Edition. There is no shortage of handling whether it's road or track. Whether you're riding on a track, taking a corner, or taking a bend on a mountain road. It's dynamic damping system and brakes are great. Its light weight reduces the physical effort required to ride the bike. There are only 4 HP4 competition bikes in India so far. I have one in Tamil Nadu, Coimbatore. Whatever the bike, ride carefully and smartly!" says Yogesh.