Smart Helmets! Sidhartha Speaks...

Sidhartha Bhushan Khurana
Sidhartha Bhushan Khurana

Interview with Sidhartha Bhushan Khurana Managing Director, STUDDS Accessories Ltd.

On RR special edition helmets!

We have recently launched a RR special edition helmet which has been unveiled by English all-rounder Ben Stokes. We are receiving a very encouraging response for the same. This helmet is available at both the channels, offline & online.

on low-cost helmets quality!

Our focus at Studds is to always offer a product to the market that is encapsulating to the purveyor of said offering. We do that by ensuring a seamless manufacturing process with no disruptions and a focus on the highest quality we can embody. Our range of helmets is very versatile, and we offer them at various competitive price points to effectively cater to any demands that existing as well as potential customers may have. The reason of providing best-quality helmets that fit in everyone’s budget is that we are self-reliant when it comes to production.

Smart Helmets! Sidhartha Speaks...

On his Production plans!

The two-wheeler helmet space in India has been growing rapidly and with the introduction of some stringent government policies, the demand is set to increase in the market. We believe that market opportunity is substantial and the government’s new policy on banning non-ISI certified helmets will give organized players in the helmet industry, a big boost by driving demand.

We are already the largest two-wheeler helmet manufacturers in the world, however, looking at the current requirements in the market and the growing consumer demand, we decided to increase our capacity in 2020 and inaugurated two manufacturing units in Faridabad, Haryana. With the inauguration of new manufacturing facilities, we were able to double the production capacity of STUDDS to 14 million helmet units per annum, which was 7 million units earlier.

Smart Helmets! Sidhartha Speaks...

On DOT (America), Snell and ECE (Europe) certified helmets.

With the recent Motor Vehicle Bill conclusively inculcating the need for ISI certified helmets on the roads, we are confident that our helmets will come to the greatest utility to the Indian consumer. Since there is neither a need nor a requirement for foreign certifications in Helmets across the board, we are confident that our ISI certificated products will happily consume a large chunk of the demand for helmets in the country.

Smart Helmets! Sidhartha Speaks...

On ‘bone conduction headphones’ installed in Studds helmets

We are focusing on a new version of the helmet which also comes with a bluetooth incorporated camera and bone-conduction technologies. In this technology, music may be heard by bone-conduction without the aid of microphones. Bone-conduction sound systems create sensations which are conveyed across the bones to the senses. We are in the initial stage of production of the helmet however and it is a little difficult at the moment to give a timeline to the product’s introduction.

On bringing smart technology into ‘affordable helmet’

We are at a stage of rampant innovation at Studds Accessories Ltd. With a novella of future ready developments such as bone conduction audio systems and Bluetooth ingrained camera systems, we are preparing for the next line of rider safety accessories. However, we are a very competitive and pragmatic business organization, which will ensure that our line of products will be priced competitively as well. Our offerings are categorized as ‘having optimal value’ and we will ensure that the value for money and unparalleled utility is maintained throughout our line of offerings.

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