Learn from the Automotive Leaders: Workshop on Reimagining Mobility for the Future

Online introductory Workshop
Online introductory Workshop

Workshop Speakers: Dr. Shankar Venugopal, the Vice President of Mahindra & Mahindra and Mr.Ramachandra S (Ram), the principal Consultant of Infosys knowledge Institute.

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Workshop on Reimagining Mobility for the Future

To help our students, freshers and the talented youngsters who are passionate to understand and acquire skills required for the emerging needs of Automotive Sector, Motor Vikatan is conducting an online workshop on Saturday, the 7th of Aug, 2021.

Why This workshop?

Our transportation systems, and our automotive industry are in the process of reinventing. So, it is important for the youngsters who aspire to build a strong career in these areas, to analyse the changing needs of the market and the automotive technology trends. In this workshop we will future jobs in the automotive industry and the skills that are required to secure them

Future Market Needs

The entire lifecycle of an automobile is undergoing transformation, making us rethink the skill sets required. The curriculum in our universities lay the basic foundation and find it challenging to keep pace with the rate at which the industry is evolving. It starts from the design of vehicles to plans, sourcing, manufacture, sale under different business models, and all the way to aftermarket and end of life. Each of these stages is undergoing significant changes due to macro economic factors, consumer preferences and digitization. This session will cover the entire life of a vehicle and what we need to prepare ourselves for each phase.

Future Technology Trends

  • Electric, Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Technology Disruptions

  • Exponential Technologies - AI, IOT, Robotics, Renewable Energy, Energy Storage etc

  • Sustainable Technologies – Materials & Manufacturing, Circular Economy considerations

Future Jobs

Students and professionals have aced it if they are good in four A’s in the digital world we are moving towards: Analytics, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Autonomous driving and Automation. Analytics is a basic foundation for the data driven world we live in, starting from the basic statistics we learnt in school. AI/ML helps discover patterns in the data not visible to the human eye. Autonomy in driving is not a luxury but a safety requirement. Automation reduces the human element in the manufacture of vehicles. This session will cover the impact of the above four on future jobs and more importantly how to be prepared.

Future Skills

  • DARE Framework

  • Design Thinking - Human Centred Design – Customer focus

  • Algorithmic Thinking - Data and Decision

  • Rational Thinking – Overcoming Cognitive Biases

  • Entrepreneurial Thinking – Idea’s Path to Market

Online introductory Workshop
Online introductory Workshop


Dr. Shankar Venugopal, the Vice President of Mahindra & Mahindra who is leading the technology innovation team of the automotive and farms business will be conducting this workshop along with Mr.Ramachandra S (Ram), the principal Consultant in the thought leadership team of Infosys knowledge Institute.

Online introductory Workshop:

Time: 08.00 AM - 10 00 AM

Date: 7th Aug 2021.

To register, visit:

For queries, call: 7338826999, 9790990404

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