Royal Enfield's next Meteor is about to strike...

Royal Enfield Meteor 650
Royal Enfield Meteor 650

Royal Enfield Meteor 650

A meteor means a shooting star. RE already got one shooting star with a 350cc engine, it is also a star in sales for Royal Enfield. Now a bigger meteor is coming to hit with a 650cc engine. At the EICMA 2022 in Milan, Italy, Royal Enfield upgraded it to its international market level and introduced it. RE has introduced this motorcycle to India on November 18. Let's take a look at some important features of Royal Enfield's Meteor 650 that everyone is looking forward to.

RE's third bike 650 cc motorcycle!

This super meteor is Royal Enfield's 3rd bike with a 648cc, parallel twin-cylinder engine setup. Continental GT 650 and Interceptor were the first two bikes. The Meteor produces 47bhp of power at 7,250rpm and 52Nm of torque at 5,650rpm. According to Royal Enfield, it has been tuned to deliver around 80% of its peak torque at 2,500 rpm through mapping and gearing set-up.

Harley Davidson Design!

They were already calling the Meteor 350 a small Harley. Now just like the original Harley Davidson bike... in a stunning superbike design… this cruiser bike blends in. Some even say it looks like a Triumph.

Royal Enfield's next Meteor is about to strike...

It is also the first RE bike with LED headlights!

The LED headlights are new! The bike with full LED headlights in this segment is the Super Meteor 650cc.

Stylish tubeless alloy wheels!

There are 19-inch wheels at the front and 16-inch wheels at the rear. Like the Meteor 350, they have given an alloy setup here. It has Ceat Zoom tyres. Tube tires are prone to punctures. Since this Meteor 650 is tubeless, there is no need to fear a puncture.

Dual channel Meteor!

The Meteor 650 has discs front and rear. Front 320 mm disc; with a 300 mm disc at the rear are impressive. The reason is that dual-channel ABS comes with Meteor 650. These large brake sizes have been designed to give a solid performance for the weight of this cruiser bike.

RE's First USD Fork Bike!

This is the first Royal Enfield bike to have an upside-down fork suspension setup. It has a 43mm thick fork at the front. Likewise, the teardrop-shaped petrol tank has a capacity of 15.7 litres.

Royal Enfield's next Meteor is about to strike...

This is the heaviest RE!

This is going to be the company’s heaviest bike. Its weight is 241 kg. Its ground clearance is 135 mm. It is not quite generous for our road conditions. But, it's good enough for cruising. But off-road, no chance.

Easy to manoeuvre in the city!

In general, the exhaust pipes of Royal Enfield bikes are very wide. Since the silencer on this Meteor doesn't take up extra space… it's possible to get in and out of small alleys and traffic without banging the silencers.

Variant and Price

The Super Meteor 650 comes in two variants. The Standard variant is the base model. The Tourer variant is the more expensive top end. It comes in Astral, Interstellar and Celestial colours. There are 2 variants in the Tourer model, the Solo Tourer with a single seat and the Grand Tourer with a split seat. It also has exclusive accessories options. The Super Meteor 650 also comes with a backrest, handlebar end mirrors, luggage rack, deluxe foot pegs and a large windscreen over the top-end Grand Tourer. Price is yet unknown; but it can cost around 3.75 – 4 lakhs.

Split Seats; The riding position is superb!

They have given split seats in this. Being a cruiser bike, the wide handlebar and forward footpegs make the riding position fun for long rides in cruiser style. Its seat height is only 740 mm, making it easy to ride even for short people. But be aware that the weight is high! Its indicators are placed near the number plate.

Royal Enfield's next Meteor is about to strike...
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Features which are not available in Interceptor & Continental!

The bike has a typical circular centre console. It features a tripper navigation pod, full LED headlights, cast aluminium switch cubes, tubeless tires, and alloy wheels, which are not found in other 650 cc bikes from the RE stable.

Competition with what?

For now, this super meteor has few competitors. It is set to be a bit more expensive than other Royal Enfield 650cc bikes and in this segment, it competes directly with the Benelli 502C. It is expected that Royal Enfield Meteor 650 is going to be a tough competitor to high-priced cruisers and even modern motorcycles.