`How come that idiot is rich and I’m not?’ - A book that'll make you a millionaire

`How come that idiot is rich and I’m not?’ - A book that'll make you a millionaire
`How come that idiot is rich and I’m not?’ - A book that'll make you a millionaire

`How come that idiot is rich and I’m not?’ - A book that'll make you a millionaire

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Name of the book: How come that idiot is rich and I’m not?

Author: Robert Shemin

The song, ‘intelligent men don’t succeed and those who succeed are not intelligent’, sung by Tamil Cinema popular artist Chandrababu, many decades ago, reveals many truths to us. We repeatedly ask ourselves in astonishment, ‘That person has not even completed 5th standard but how he has already earned five crores!’ The book that we are going to introduce to you, titled ‘How come that idiot is rich and I’m not?’ written by Robert Shemin tries to answer that question.

There are many whom we used to consider as dumb as they used to perform low at school, getting very low marks or unable to count coins while taking the balance from shops rightly but later on became doyens in earning money. Whereas we, who used to be very good at studies and able to count coins accurately, later on, fail to earn more money. The author raises this question, ‘Why it is so?’, at the beginning of the book itself.

“Though I was unable to gain good marks at schooling, not even was regular at school and not even able to continue my studies, I have evolved as a dump who knows how to earn money. There is prosperity in my life as I have understood that the idiocy of this life is different from the intelligence needed to gain money. This book is intended to share those secrets with you”, says the author. Through his book, he informs us the various secrets of earning money.

“I joined a hotel to clean the tables as I was poor in my studies. In American parlance, I am termed as ‘Busy boy’, which is the designation for the profession I was doing. I changed the name and called myself ‘Table Maintenance Engineer’. Other ‘Busy boys’ used to tease me on looking at my badge that I wear during my work. But as I used to inform the customers that I carry that new designation, I used to get more tips than those ‘Busy boys’.

`How come that idiot is rich and I’m not?’ - A book that'll make you a millionaire

From that job, I moved up to serving food to the customers as a server. On that role, I used to call myself, ‘Table Serving Expert’. By that job, I used to earn 800 dollars in a week which was more than the amount my teachers in the school earned at that time. Though I playfully name my job differently that actually made my earnings more. And that is the one that helped me gain many other things in my life, later on”. The author then enlists those unique features that really helped him.

“That helped me to decide my own earnings. I did my job with high esteem. I created many other new names because of that. I have started respecting my job, not being as a weekly labourer but an earner of fluctuating income (through tips). I have also learnt the abilities to handle those irritable cooks as well as those abhorrent customers. These qualities proved helpful in my future growth.

I thank all those teachers who called me dumb. I started searching for new ways of earning my livelihood because of that branding. I am not sure what I would have been had they managed to keep me at the school”, the author feels clueless.

“Those rich fools do not tell that they cannot do it if a job is given to them. They first ask how to do that job. Therefore, throw away the word ‘cannot’ from your dictionary”, advises the author.

There is a great problem awaiting those who are good at studies. When they confront the world they need to learn more skills of facing the outside world than that they have learnt from the book, which would not be of much help. And the author cautions that if one thinks more than what is required about a particular decision, there is a possibility that there is a failure.

We are fools by birth. By virtue of our curiosity, by asking questions we grow. Though we are born without any kind of fear, we learn about the world through our curiosity and fearlessness till we go to school. During that period, we get embraced when we do good and we get protected when we commit mistakes and invite problems. But after joining schools we learn to adapt to the rules and regulations and also learn to obey. After a period of eighteen years of obedience, we evolve into maturity becoming the best persons, abiding by the rules of the place. But we are at loss in terms of earning money. As we are accustomed to being regulated by those rules, we tend to completely forget the fact that to earn money we need to be creative and innovative, not able to look at the needs of the people but only able to abide by the rules.

That is where the success of a dumb becomes possible. Fools do not abide by the rules. They operate in a way, trusting that the world would help them. They are desirous of everything. They tend to believe that there are many opportunities available for them in the world. They have a belief that they are eligible for whatever money they have earned.

Contrarily, intelligent people consider this world very bad. They think that being desirous is bad. They believe that there are fewer opportunities in the world. So, they tend to grab whatever with them with the utmost difficulty. They would look at those who are affluent with jealous. They gradually grow the belief that they are not good at anything.

While the author speaks about expenses and loans elaborately, he states that those rich fools will try to get loans that they are able to repay. Sharing many important aspects of personal development, this book can be read surely at least for once.

Education will not make you rich!

Intelligent people try to live by saving intelligently. They have a belief that whatever they save today will lead to future prosperity. Whereas the rich fools live with a conviction that they want to live today the way they wished to live tomorrow. They don’t wait for the affluence of tomorrow. Therefore, they want to live rich in the present, today. The author goes to the extent of stating that those rich fools tend to live a life that is not true in reality, thereby trying to succeed in their life.

The author cautions that our education will not pave way for money. You are the primary wealth of your life. And the author insists that one should try to understand that the next important wealth is your time.

(This article written in Tamil for Naanayam Vikatan book review section has been reproduced in English by V Amalan Stanley)

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