Vikatan Coins


Dear Readers,

Here comes Vikatan Coins, Readers Reward programme from

Vikatan Coins showcases your Talent to readers community. Register, Read and Participate to earn Vikatan coins and stand out among several readers.

1. What is Vikatan Coins and how to get it?

Vikatan Coins is a unique loyalty program also Readers Reward programme that lets worldwide readers to earn points for their activities in Activities may be like registration, daily login, no. of articles read, social media shares and subscriptions.

2. Is there any limitation on coins earned per day?

Yes, there is limitation and coins earned per day depends on the pre-coding done for various activities.

3. How can i use my Vikatan Coins?

You can use coins for Subscription, to buy Ebooks, and can also be clubbed with various offers. (Single issue, Diwali Malar, Aval Manamagal and Vikatan Awards purchase are not available)

4. When does my coins expire?

Your coins are valid only for that financial quarter. Earned coins expires at the end of every quarter if not redeemed or if no purchase is done in the next quarter billing above ₹100.

Month Coins earned for the Month Total Coins at end of the Month
April 100 100
May 5000 5100
June 750 5850
July 1st 0 0
5. When Vikatan coins accumulates in my account?

Generally coins are awarded to your account within 5 - 10 minutes of your activity. For comments, coins will be added once after it is moderated and approved.

6. Under what cases, i will not be awarded Vikatan coins?

(a) You might have crossed your daily maximum limit
(b) Your activity might be out of our guidelines
(c) Moderator would have rejected your crude contributions, discussions and comments

7. Can i redeem my coins for cash?

No, coins cannot be redeemed for cash.

8. Can i redeem coins for print subscription or print book?


9. Can i get coins in Vikatan mobile app?

No, it has been stopped temporarily.

10. Where can i see my accumulated coins?

You can check your coins in My Vikatan -> My Coins section.

11. What is the minimum bill value, should i buy subscription/EBOOK for?

The minimum bill value should be ₹50/-