Ethics Policy

Fact-Checking Policy:

Vikatan understands the responsibility of publishing content with adequate and appropriate accuracy. We consider the nature and context of the content and how it may likely affect the readers and their emotions/actions. The due accuracy as mentioned above is mandatory for all subjects such as entertainment, politics, technology, health, etc. However, while we make every endeavour to fact check with inputs received from various sides (claims, allegations, etc.,), the versions inside a story may or may not carry all the inputs received. In such cases, the analysis is done personally by the story-attributed subject experts and they are only prescribing what they have understood so far or where they stand personally. These are exceptions and Vikatan restricts itself from projecting such opinions as facts/truths, and indicates it as opinions/claims/allegations and nothing more.

Our team of experts in-house verify every fact, data, pictures, citation links related to the content. This means all our stories are well-analyzed, scrutinized, and curated based on sound/video/text evidence to avoid baseless statements/ rumours. As mentioned above, if there are opinions, claims, or allegations in a story, everything gets properly attributed to its source.

How we approach a story?

  • * Gather data/material related to the story first hand through field reports or experts' knowledge.
  • * Articulate the collected facts/stats/data and identify the pain points, variations, if any.
  • * Validate every data mentioned by mapping it to proper material evidence (sound, video, or text).
  • * Attest the claims, allegations, versions, opinions to the respective sources.
  • * Analyze, explore, and interpret the whole story and its aftermath.

The above is mandatory and important for news, current affairs, and sensitive topics, particularly the ones under some controversy. If the gathered facts/data cannot be verified, we resort to get the opinions of the field experts about the collected evidence and attribute the same as their opinions about the gathered information.

Live and Social Media Content:

For the Live content, we have formulated some mandatory checks and we take the responsibility of verifying it personally with our story provider. Hence we assign various experts to confirm the context of live content and any inaccuracies, misconceptions found, would be corrected immediately. We ensure to take necessary precautionary measures to avoid such conflicts and we strive hard to avoid any misinformation going live.

Regarding Social Media, our editorial team is the sole responsibility for that as well. Every social media post of us is the representation/promotion of our curated stories and does not reflect anything opposite to that stand. Whatever stringent measures we take to ensure the authenticity of our stories are mapped to the social media posts as well.

User-Generated Content:

Every user-generated content found here goes through several curating processes and a separate team continues to scrutinize and verify them on par with our editorial policies.We encourage contributors to seek material evidence for the submitted works except works of fiction or that of pure opinion. We also analyze whether the news supplied directly or indirectly supports the supplier or anyone related to them or any organization/group that might be benefited from this. If that is the scenario, Vikatan won't hesitate to disqualify the same.

We also encourage our readers to 'dislike' or comment with their opinion, basis which, we could take action on the submitted story including but not restricted to taking the story down.

Ethics Policy:

Vikatan follows a strict copyright policy and will not entertain plagiarism, though we expect the submission to be free of plagiarism as the duty and etiquette of the author at all times. Images used by the organization are always attributed, strictly copyright protected, generated on our own, or subjected to a proper license agreement.

We never entertain the usage of photos of minors or the victims of sexual abuse or torture or any graphic content related to the same. However, we use representational/model images to represent such news only for better understanding. Such images go with a disclaimer whenever it is used. We follow strict measures to not disclose the identity of the victim (name, sex, age, etc.,) of any such cases under any circumstances.

Corrections Policy:

Every petition/query raised from the end-users side regarding the ethics/error in data/misinformation/misconception/alarming nature of the content published shall be subjected to the consideration of a special panel within the editorial. Errors, if found any shall be rectified swiftly with proper notification to the corresponding party.

Vikatan also acknowledges the manual or automated factual errors/mistakes/outdated information committed unknowingly regarding the published information and holds the responsibility to change or modify the same before affecting anyone.