Edappadi Palanisamy and TTV Dinakaran stage managing a drama?

Edappadi Palanisamy and TTV Dinakaran stage managing a drama?
Edappadi Palanisamy and TTV Dinakaran stage managing a drama?

Edappadi Palanisamy and TTV Dinakaran stage managing a drama?

The turn of events in AIADMK after the release of TTV Dinakaran on bail is unprecedented. The popular Tamil movie Subramaniapuram's story was based on the lines "If you stab me in the back, someone else will stab you on the back" .The present sceanario in AIADMK is same as that of this movie. The moves of 3 factions EPS, OPS and TTV against each other is enough to  create the downfall of AIADMK so that no opposition party is required to do that. 

TTV dinakaran was arrested on the grounds that he tried to bribe Election Commission officials to regain the party symbol Two leaves. Before the arrest some ministers met TTV Dinakaran and news broke that  there was a  heated debate leading to sidelining of Dinakaran from party affairs.  There were also news that 28 MLAs were against him. Jayakumar ,Finance Minister came out with a statement that Dinakaran and his family have been kept away from party affairs and they will not be allowed back in the party. Dinakaran also told the Press that he is keeping away from party affairs . 

After the arrest of Dinakaran, efforts were made to merge the O Panneerselvam, faction with the ruling faction led by the CM Edappadi Palanisamy. Both the factions started setting up conditions and this resulted in the breakdown of merger efforts. Though committees were formed in both the factions to initiate merger dialogue, the real talks never took off.

In the meanwhile, Dinakaran came out on bail which sent shock waves in both the camps. Confusion started once Dinakaran started  making statements about his role in the party. This time it is not between OPS and Dinakaran but between some ministers and Dinakaran.  The war of words between EPS ministers and Dinakaran camp led to the emergence of a new faction under Dinakaran. 

Dinakaran after his release from jail met Sasikala in the Bengaluru jail and after this meeting issued a strong statement that only the Gen Secretary of the party has the power to sack him and he will continue to involve in party affairs . This irritated the EPS camp and the ministers after meeting the CM came out and told that the action of keeping away Dinakaran holds good and the party functionaries will not meet Dinakaran

We spoke to Andipatti MLA Thanga Tamizhselvan a staunch supporter of Dinakaran. During the conversation he told 'I am with Dinakaran right from the beginning and he has the support of  40 MLAs. We are internally discussing about the way forward but at the same time it does not amount to any confusion in the party".

To a question whether Dinakaran is aiming for any new position and is it because of that he is  seeking the support of MLAs , Thanga Tamizhselvan told that there is no such plans and if something is brewing, you will be informed .

We also spoke to Madhusudanan of OPS faction to understand as to what is going on between the CM and Dinakaran. He told that ''The war between Edappadi Palanisamy and Dinakaran is a drama. They are staging this drama to weaken our faction. It is a well laid out plan and this drama is an outcome of that. But they fail to realize about the reality that they will themselves get eliminated in this process.  Sasikala after falling out as a favourite to become the CM picked Edappadi Palanisamy as her choice and it is a foregone conclusion that he will be loyal only to Sasikala.  Dinakaran was dismissed from the party by Jayalalithaa long back and he was never readmitted into the party till her death'. Further on asking him as to whom he supports at the moment, he told that this must be asked to Panneerselvam only . Further he stated that he will always be firm in his stand once a decision is taken. I have trained under Amma and will always follow her ideals and principles. OPS revolted against Sasikala and her family and my stand is also same.

While answering a question on OPS support to Edappadi in this  current situation, he said that '' Panneerselvam  is clear in his stand. Sasikala and her family should be out of the party and this is our stand right from the beginning''. He concluded by saying that  Sasikala got married in the presence of Karunanidhi and how can a party with their leadership  can be true MGR founded AIADMK ?.

The chaos and confusion within the party with three factions has demoralised the party cadres and BJP on it's part is trying to merge OPS and EPS factions without Sasikala and his family. The true followers of MGR and Jayalalithaa are at a loss to understand as to where will all this lead to. At the same time every MLA wants to retain their full term and the powerful will walk away with plum posts as no one is interested in dislodging the government for fear of losing a full term.

With the Presidential election round the corner we can expect the BJP to play a key role in keeping the flock together and one can expect surprise developments post the president election. 

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