sasikala, now a trouble maker at karnataka prison too!

sasikala, now a trouble maker at karnataka prison too!
sasikala, now a trouble maker at karnataka prison too!

sasikala, now a trouble maker at karnataka prison too!

Sasikala who is lodged in Bengaluru Jail in the disproportionate assets case and at the time when she has filed a review petition in the Supreme court , she is into further deep trouble by shocking disclosures made by Karnataka Prison DIG Roopa.

''The jail officials have provided lot of facilities for Sasikala against the law and crores of money has been paid as bribe for these facilities. Enquiries are made about the influence of some Congress leaders in this matter.''says prison officials.

There are lot of stories doing round about the Parapana agrahara prison in Bengaluru. When Jayalalitha was lodged in this prison , it was said that she was provided with airconditioning facilities.

Also it was rumoured that the mines scandal accused Reddy brothers were even allowed to go out of the jail as and when they decided. In this situation , the surprise inspection of the jail by Prison DIG Roopa has sent shockwaves to the Sasikala family. According to a prison official, ''Sasikala has been suffering on account of diabetes from the day she was sent to prison.

Her relative Ilavarasi who was also jailed fainted due to high blood pressure. Her son Vivek used to bring medicines for her. Sasikala used to meet her advocates three times in a week. Sasikala told that they will cook their own food and wanted facilities for the same.

This was informed to the higher authorities. But they were not ready to oblige as Innumerable letters are coming from Karnataka Tamils to Sasikala and the Tamilians are much affected by Jaya's death and also they believe that Sasikala's family is responsible for all these.

Under these circumstances, the prison higher officials thought it is better not to show any favours to Sasikala and her relatives.

Vivek, son of Ilavarasi has taken an apartment for hire nearer to the jail locality. He use to stay only in this flat when he is in Bengaluru and all requirements of Sasikala were sent only from this apartment.

Normally, these things happen in jails. Roopa took charge as DIG prisons about 10 days back and we faced some troubles after her entry only'' said the official. He also said that a AIADMK functionary in Krishnagiri district was close to top officials of prison and he only arranged all facilities for Sasikala.

Panneerselvam faction criticised about the functioning of this AIADMK big shot . But he didnot bother about all these criticism and continued to provide Sasikala with all her requirements. DIG Roopa was enquiring about all these happenings and suddenly conducted a raid in the jail premises and that is when it became public about the separate kitchen for Sasikala and she was also investigating whether she is in possession of mobile phone and all those things that were seized are kept as a secret. The DGP Sathyanarayana Rao was not aware of these raids. He asked Roopa an explanation for the jail raid and this created a big controversy and the detailed report she sent to the DGP is now out in the open . The prison officials further say that several crores of rupees have been taken as bribe by the top officials .

It is possible that action may be taken against Sasikala for not following jail rules the Central Govt may even act against the DGP .

The Karnataka AIADMK people say,'' There is lot of pressure from central govt in this matter. The central intelligence is closely monitoring the facilities provided to Sasikala and also about the discussions that take place between Sasikala and her visitors.

They have informed the centre that all these facilities have been provided on the instructions of Karnataka congress bigwigs who acted on the request of TN congress functionaries.

The DIG's raid and her further note to DGP have created a bad name for the congress party and the Jaya loyalists are angry after these jail incidents. After this turn of events, it is expected that Sasikala may not get any favour and even the visitors may be regulated.''

Political pundits say that the centre has played its cards perfectly and checkmated both Dinakaran and Sasikala and they can continue to overrule TN as long as Sasikala is in jail.

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