Ten Healthy Habits to follow if you cross 20s

Ten Healthy Habits to follow if you cross 20s
Ten Healthy Habits to follow if you cross 20s

‘Habit dies hard’, goes the adage! So also, good act that becomes a habit will stay for ever. Particularly, good habits that are imbibed by the youth in twenties will not vanish so easily. This is applicable not only for one’s mind but also for one’s health. The habits that form in early twenties will shape the future of an individual in many respects. Medical researches reveal that healthy habits will automatically increase the life span by 20 more years for an individual. The anti-ageing expert Kousalya Nathan lists ten healthy habits to be followed by people in their twenties as under:-

* Learn to measure BMI:- Body obesity is the threshold for diseases like blood pressure, heart ailment and diabetics to enter. Our total weight should be based on the BMI (Body Mass Index) and hence it is imperative that we maintain our weight in sync with our height.

* Realize the importance of water:- Water is essential for getting rid of all toxic elements from our body. It will help us maintain proper and standard temperature in our body. It will further increase our metabolism and improve our immunity level. However, the habit of drinking adequate water has substantially reduced. Instead of water, people tend to drink tea, coffee and other cold drinks which sometimes create dehydration. In place of tea and coffee, one can take green tea, vegetable soup and juice etc. for overall wellness.

*Follow digital detox:- One of the recent diseases that has been attacking the youth is digital revolution. Today’s youngsters are literally immersed in computer, laptop, mobile, face book, whatsapp and such other social media mode as a result of which they are forced to skip proper food and rest almost every day. It is wise to give total rest to these gadgets at least once or twice a month as a means of digital detox.

*Do not avoid physical exercise:- One should do either walking or jogging or swimming or cycling or gym exercise on a daily basis without break according to one’s age and physical fitness. This will help in proper blood circulation which will keep the heart healthy. Obesity can be kept at bay. In addition to this, ‘pranayamam’ and ‘yoga’ can also be undertaken.

* Care in food intake:- Youth should necessarily give up fast food and junk food from open environment. Instead, they should take nutritious vegetables rich in vitamin A and C for good health.

*Healthy snacks :- One should avoid oil-fried (that too, in oil used again and again) items like chips and resort to eating nuts, protein rich sundal (chick pea) , Kozhukattai (sweet dumpling) and such other steamed edible items.

* Skin care is equally important:- One can wear sun glass while going in hot sun.  Sun screencream can be used. The face must be cleaned in pure water as often as possible so that the eyes can be protected better. Foods that are rich in vitamin C and E can be taken more in order to protect and promote proper skin care.

*Watch out Blood Pressure:- Fluctuation in blood pressure is responsible for heart ailments, kidney problems, stroke etc. Hence it is necessary that one should always take care of blood pressure.

* Give work to the mind:- The brain should not be allowed to shrink at any cost. We must constantly give work to the brain by means of even entertainment task like playing Sudoku etc. Reading habit will do a lot of good. New language or new skill can be learnt so that the brain will ever be fresh and active.

*Do not neglect sex life:- Proper, periodical and healthy sex life is equally important. This will help one maintain proper hormone secretion and reduce mental depression and tension. In these days of rat race, one should never neglect to devote quality time for his life partner.

The above-mentioned ten healthy habits for the youngsters in their twenties are like TEN COMMANDMENTS. They do have invaluable benefits.

(This article written in Tamil by G Lakshmanan has been reproduced in English by P.S.Ramamurthy)

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