Skin Care Tips during Summer

Skin Care Tips during Summer

Many people will experience skin discoloration, thickening of skin and blackening of skin in the face etc.

Skin Care Tips during Summer

Many people will experience skin discoloration, thickening of skin and blackening of skin in the face etc.

Skin Care Tips during Summer

It is but usual to hear innumerable instructions to protect our skin and body, particularly in summer. People will advise that we should not stir out of the house in hot sun in order to protect our body from tanning and we should take lot of water to avoid dehydration etc. Many people will experience skin discolouration, thickening of skin and blackening of skin in the face etc. due to sun burn. Some people may naturally have dry skin problem and during summer it will be worse. The naturopathy doctor Y.Deepa suggests the following measures to protect our body from the adverse effects of sun burn:-

* Either the paste made of lime, curd and tomato or lime and potato can be used on the blackened spot. The alpha hydroxyl acid, vitamin C and citric acid that are available in the lime will help in avoiding skin discoloration.

* Many skin-sensitive people will bleach their face for smoothness and glow. Mere honey or honey mixed with papaya essence can be applied on face. Pine apple can also be mixed with honey for smearing on the skin. The bromelain enzyme which is present in the pine apple will remove the dead cells from the skin and protect the glow. This formula can be applied twice or thrice.

* Some people will develop black ring beneath their eyes, nose and lips. Sour rice batter with tomato can be smeared to remove the black rings and retain the glow (eventone). This will be an instant bleacher. Similarly, tomato and curd paste as well as tomato, gram flour and aloe vera paste will also be equally good.

* Ladies can apply turmeric and gram flour face pack on their face in order to get rid of the adverse effects of ultra-violet rays on the skin. Women can ideally use turmeric powder for daily bath so as to prevent blackening of the skin. Turmeric powder is a universal remedy for skin.

* Next one is the milk extracted from coconut which is rich in fat and so also water nutrient to the skin. It will also prevent the skin from blackening. Men can smear the mixture of coconut milk and Aloe vera pulp. Sandal can be mixed with coconut extract milk and used as face pack which will retain the face glow. Sandal paste can be applied over the body so as to remove the bad odour due to sweat.

* Some people will experience oily face for which the best remedy is the paste created from gram flour, rose water and fuller’s earth (Multani metti). This paste can be smeared over the face daily which will act as antioxidant that will help one retain the face glow.

* Dr.Deepa further says that curd is good not only for health but also for the skin. The curd can be mixed with tomato and used for the skin. The skin of orange can be pound and mixed with curd for external use.

Apart from the above-mentioned face pack tips for external use, Dr.Manavalan, practising naturopathy and yoga doctor , further gives some more tips that will help us keep the body cool and comfortable.

*Internal care is equally important as that of external care, according to Dr.Manavalan. He starts with the dress that we wear during summer. He opines that dense coloured wears should be avoided and instead of that, one should wear light colours like green, yellow, blue etc. Cotton dress will be ideal and tight wearing should necessarily be avoided. This is applicable for inner wears also.

*We must make it a practice to wash our face at least thrice a day in cold water and it is necessary to take bath in cold water twice a day.

*It is better to avoid going in hot sun between 12 noon and 4 PM. If it is unavoidable for some, they must smear coconut oil over the exposed body parts. Similarly, those who have oily skin should frequently use cold water to clean their body.

*It will be good if any two of tomato, curd, lime, papaya and cucumber is mixed and the paste smeared over the skin. Likewise, potato can be smashed and the extract can be applied to remove the discolouration and blackening of the skin. If we constantly use this, we will be able to get rid of the skin problems gradually.

*Some will develop itching issue during summer if they expose themselves to sun. They can boil neam leaves and use them while taking bath. This will remove the itching problem. Instead of synthetic soaps, we can use the natural bath powder which is available in nature medicine shops. In case none of these answers the particular skin problem, it would be necessary to approach a dermatologist.

*Since more water content will be out of our body during extreme summer, it is good and necessary to drink at least 3 to 4 lts. of water daily. If dryness occurs in large intestine, it will result in constipation and hence drinking more water is essential.

*To do away with dryness, water-rich fruits, vegetables, beetroot juice, aloe vera juice, carrot juice and buttermilk can be consumed in summer. Particularly, buttermilk will be more ideal than curd for drinking. At the same time, non-vegetarian food can best be avoided in summer.

*Dr Manavalan finally concludes that we must totally skip solid food for a whole day once a fortnight. Instead of solid food, we must confine ourselves to drinking juice on that day so that all toxic elements will be eliminated from the body which will ultimately do lot of good to our skin.

With the above preventive and curative skin care tips, we can easily take care of our body and outer skin problems in summer.

(This article written in Tamil by J Nivetha has been reproduced in English by P.S.Ramamurthy)