High Blood Pressure... One in eight of above 30 years getting affected – real cause of concern!

High Blood Pressure... One in eight of above 30 years getting affected – real cause of concern!
High Blood Pressure... One in eight of above 30 years getting affected – real cause of concern!

High Blood Pressure... One in eight of above 30 years getting affected – real cause of concern!

செய்திகளை உடனுக்குடன் தெரிந்துகொள்ள... இங்கே க்ளிக் செய்து இன்றே விகடன் ஆப் இன்ஸ்டால் செய்யுங்கள்!

Non-communicable diseases like high blood pressure, sugar, breast cancer, uterus mouth cancer including tooth decay etc. have generally become very disturbing since recent times. The National Family Health Survey conducted a survey in 100 districts of India among 2,25,000 persons and found that one out of every eight persons above the age of 30 had high blood pressure. The same was out of eleven persons in the year 2015-16 and now the situation has worsened further.

Blood pressure counting 130/90 mmHG or 140/90 mmHG is considered high blood pressure. According to National Family Health Survey, the total per centage of affected people is 8.6% and 10.4 % are men and 6.7% are women.

The above survey was conducted through primary and additional health centres in the rural areas. What is surprising to note is that majority of the affected people are not even aware of this condition having affected them.

The Cardiology Society of India, in its survey, has stated that it has affected more people in the urban cities. Precisely, in the cities, it has affected one out of every four persons while it is one out of three in United States and one out of four in Britain.

It is understandable that people in the cities are more vulnerable to high blood pressure due to various factors such as lifestyle, work pressure, stress and tension but whereas it is rather surprising to note that even people in the rural areas are also equally affected.

The Ministry of Health  has set a target of reducing the death rate caused by the non-communicable diseases like heart disease, blood pressure etc. by 25% before 2025. Similarly, it has decided to reduce the intake of our salt or sodium by 30%.  Blood pressure should be precisely found out and necessary corrective steps should also be taken without delay. This practice is followed in certain select districts based on the plans of India Hypertension Management Initiative by the Indian Council of Medical Research.  

Dr.Vasanthi narrates the incidence of high blood pressure as under:-

The basic reason for the occurrence of high blood pressure is the current life style which is full of tension and stress, followed by sedentary life style. While this has been the case in respect of cities, it has slowly spread to villages also. Apart from this,  stress, factors like environmental pollution, alcohol habit etc. have also contributed to this condition.  There are no specific symptoms for high blood pressure. However, this will gradually occur and increase. Hence, it is better to do the concerned tests once in six months. People affected by high blood pressure are easily prone to heart disease, kidney problem and heart attacks.

There are two types of high blood pressure. One is caused by mental stress and tension and the other one is caused by diseases pertaining to kidney, endocrine system and heart. We must watch and find out whether protein content is released while urinating and there is any problem in the retina. If we consult a doctor, he will prescribe relevant medicines to control the blood pressure. Moreover, it is imperative that the life style should be suitably changed so as to avoid stress and tension. Fat content, excess salt, stress and tension should be substantially reduced.

Apart from medication, we can resort to meditation and yoga therapy which will equally control the high blood pressure. If we are able to address the high blood pressure in the beginning itself by medication, meditation and change of life style, we will be able to keep it at bay.

(This article written in Tamil by R Kavya has been transcreated in English by P.S.Ramamurthy)

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