New therapy for trimming the tummy – Carboxytherapy – real or myth!!

New therapy for trimming the tummy – Carboxytherapy – real or myth!!
New therapy for trimming the tummy – Carboxytherapy – real or myth!!

Recent American research reveals that one need not go for treadmill nor follow strict diet regimen in order to slim the tummy; rather, just an injection would do. However, is it real or unreal? Is it scientifically possible? This topic deals with the practical aspects of this treatment and the side effects.

The researchers in this particular field state that the injection that contains carbon dioxide will remove the accumulated fatty cells from our body thus trimming that specific part like tummy. This research, conducted at Northwestern University has been published in the Journal of American Academy of Dermatology. Though many

researches have already been conducted earlier, no substantial result has been found out.

The research was recently conducted on human beings. This injection was administered on 16 people with BMI from 22 to 29 and monitored on several stages. Ultimately, whey they were examined under ultrasound therapy, it was found out that the fatty size of that part had been reduced in five weeks.

Dermatologist Sharadha opines that carboxytherapy is already used in cosmetic treatment to remove the black rings around the eyes and scars in the skin and now it is reported that it is used to remove the fat from the body.

She explains that an injection with carbon dioxide will be injected into the part where the fat is found to be more. This will increase the available carbon dioxide in that particular part and this compound will greatly reduce the quantity of oxygen available otherwise. Because of this vast reduction of oxygen, these cells will die, resulting in cutting down the flab. But she feels that this has not been clearly explained in reality. She further states that only 16 persons have been tested for this purpose which is insufficient for generalization. Moreover, the remedy is not reported to be permanent as these persons seem to have developed fat in the same area after six months. She further says that there are some side effects also like pain after the injection treatment as reported in the investigation. Hence, she strongly feels that this is not the conclusive proof to state that this will practically reduce the fat in the body and a full-fledged clinical proof is awaited. Only after that, carboxytherapy can be recommended.

The gastroenterologist Dr.Patta Radhakrishnan shares his view that this is rather a shortcut and fancy treatment which attracts youngsters who are lazy and

reluctant to follow physical regimen and strict diet in order to cut down the fat. Moreover, the test has not been conducted on those who are too obese. This may be only used for cosmetic purpose and not for reducing the tummy size. He finally mentions that this kind of small size of target people will not be enough to give a conclusive version.

Dr.Patta Radhakrishnan further states and confirms that currently liposuction treatment is given to people who want to shed excess fat. This surgery is undertaken with the help of ultrasound and a special injection which will be able to take out unnecessary fat content from our body parts like hands, stomach, waist, thigh and chest. Another main advantage of this method is that there will be comparatively less loss of blood during surgery and hence this is a preferred method which is presently used in major hospitals by the doctors.

Hence, carboxytherapy is yet to gain adequate response and recognition even in medical arena.

(This article written by G Lakshmanan in Tamil has been transcreated in English by P S Ramamurthy)