Superiority of lemon peel to lemon juice...10 benefits!

The data provided by the United States Department of Agriculture clearly state that the lemon peel consists of more nutritional benefits like vitamins, minerals, fibres etc. than its juice or essence.

It is observed that lemon peel contains more nutrients than its essence or juice. In fact, lemon and citron are part and parcel of our daily food. Citron is largely used as a pickle along with curd rice. Lemon peel is equally useful and important as a medicine. That is why our previous generation people introduced the practice of making the lemon pickle along with the lemon peel.  Dietician expert Vinitha explains the different healthy benefits that the lemon peel offers.

The data provided by the United States Department of Agriculture clearly state that the lemon peel consists of more nutritional benefits like vitamins, minerals, fibres etc. than its juice or essence.

What does one lemon contain?:-

* The lemon peel contains 134 mg. calcium whereas the juice has only 26 mg.

* The peel contains 160 mg. potassium whereas the juice has 138 mg

* The peel has 129 mg.vitamin C but the juice has only 53 mg.

* Fibre content in peel is 10.6 gm but in the juice it is just 2.8 gm

* Vitamin A is 50 IU in the lemon peel but it is just 22 IU in the juice (IU is an international measurement unit for Vitamins)

* The antioxidants that are available in the peel would improve the general immunity level in the body.

* The peel would strengthen the teeth and bones. Calcium and vitamin C will reinforce the teeth and bones. In 100 gms of peel, on an average 13.4% calcium and 143% of vitamin C required for human body are available. The vitamin C greatly helps the cartilage, muscle fibres and the muscle base, skin and blood vessels in building up proper growth. The calcium in the peel in very helpful in taking care of the blood vessel walls, in the working of muscles and secretion of required hormones for the body.

* The peel will actively eliminate cancer.

Certain types of skin cancer are avoidable if peel-based pickles are used. The oil in the peel contains D-Limonene antioxidant in plenty which will prevent large intestine and breast cancers. The vitamin C available in this will prevent the free radicals that will trigger cancer, heart disease and joint pains.

Further, the flavonoid content in the peel will increase the capacity ofabsorbing vitamin C and the the flavonoid Naringenin will protect the DNA and prevent cancer producing cells. It will also help the affected DNA to improve. Similarly, the oil Counmarin available in the peel will act as an antioxidant and protect the body from diseases that would kill the cells.

* It will prevent undue fluctuation in blood pressure

The calcium and the potassium with magnesium available in the peel will loosen the blood vessel walls and enable proper and regular blood circulation in the body

so that the heart will function without any difficulty. The fibre content, flavonoid hesperidin and carotenoid available in the lemon peel will prevent high blood pressure. The flavonoid will further reduce the LDL - bad cholesterol and enable the heart to function without any problem.

* It will effectively prevent constipation.

The fibre content in the lemon peel will not only prevent constipation but also ulcer and throat irritation caused by acid reflux. Similarly, it will ensure normal and proper weight besides taking care of the impact of diabetes.

* It will protect healthy eye sight.

It is the carotenoid that gets converted into vitamin A in our body. It is responsible for healthy eyes free from eye-related deficiencies in the case of old people.

* Lemon peel juice will heal the wounds; it would also prevent the bacteria from spreading further. It is a boon to the diabetic patients. In fact, citric acid fruits including lemon peels would be ideal for external application in healing the wounds. Since it is only the tissues that heal the wounds these peels are very useful.

* Lemon peel is a natural deodorant

The aromatic effect from the citric fruits is enormous. It will fight against the bacteria. If we dry the lemon peel with the help of hair dryer its aroma will increase. The peel (inside) can be externally applied and smeared over the armpits. We can also soak the peel in water and smear it over the armpits. This water can be saved in a bottle which can be kept in the fridge.

* It will cure pimples in the face.

The astringent in the lemon peel will kill the germs. Similarly, the antimicrobial element in this will prevent pimples in the face. Lemon peel and mint leaves can be pound and mixed for smearing over the face. The oil deposit in the lemon peel will purify the skin while the mint leaves will give the glow to the face.

* It will kill the larvas of some mosquitoes.

The lemon peel can be used as an insecticide also. The juice of lemon and the lemon peel can be spread in the stagnant water in order to kill the larvas

 Dr.Vinitha finally shares that the lemon peel is so important and useful that it should be taken along with our daily food in one form or the other so that its benefit can be fully reaped by us. However, there is a caution against excess consumption in which case it may cause teeth irritation and acidity in the stomach.

Lemon may be a small fruit but its uses are as invaluable as in the case of apple. We must use lemon and lemon peel in our daily diet in order to stay healthy and active.

(Thia article written by Ilavarasan in Tamil has been transcreated in English by P.S.Ramamurthy)

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