Merits of detoxification

Merits of detoxification
Merits of detoxification

The modern food habit has changed the lifestyle of individuals with the adverse effect that the toxic elements continue to stay in our body, resulting in many a disease.

Naturopathy practitioner Dr.Edward Periyanayakam emphatically opines that if the waste products are not cleared from our body after digestion, it will result in many complications like constipation, indigestion etc. However, we can clear the waste products or the toxic elements with the help of what we consume. Particularly, if we ensure that the toxic products do not stay in the blood vessels, it will give total rejuvenation, energy and enthusiasm to our body.

It is essential for us to keep our body healthy and free from any disease whatsoever. Like ‘Face is the index of the mind’, ‘disease-free body is the index of good health’. Much depends on the type of food that we take daily. The modern food habit has changed the lifestyle of individuals with the adverse effect that the toxic elements continue to stay in our body, resulting in many a disease. 

If we take a cup of lukewarm water with honey and half lime crushed juice, it will help us clear our bowels completely. The toxic elements from the blood vessels will disappear. Normally, those who want to shed excess weight will follow this practice. Simultaneously, the bad cholesterol will also go away. However, there is no guarantee that the weight will be reduced drastically.

Similarly, dried ginger can be pounded and the juice can be taken in empty stomach to clear the waste products. Amla fruit, ginger piece and curry leaves can also be mixed and pounded and used with honey in order to clear constipation. Ginger tea is also used for this purpose.  Ginger can be mixed in water and after heating filter it and mix with honey and taken in order that the unwanted elements will be cleared from the liver. Amla juice is readily available in the shops which many people consume. Instead of that, the home-made natural juices are much better than these shop items which will be prepared with preservatives for longer shelf life.

For removal of bad fatty elements from our body, we can take white garlic daily which will improve the immunity level. Garlic is a powerful remedy in removing the toxic products.

Likewise, we can grind three or four carrots with a small piece of ginger and little bit turmeric powder. We can then pour and mix lime juice and grind it in a mixer and filter. Then we can mix it with coconut milk. If we take this once a week, all toxic substances from our body will be removed. The dried ginger will clear the stomach and improve the immunity level. The antioxidants in the turmeric will reduce the cholesterol. The antioxidants in the lime will kill all the toxic materials while the antioxidants in carrot will fight against the toxic substances. 

Similarly, the Terminalia Chebula/Chebulic myrobalan (ink nut/kadukkai) will do wonders. It will not only clear the system but also remove the toxic. If we drink a cup of hot water with 5 gms. inknut powder, it will clear the bowels the next morning without fail.  The tripala powder will also do the same work. The nicotine toxic out of smoking will also be removed by the use of agaththi keerai (a type of spinach) which can be consumed in curry form along with the morning porridge. This can be taken  once a month.

In addition to the above, we can take pineapple, papaya, dried grapes, guava and chikoo fruits in order to clear the toxic substances from our body. These can be taken in the morning itself instead of normal breakfast for easy removal of toxicities from our body. Tender coconut will equally be a useful remedy for the same purpose. It will remove the toxic materials from our bloodstream. According to Dr.Edward, if we regularly take the coconut milk, it will remove the bad fatty substances from our body as well as help us shed the excess weight. Thus detoxification is a universal remedy for many diseases and it can effectively be done with the help of natural vegetables and fruits themselves. 

(This article written by Maria Belsin in Tamil has been transcreated in English by P.S.Ramamurthy)

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