Sour belch – indication of stomach disorder!

Sour belch – indication of stomach disorder!
Sour belch – indication of stomach disorder!

If the condition of sour belch persists, it would be better to have thorough examination of gastric organ for cancer.

Belching is common after a square meal. For some it will be noisy; in fact, then only they would feel having properly digested their food intake. If belching occurs once or twice a day, it is not abnormal and not to be worried. But at the same time, if it is recurrent and smelly as a result of regurgitation, it is to be seriously observed. It will cause throat sore also. The surgeon-cum-gastroenterologist, Dr.Thirunavukarasu explains that the sore belch may be due to gastric disorder and disease also. 

He states that the food that we take every time is the determining factor for a healthy life. We need to take a balanced diet without any hurry or tension and at the appropriate time. Then only we will get proper digestion and energy out of the food that we take. Nowadays, it has become common in the case of majority of people to take their food in utter tension, stress and hurry as one of the daily routines. This is no good at all.

The common reasons for sour belch are consumption of food in a  hurry, frequent consumption of  carbonated drinks, beans, onion, cabbage, cauliflower, banana and old wheat bread etc. Additionally, the sour belch will be experienced by the side effects of sugar patients’ medicines, people who take tonic and other medicines for constipation and antibiotics for pain etc.

 If the sour belch problem persists even after we avoid these causes, we must understand that it is due to GERD (Gastro Esophageal reflux disease) which is the result of regurgitation of the food that gets driven up on the reverse path. This would cause severe soreness in the food pipe and other internal digestive organs.

Still more technically, it is caused by problems in the diaphragm, reduction of tissues in the gastric walls, gastric disorder, cyst or sore in the gastric and small intestine regions, excess growth of bacteria caused by helicobacter pylori – H, pylori etc. If this condition is unchecked, it will certainly result in ulcer and related diseases.  Certain other causes are enzyme problems in the digestive organs. In particular, if the carbohydrates in the food that we take do not get digested properly, and even mental stress  will result in sour belch.

Prevention is better than cure:-

If the condition of sour belch persists, it would be better to have thorough examination of gastric organ for cancer. They must give up very hot items and avoid too hot as well as cold items. Tobacco and alcohol are to be completely given up. In addition, they must take food for half stomach only in the night and go to bed 1 ½ hours after food. 

Timely meals are always good for health. Certain medicines which are responsible for sour belch must be safely avoided. We must basically understand and appreciate that the stomach is a very soft organ but at the same time, it performs arduous job day in and day out. If the stomach is upset, it will have its impact throughout the body and hence it is imperative that we must take due care and caution to protect the well-being of the stomach.

At no point of time, should we neglect sour belch. If this problem is experienced continuously, we must find out the actual reason by means of endoscopy test so that we will be able to locate the problem either in the food pipe or gastric region.

Dr.Thirunavukkarasu stresses on his advice that the condition of sour belch should not be neglected at all. If any unusual feeling is caused, it must be only due to changes in our food course or timing or our daily routines related to our body. Proper and timely examination of the causes will ensure good health always.

Home remedies for sour belch:-

For sour belch and related ailments like burning sensation in the throat, digestive disorder etc.,we can get adequate relief by using dried ginger and curry leaves in our daily food. The dried ginger can be peeled and cut into small pieces. We have to add lime juice for soaking the same with needed Indu salt. This can be again dried in the sunlight and taken raw so that the sour belch will disappear.

Apart from this, we can use adamant creeper paste(pirandai botanicla name ‘Cissus quadrangularis’), neem flower rasam, ginger paste, coriander, pudhina and curry leaves paste along with our regular intake of food in order to get relief from digestive disorder and sour belch. Licorice powder(Athimathuram) , use of betel nut, pudhina juice etc. will also prevent sour belch from troubling us.

As insisted by Dr.Thirunavukkarasu, we should not simply treat sour belch as a problem external to our body. It is essential for us to examine our system at the appropriate time and take due remedial action in order to stay healthy throughout our life.

(This article written by C Vetrivel in Tamil has been reproduced in English by P S Ramamurthy)

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