Diet control can effectively cut down excess flab

Diet control can effectively cut down excess flab
Diet control can effectively cut down excess flab

Diet control can effectively cut down excess flab

There are many factors responsible for obesity. Some of them are large quantity of intake of food, frequent intakes, intake of snacks in-between meals, lack of physical exercise etc. Age is no barrier for obesity. It affects anyone at any age. It has, of late, become a frightening disease among the people.  It is capable of debilitating the entire body system.

Precisely speaking, the changes that occur in the metabolic rate are directly responsible either for the presence or absence of obesity. Metabolic rate simply refers to the physical changes that occur in our body while converting the food that we take into active energy. The rice that we take, takes the form of glucose and similarly, the fruits that we eat, take the form of vitamins. These changes are required to happen at the appropriate level; else, they will remain as fat in our body, thus causing obesity.

Recent researches reveal that obesity causes amnesia and cancer. The cancerous cells will be increasingly produced by the cause of obesity. In particular, the Texas University in United States has found out that nearly about 85,000 people are prone to cancer due to obesity in America.

If obesity is left unchecked, it will result in knee pain, osteoporosis including damage to bones. There is lot of scope for these ailments if excess weight is not cut down. Hence, it is imperative that care for proper weight is taken right from childhood days. It is definitely possible to shed excess weight by means of proper diet and physical exercises. Where there is a will, there is a way!

Naturopathy also provides an answer to control excess body weight. For this to be successful, it is essential to have strict regimen in regard to the food intake as well as practising yoga on a daily basis. In fact, we eat six to seven times a day whether we are hungry or not. The intakes may be solid or liquid substance besides being either fatty or protein-rich.

The following diet schedule indicates what and when to take so that the body weight can be kept under control:-

6.00 AM : A cup of hot water with the mixture of lime juice and honey

8.30 AM : Fruits/Vegetable salad

11.00 AM : Buttermilk/Tender coconut/Vegetable soup

1.00 PM : 2 Nos. chappathies plus vegetables/1 cup rice plus vegetables

4.00 PM : Herbal Tea/Lemon juice with honey

7.00 PM : Fruits

The above schedule  is only a model and will change according to the current weight of the person. The pattern of food intake can be changed according to one’s personal taste. The essence is that we must eat only when we feel hungry so that it will properly get converted into energy, thereby retaining the normal weight.

Walking exercise, eight-shaped walking and yoga can be regularly practised according to our choice. Regularity is essential. We can certainly reduce our weight by 2 kilos per month. Similarly, if we follow the guidelines in regard to food intake also, we will be able to achieve 12 to 16 KG weight reduction in six months. A period of six months is enough for bringing down the excess weight to a normal reading.

In addition to the above, we can follow naturopathy and herbal medicines in order to decrease body weight. These would help us improve our metabolic rating and stimulate our energy level. In particular, oil massage, herbal powder massage, steam bath, banana plantain bath, horse gram or castor oil pack around the belly etc. will be highly useful.

Regular massaging will enable proper muscle growth. The waste elements will disappear through our skin. Additionally, the overall blood circulation will become better. Weekly steam bath will help in rejuvenating us in terms of physical energy. Banana plantain bath will streamline the system and make us more active. Above all, it will improve the metabolic rate over a period of time. These home remedies will prove to be not only economical but also fruitful.

It is natural that when our weight increases, it will give room for more fat deposits around our stomach region. Horse gram or castor oil pack will ensure that the excess weight is cut down gradually. If the diet regimen is complemented with physical exercise including yoga, it will positively help us shed our excess weight and keep ourselves fit all the time.

(This article written in Tamil by Akhil Sharmila has been reproduced in English by P.S.Ramamurthy)

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