Natural Brushes are the best!

Natural Brushes are the best!
Natural Brushes are the best!

Natural Brushes are the best!

Normally, items that are sour will be able to reinforce the gum and teeth besides treating gum inflammation. They will be able to cure the tooth-related problems as well. In every household, there are plenty of brushes and pastes for every individual as per their age group. Different companies compete with each other in advertising their own products by stating one feature or the other. The public is easily influenced by these commercial advertisements like whether your toothpaste has Salt?, This toothpaste will protect you from bacterias for 12 hours etc.  

The present generation would have first-hand information about various kinds of available brushes and pastes for their use. But at the same time, they may not be aware of the traditional and natural brushes and pastes that our previous generation used. They used the stem parts of banyan, babool, jack tree, chaff flower powder, neem tree, wood apple, vitex plant, bayberry, teak, juglam regia seed and Indian biodiesel tree (Pungai tree) for brushing. All these sticks have their own medicinal value.

Neem tree sticks: Though these sticks have bitter and sour taste, it is extremely good for the teeth. The bristles of the stick will secrete saliva which will clean up the whole mouth. This is one of the natural products that guarantees healthy teeth.

Banyan and babool tree stems:-These two sticks are capable of strengthening the teeth. Their function reveals a scientific marvel. The stems of the babul trees can be powdered and used as tooth powder. The country babul tree stems can be used as brush. This will cure gum bleeding and bad odour. There is a proverb in the Siddha medicine that the teeth will get the strength of stones. Another Siddha verse praises the curative value of these stems.

The paste produced from banyan tree is ideal. The milk derived from it can be gargled as a result of which even a shaky tooth will become stiff and usable. Similarly, the stem of the banyan tree can be boiled and used for gargling. Both brushing and gargling will make the teeth permanently strengthened. The root of the chaff flower plant(Nayuruvi in Tamil(Botanical name-Achyranthes Aspera) will make the teeth very attractive.

Water for gargling:- One of the verses of Theriar says that the boiled water out of the mixture of dried ginger,bay Terminalia arjuna, jamun fruit, crown plant root, tanner’s cassia and pirappan kizhangu, crushed in equal measure can be gargled. Even the aged people can follow this in order that their teeth will become as strong as the  teeth of the youngsters.

Tooth Powders:Triphala choornam, gooseberry stem, omam, rock salt, cutch tree, gallnut,cinnamon, clove, cubeb and dried mint can all be mixed to be used as tooth powder. In addition to this, young neem leaves, curry leaf young leaves and tanner’s cassia can also be mixed together and used as tooth powder.
Similarity with science:- From scientific angle, all the above ingredients of natural products have the sour taste and some have the bitter taste. Those with sour taste will strengthen the gum and control the gingivitis. If there are any gum infections or sores, this will cure them. Those with bitter taste are capable of killing the germs. In particular, the neem possesses this potential which is known all over the world.

One need not worry in terms of procuring all these natural products. Nowadays, these are available even in small shot outlets wherein we can buy from them and encourage them in this trade. If it is possible, we can prepare the tooth powder at home also. Of course, this does not mean that those who presently use the artificial and sophisticated brushes should give up and switch over to the natural products permanently.  But at the same time, it will be wise if one uses these natural brushes at least twice or thrice a week. We can ensure good and healthy teeth.

The difference between the natural and artificial brushes is that the natural brushes are of ‘use and throw’ type whereas the latter will be used for a particular period of time. It is essential that the artificial brushes should be cleaned in hot water every day after use. The stems can be used for cleaning the tongue also. While brushing, it will be worthwhile to consciously do the same with concentration. Certain precautions are also required to be observed. One is that the artificial brushes should not be stacked one upon another. Second is that they should not be kept in toilet-cum-bath room where germs are possible to enter. They must be properly cleaned every time after using.

Above all, it is essential to see our teeth in the mirror on a daily basis so that if we find any sore or broken teeth or inflamed gum or partial decay of teeth, we must immediately consult a dentist. To be free from all these tooth ailments, it would certainly be advisable to follow the natural methods. Nature is always available for us in abundance and it does not ration anything to us for our benefit. It is only up to us to avail of the benefits that are freely available for humanity.

(This article written in Tamil by Dr. V Vikramkumar MD(S) has been reproduced in English by P.S.Ramamurthy)

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