10 Ways to prevent cold wave diseases

10 Ways to prevent cold wave diseases
10 Ways to prevent cold wave diseases

Ten tips are simple but essential to take care of our health during cold season. Prevention is always better than cure.

In general, we may struggle to manage the winter season since we are normally accustomed to heat weather only. Siddha medical practitioner Ms.Mallika opines that due to weather change, we may experience breathing problem, fever, dryness of skin etc. During this season, days are shorter and the nights will be longer with more chillness which most of us will find it difficult to face. Dr.Mallika mentions about 10 ways to overcome these problems.

1. Muscle pain or pull:- Immobility is bound to cause muscle pain. Hence it is essential that during winter, we must do some basic exercises like bending, straightening, standing and sitting erect etc. so that we will be up and active. There will be no muscle pain if we keep moving actively.

2Warm food: - Whenever we eat in winter, the food should be warm. If we take our meals during regular intervals and in a warm condition, it will be highly healthy and the resultant energy will be more.

3. Type of food:- We must take such of those food items that are easily digestible. Green vegetables, fibre rich vegetables like beans, drum sticks etc. can be taken more during winter. It is better to avoid non-vegetarian food items as they are hard to digest.

4. Tea: - Tea can preferably be made with ginger, duly skin-removed, mint, cardamom and country jaggary in powder form and drunk. This can be taken in hot water also.

5. Dry skin:- In order to protect our skin, it would be ideal to massage our body with either coconut oil or olive oil before taking bath. We can also smear the paste of aloe vera on our body so that it will be smooth. People who have an allergy can use aloe vera cream.

6. Bath in hot water:- It is better to take hot water bath during the cold season. However, too much of hot water would cause dryness in skin. Hence, warm water can be used for bath.

7. Water:- It is natural that we would not feel very thirsty during the cold season. At the same time, we should not avoid drinking water totally, for it would cause other problems as a result of dehydration. Therefore, it is necessary for us to drink 3 to 4 litres of water without fail.

8. Cloth selection:- During the peak of the cold season, we must wear wool clothing so that it would give us necessary warmth to our body and protect us from shivering. It is also essential for us to keep our limbs, nose and ears duly covered.

9. Dandruff problem:- The occurrence of dandruff problem on our head during the cold season is but common. This is also caused by dryness of hair like that of skin. The natural remedy is to use white pepper. The white pepper can be soaked in coconut oil for some time and dried in hot weather. This can further be used for applying on our head which will remove dandruff and moisture.

10. Tablets:- As a safety aspect, it is but necessary for us, especially those who are prone to asthma, to keep tablets to protect us from asthma, breathing difficulty etc. as per doctor’s advice.

The above ten tips are simple but essential to take care of our health during the cold season. Prevention is always better than cure.

(This article written in Tamil by Divya Muthukumaran has been reproduced in English by P.S.Ramamurthy)

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