Culinary Art Therapy for Depression

Culinary Art Therapy for Depression
Culinary Art Therapy for Depression

Culinary Art Therapy for Depression

Normally, when we think of various treatments for different diseases, we are immediately reminded of only the oral prescriptions covering pills and potions or surgery thereunder because all these issues are related to our body. However, since recent times, we come across more incidences of mental related issues such as depression, stress etc. for which psychological treatments are being advocated among which ‘occupational therapy’ plays a vital part.

Certain tasks or hobbies will be close to one’s heart. If these persons are enabled to do the same in the most desirable and perfect manner, it will help them come

out of their mental issues gradually and this is called ‘occupational therapy’. The activities may range from playing to cooking. If a person is made to indulge especially in cooking more and more, it will cause them a good deal of improvement over a period of time and this is called ‘culinary art therapy’.

Occupational Therapist Gracy, an advocate of culinary art therapy says that cooking is not only an interesting hobby but also is a source of culinary art therapy which can bring adequate relief to mentally-affected persons.

A patient should initially approach a psychiatrist and based on his/her recommendation, should consult the occupational therapist subject to his/her special interest in a particular activity or hobby. The psychiatrist will find out which particular activity the patient is mostly interested, which gives the patient increased satisfaction, with whom the patient wants to do that particular activity and what was responsible for the patient to get that problem etc. Based on these factors only, the physiatrist will direct the patient to the relevant occupational therapist for further treatment. Some people may be more interested in art and painting and some may be in cooking. Culinary therapy will be recommended for these patients who are found to be more interested in cooking.

Advantages of culinary art therapy:-

It will control stress and mental depression
It will be a good solution to those whose conduct becomes different due to depression
It will give proper awareness of food and its nutritional value
It will help one to understand the importance of time concept and set right the mind deviation
Self-confidence will be improved

Since all the five senses are required to be active while cooking, it will ensure that the brain works to the full extent
Time is of the essence in cooking. When it comes as a therapy, enough attention needs to be paid. Hence certain useful tips on cooking will also be offered with due appreciation as and when required

Depression is mainly caused to a person as a result of continued failures and disappointments in life.  When they feel that they can do something useful and appreciable, they will start coming out of their depressed mood. The main duty of the therapist is to keep on monitoring the progress of the patient and he will guide the patient carefully and consistently with critical comments from time to time.
Administration of culinary art therapy will help the patient to achieve focus and concentration in cooking, in particular. On the whole, this will be highly useful to those who want to come out successful from the state of disappointment and frustration.
 Gracy finally concludes that whatever we do that we like most and to whomsoever, we do that we intend, is not only an art but a therapy. Hence, such involvements will naturally fetch most benefits in multifarious ways.

(This article written in Tamil has been reproduced in English by P.S.Ramamurthy)

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