Pain in bone... Don’t ignore Osteoblastoma could be the reason!

Pain in bone... Don’t ignore Osteoblastoma could be the reason!
Pain in bone... Don’t ignore Osteoblastoma could be the reason!

Pain in bone... Don’t ignore Osteoblastoma could be the reason!

Osteoblastoma is a bone-related disease. The chief indications are a) experiencing pain in the bone during night and b) it will respond to pain killer tablets. Precisely, it refers to a tumour, developed in the bone region. The pain will be constant – even while walking or sitting. Dr.Arun Kannan, Orthopaedic surgeon confirms that if it is neglected, it will result in cancer.

The doctor briefly explains the reasons and curative measures for this problem in this article. Sometimes, a tumour may develop either in the spine or arms or legs or foot region and start giving pain. The tumour is again of two types – a) benign tumour which is not cancerous in nature and b) malignant tumour that has become cancerous in nature. Osteoblastoma is a kind that comes under the classification of ‘benign tumour’. This will normally affect persons in the age group of 10 to 30 years. In particular, it will affect the male persons. If the size of the tumour is within 2 cm, it is known as Osteoidostoma and if it is more than 2 cm, it is known as Osteoblastoma. The main reasons for creation of this osteoblastoma tumour are genetic and gene modification.

Externally, there will be no indications since the tumour is inside the bone. The primary indication is pain only. The pain experienced during sleeping stage will be excruciating. Pain killers will give some relief which will be temporary only. Hence, if the pain persists, we have to go for x-ray and if it is not satisfactory, we must undergo CT Scan or MRI Scan which will confirm the presence of osteoblastoma. This can also be found out through bone test. Biopsy will be essential.

If the size of the tumour is more than 2 cm, the doctor will inject under the guidance of x-ray and take out a bit for further investigation and this is known as biopsy test. With the help of this biopsy test, we can confirm what type of tumour it is. In case it is confirmed that the tumour inside the bone is osteoblastoma, surgical intervention for removal and cure is essential.

Surgical Intervention:-

During the surgery procedure, the bone part where the tumour is present will be exposed. On top of this, a window-like hole will be drilled in order to remove the tumour. An instrument called ‘high speed burr’ will be used for this purpose. Along with this another instrument called ‘cryotherapy’ will also be used to ensure that the entire tumour is removed from the spot. Thus with this surgical intervention, 90% of the osteoblastoma will be cured. Otherwise, this is not caused either by injury or by the process of running.

Likewise, the Osteoidostoma tumour can be treated without surgery. With the help of CT scan, an instrument called ‘Radio frequency probes’ will be fixed on the place of the identified benign tumour and ‘radio frequency therapy’ will be administered. Dr.Arun Kannan declares that in this process of giving heat therapy up to 1 cm length tumour, the osteoidostoma can be effectively done away with.

(This article written by Graphiyen black in Tamil has been transcreated in English by P.S.Ramamurthy)

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