Yoga-Remedy for Thyroid

 Yoga-Remedy for Thyroid
 Yoga-Remedy for Thyroid

What is thyroid? Thyroid refers to lack of iodine that causes malfunction of endocrine glands in the neck region resulting in inflammation. Statistics reveals that 3% of world population suffers from thyroid problem

What is thyroid? Thyroid refers to lack of iodine that causes malfunction of endocrine glands in the neck region resulting in inflammation. Statistics reveals that 3% of world population suffers from thyroid problem. The main reason behind this is the fast-changing life style and the food habit among the people. Gynaecologist Dr.Tamizhselvi clarifies that it will not only occur to women but to both the genders. However, it is found to affect the women more than the men. She further says that it is of two types – a) Hyper thyroidism and b) Hypo thyroidism.

For those who suffer from hyper thyroidism, the gland will secrete more hormones. Though they will be lean and slim, their hunger and intake of food will be considerably more. Their heartbeat will be on the increase. Men will develop breast formation, loosening of muscles and nervousness of arms and limbs. Similarly, for the women, it will cause improper menstruation period, too much of sweating and stomach disorder. While it will further cause heart disease, bone damage, vision problem, they will not be able to withstand heat.

Hypo thyroid refers to insufficient secretion of hormones by thyroid gland. It will cause obesity, heart ailment and side effects caused by the drugs taken for controlling epilepsy and cancer.

This may also occur to a pregnant woman during the gestation period when it fails to control the hypothalamus thyroid in the brain. They cannot bear the cold also. Besides these, they will have skin dryness, frequent cold and inability to control their senses.

It is observed that the main reason for the thyroid is the food habit. Mainly, the refrigerated food items and the preservatives only cause disturbance and damage to thyroid. This results in lack of nutrition in their intake. In the case of women, it leads to missing of their periods, miscarriage and cyst in the uterus etc.

The doctor narrates a case as under:-

A woman aged 20 approached the doctor for treatment of thyroid. She had missed her monthly period three months ago and thereafter she did not get her period. Her weight was around 70 kg. The doctor says that nowadays our girls are working, practically sitting glued to the chair for hours together. Because they give more work for their brain only in the same position, they fall an easy prey to this problem.

The doctor treated that patient for hypo thyroid for which she had given some medicines. In addition to that, she advised her to do yoga exercise and surprisingly, her weight had come down by 20 kg in a year. The doctor also confirms that the patient’s breathlessness, excess sweating and pulse rate have now improved.

Yoga therapy is equally important and valuable in treating the thyroid issue. The yoga Dr.Y.Deepa elaborates on the different asanas which will cure thyroid over a period of time. Asanas like mathsyasanam, uthanapadasanam and sarvangasanam will be helpful in this regard. These asanas will also help us in improving the functions of the pituitary gland.

Another asana – vibareethakarani will set right the blood circulation in the neck region. This will be instrumental in making the thyroid gland work more efficiently. Similarly, the halasanam will help the pituitary gland, situated at the back of our head, function smoothly. Along with these, both the thyroid and para thyroid glands will secrete better. On the whole, all the hormones secreted by different glands will work in perfect rhythm.

People suffering from thyroid should not eat cabbage and cauliflower vegetables. Instead of these vegetables, they can include coconut, white garlic, onion, spinach and red rice in their diet. In addition to this, if they take dried ginger and turmeric, it will give a good deal of protection to the thyroid.

As advised by the doctor, if early detection of the presence of thyroid is done, it will be possible to cure it with appropriate drugs and yoga exercise over a period of time. Of course, life style and food habit play an equally important role in preventing this problem.

(This article written by Priya Raja in Tamil has been translated in English by P.S.Ramamurthy)

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