Methods to prevent dehydration in summer

Methods to prevent dehydration in summer
Methods to prevent dehydration in summer

Dehydration is one of the common problems faced by us during the summer season. This dryness is caused by extreme heat. Another reason is that hardly do we take any preventive step to avoid dehydration in particular. During summer, we would require more water in order to compensate the loss of water content which is due to excess sweating. Yoga specialist J.M.Jenifer Diana explains about the various preventive measures to avoid dehydration in the foregoing analysis.

Though dehydration is common to all, it affects especially the old people and the children and hence they need to be extra cautious. It is better that they wear either white cotton dress or light coloured wears. Special summer wears are available in the shops for the children. That is why, our elders used to wear white dresses made of cotton during summer. Apart from clean and neat outlook, it would be helpful to avoid direct heat in summer.

Similarly, during summer, our body would need more of electrolytes like sodium, potassium etc. Tender coconut is rich in these electrolytes. Moreover, tender coconuts are pure next only to the mother’s breast milk. Preferably, tender coconuts should be taken after 10 am instead of in the early morning. This will help us overcome dehydration.

Summer heat will affect the children who lack adequate immunity level. Children and old people must be careful against prickly heat, measles and Madras-eye problems. In addition to that, lice will also start appearing in the heat climate. We must be doubly careful against these problems.

It is observed that water melon contains 92% water content and hence it will be good to consume during summer. In general, people will prefer to visit malls and eat junk and fast foods instead of which they can take water melon, cucumber, grapes and their seeds. They will give more nutrients besides the water content. The seeds of water melon can be soaked and then eaten. This will cure kidney related problems. However, it must be ensured that they are consumed from a clean environment devoid of pollution.

Similarly, tomato will reduce the heat and hence can be taken as juice in summer. Tomato is a natural sunscreen which will protect our skin also. Lemon juice will purify our kidney. Sharbath or juce, nannari sharbath and palm fruit are all capable of reducing the heat in summer and they will help us retain the level of electrolytes.

Tender cucumber contains 90% water content. Papaya, orange, sweet lemon and lemon juices are also equally good to take. Cumin and nutmeg will also reduce the heat. Instead of curd, we can take butter milk. Kurkumin in turmeric will act against infection. Mint (Pudhina) and coriander juice will also prevent dehydration besides taking care of proper digestion.

As advised by Jeniffer, these are all simple suggestions which will effectively prevent dehydration problem in summer.

(This article written in Tamil by M Maria Belsin has been reproduced in English by P.S.Ramamurthy)