Lying Postures - cause for back pain!

Lying Postures - cause for back pain!
Lying Postures - cause for back pain!

The first conversation among the office colleagues is the unavoidable back pain that they experience despite their good sleep in the night. Each one concurs the same view before they start their day’s routines.

Physiotherapist Ramesh Khanna clarifies that this kind of back pain is due to the fact that we do not sleep on the right surface nor keep the pillow on the correct

side while sleeping (manner of keeping).

He further explains the correct postures that we should follow and the use of bed and pillow to take care of the pain.

If we have pain in the shoulder, neck region and top portion of the back:-

We must lie on the side or follow supine lying so that the pain in the neck region and top portion of the back will get reduced. When we lie in this manner, the pressure to the spine will be less and the neck will be kept in a relaxed position with less pain. A circular pillow between the neck and the head will get us good results.

If we have pain at the bottom of our back:-  

We must lie on one side so that the pain at the bottom portion of the waist will be reduced. People who are more accustomed to lie straight only, may keep a pillow below their knees and this will be better than the straight position. However, lying aside is always better. People who are in the habit of lying with chest down should necessarily change their posture; else, it will lead to more pain in the neck area.

If we have pain at the centre of the back:-

Normally, if we bend our body while sitting in a chair or lean right or left side while sitting or bend down while we walk, we will get pain at the centre of our back. The simple remedy for this is to lie down either straight or turning one side. However, the permanent solution is to change our sitting posture. We must always sit erect or lean slightly backwards. In addition to this, proper massage, foam rolling, arms stretching and exercises meant for back etc. can greatly reduce the back pain and will help us have good sleep.

How to use the pillows?

For those who lie on side:- First of all, one should lie on side; secondly, both the legs should be brought up facing the chest and the pillow can be kept between the legs. One more pillow can also be kept close to one’s chest for a good sleep.

For those who lie straight:- The pillow can be kept beneath the knees. This will reduce the pressure on the joints and the back.

For those who lie with their chest down:- Those who have back pain should never lie with their chest down in order to reduce the pressure to the back side. Until they change their position, these people should keep a pillow from their belly to the bottom of their waist. Never should they keep a pillow between their head and neck while sleeping.


We must use firm mattresses only

We must use pillows that have the right shape and height

While getting up from bed, we must be careful because it will result in muscular catch

We must change the mattresses and pillows periodically so as to maintain the firmness constantly

Most important point to note is that we should not neglect back pain if it persists for a long time. We must immediately consult the doctor since it may be due to heart ailment, cancer, lack of bone density, neurological issue or bacterial infection and inadequate blood in the body.

Prevention is always better than cure. However, if it persists despite all preventive measures, we should approach the specialist for timely consultation.

(This article written by R Senthil Kumar has been reproduced in English by P.S.Ramamurthy)