10 Symptoms not to be neglected – Health Alert!

10 Symptoms not to be neglected – Health Alert!
10 Symptoms not to be neglected – Health Alert!

Many a times, we do neglect the symptoms of possible diseases that might attack and over a period of time, they would become incurable. For instance, some might suffer from frequent headache and they would simply apply some balm or take a tablet and continue their routines; some may be affected with cold and cough under all seasons and would again be content with some temporary medication; some may get some regular pain in their chest and they would think that is due to gastric problem and go for some home remedies or medicines over the counter to overcome the same. However, this practice needs to be given up because any disease, for that matter, would not attack us without previous warning or symptom. If we are able to arrest the symptoms or respond immediately, we may certainly be able to avoid major diseases in life.

Dr.Sundarraman highlights the importance of symptoms that should never be neglected under any circumstances.

Pressure or constriction in the chest part or unbearable and continuous pain should be immediately looked into. This may be due to heart related problem and hence one should approach a qualified doctor at once.

Undue and faster inhalation or increase in palpitation and wheezing are dangerous. These are lungs and heart related ailments and hence one should consult a medical practitioner without delay.

* Sudden and unbearable headache with the impact on eye region and pain in the back of the eye should be considered serious. If the vision is also slightly or seriously affected, one should not hesitate to consult a doctor immediately. Unbearable headache may also be related to problems in brain and immediate consultation with specialist doctor is advised.

* A sudden weight loss in a particular period warrants immediate attention. It may be a sure symptom of diabetes or problem in the endocrine gland or cancer. A careful treatment is a ‘must’.

* Any loss of blood through any of the nine holes in our body is to be attended to instantly. Blood oozing in vomiting, while spitting or through  ears  should not be brushed aside, for, they may lead to pneumonia, cancer, TB etc.

* Similarly, appearance of tumour in any part of the body is also equally a dangerous trend. They may be symptoms of cancer attacking the person. To rule out the malignancy, one should consult the concerned doctor in this regard.

* Some people may have pain in their lower part of the stomach frequently and they may think and treat it as a cause of indigestion. It may be ulcer, intestinal ailment, block and twist in the intestine etc.. This pain should never be neglected.

* If a person has throat ulcer for more than two weeks, it is necessary to consult the doctor without further delay.

* If a person has vomiting, lose motion and high temperature and that too, for more than two days with total exhaustion, he must immediately contact the doctor.

* Short sight and long sight problems in the eyes are common. But at the same time, if one experiences a feeling of flash in his eyes or reddishness in the eyes, dual vision, pain inside the eyes etc., he should not postpone his visit to an ophthalmologist.

The above-mentioned ten symptoms need to be taken care of with necessary and immediate follow-up so that we do not face any major disease under normal circumstances.

(This article written in Tamil by J Nivetha has been reproduced in English by  P.S.Ramamurthy)