What could be the best fruits and vegetables to maintain proper health?

What could be the best fruits and vegetables to maintain proper health?
What could be the best fruits and vegetables to maintain proper health?

What could be the best fruits and vegetables to maintain proper health?

There is increased concern about good health at present. People tend to go in search of food items that assure good health. There could be a question naturally arising out of this search. What could be the best between fruits and vegetables? Besides there is a common notion that vegetables have more nutrients than fruits. But truly each fruit and vegetable has its own unique composition of nutrients. Depending on the way they are consumed the availability of the nutrients to the body and amount of the nutrients being absorbed could vary. For example, in a particular diet regimen there will be instruction to have only fruits. In another diet regimen there will be instruction to have both fruits and vegetables. Details regarding what kind of nutrients are available in fruits and vegetables, what could be the best, what method of consumption is suitable to prevent loss of nutrients are described by Ms Karpagam, Dietician.

For a healthy food habit both fruits and vegetables are essential. The quantity of their consumption determines the nature of their benefits.
Fruits generally taste sweet and sour
Each vegetable has a unique taste like, sweet, sour, bitter, spicy and salty

Fruits are rich in fibers, glucose, vitamins, minerals, and water content and low in fat and calorie. Mostly there is no bad fat.
Vegetables generally have considerably fat and calories. There are vegetables that are rich in fibers. Vegetables grown below soil surfsce  are rich in minerals and sweetish. 

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Method of consuming
Apple, orange, pomegranate, papaya can be consumed as such. Melon, kiwi, strawberry can be consumed as juice.
Vegetables like carrot can be consumed raw. Some vegetables like brinjal can be boiled. But better to avoid frying.

Melon, wood apple, grapes, orange and plums are rich in water content, having more than 80%. We can get adequate water by consuming these fruits. Grapes, banana and cherry can have direct influence on our brain as they contain beneficial nutrients. Only in fruits many kinds of phytochemicals that are good in protecting our bodily tissues are available. In order to gain total benefit of a particular fruit, it should be consumed at least for a month continuously. You can drink fruit juice 30 minutes before having food. This will facilitate the nutrients to reach the blood stream easily. The fruits or juice of apple, papaya, guava, melon consumed with empty stomach provides relief from body heat and also prevents us from digestive disorders, high blood pressure, heart diseases, memory loss and cancers. Further, avocado and oranges have the potential to relive us from stress related problems. Fruits and their juices have the potential to help us begin a day afresh. That too, drinking particular kind of fruit juice daily will facilitate proper metabolism and rejuvenate cells. The toxins in the body will be removed keeping the body healthy.

Include vegetables in every day food. Water content  vegetables like radish, carrot, cucumber and cabbage, if consumed raw will help absorb all minerals from the vegetables, keeping them available to our body. Avocado, carrot and beet root, if consumed raw will facilitate increase in blood cells, purification of blood, will control high blood pressure, and will prevent from kidney problems. Those who suffer from malnutrition and who are vulnerable to diseases can maintain their health well. When tomato, chilies, cabbage, cauliflower and onion are boiled they tend to lose their nutrients. Further, some may have health issues from consuming vegetables and tubers grown below the soil. 

In regard to maintaining good health, liquid diets are more beneficial than solid diets. More than vegetables, the water content in fruits help in improving one’s health.

(This article written in Tamil by C.Mohanapriya has been reproduced in English by  V Amalan Stanley)