Kadukkai (Yellow myrobalan) provides youthfulness, cures consummation defects and reduces weight

Kadukkai (Yellow myrobalan) provides youthfulness, cures consummation defects and reduces weight

Kadukkai (Yellow myrobalan) provides youthfulness, cures consummation defects and reduces weight

Kadukkai (Yellow myrobalan) provides youthfulness, cures consummation defects and reduces weight

Kadukkai (Yellow myrobalan) provides youthfulness, cures consummation defects and reduces weight

Kadukkai (Yellow myrobalan) provides youthfulness, cures consummation defects and reduces weight

Ginger in the morning, chukku (dry ginger) in the afternoon and kadukkai (Myrobalan) in the evening, consumed for a mandalam (48 days) will make a crouched old man to throw away the stick and walk elated’ thus mentioned the Siddhas. There are other proverbs commonly used in praise of kadukkai like ‘Consume kadukkai and live dandily’, ‘one kadukkai for an infertile cow’ and ‘Seven kadukkai for a young gestating woman’.

‘One should follow more than 60 types of kayakalpam methods to keep the body immortal. Particularly, (Terminalia chebula) has the capacity to keep our body, mind and soul immaculate’. Thus describes Thirumoolar about Kadukkai and he termed it a panacea. He compares it with the magic potion, a kind of cure-all that curdled out when the milky ocean was stirred by Devas.

Kadukkai means more than a mother

It gets rid of sickness and strengthens the body in a motherly way

It enhances the taste and gladly facilitates good health

Thus proclaims another ancient medicinal compendium about kadukkai.

As referred at the beginning of this article about a proverb on kadukkai, consuming dry ginger juice in the morning, chukku drink in the afternoon and seed removed kadukkai boiled in water in the night does wonder to our body. It removes accumulated toxins from our body. It cures constipation and removes phlegm. What the proverb means that if we follow that regimen even elderly can feel youthful. Among those mentioned the role of kadukkai is supreme.

As proclaimed by the Siddhas, Kalpams strengthen our body and extends our life span. There are about 108 kalpams and consuming them will help get rid of diseases and also protect our body from diseases in future. It rejuvenates our body cells, provides vigor to it and facilitates youthfulness. Those kalpams mentioned in the proverb, ginger, chukku and kadukkai if consumed regularly for 48 days will control diabetes and heart related diseases and the toxins in the body will be removed.

Kalpams prepared from using ginger, chukku and kadukkai will strengthens intimacy of couples, leading to fertility vigor. It’s alleged that sitting in a particular place for long hours, for example, using computers leads to infertility among men. Those three kalpams work wonders with those men who are being affected. This wonder drug helps in rejuvenating germinal cells in males and female reproductive systems, leading to fertility. There is a possibility of getting pregnant within a few months after consuming ginger juice with empty stomach in the morning, dry ginger juice in the afternoon and kadukkai in the night for 48 days. During these 48 days, an intending couple can come closer only during the ovulation period. Besides, it is better to avoid fast food items and include nutritive items like millets, ragi, onion, flowers of drumstick, in their diet.

Ginger kalpam

Half a kg of ginger and quarter liter of pure honey are needed to prepare Ginger kalpam. Wash the ginger thoroughly, more its skin, cut it into small pieces and then grind it into paste. Extract out the juice from the paste and keep the juice in a container, allowing it to settle down. After an hour, filter out the clear supernatant and remove the white sediment in the container which is toxic.

To the clear supernatant juice of ginger, immerse a hot red iron rod for a minute. Once again filter the clear juice of ginger and add honey to it. Keep the entire juice in a glass bottle and keep it in the refrigerator. This is what toxin removed pure ginger kalpam is. Take two spoons of it and mix it with 100 ml of water and drink it early morning. Since it is kept in the fridge take out the required portion every day to thaw before being consumed.

Ginger kalpam harmonizes bile secretion. It cures indigestion, stomach problems and giddiness. It prevents from cancer and controls heart attack and other related diseases.

Chukku kalpam

Quarter kg of chukku and 25 grams of calcium and one liter of water are required to prepare chukku kalpam. Dissolve calcium in water and soak chukku in it for an hour. Then allow it to dry under the sun. Remove the calcium deposited on the chukku and then cut it into small pieces, grind it into powder using a mixer, finally containing it into a bottle. This is what chukku kalpam is. After having lunch, take half a teaspoon of the powder, mix it with lukewarm water and drink it. If required it can be consumed with sugar or jaggary.

It harmonizes glands. It cures gastric problems and also gets rid of paralysis.

Kadukkai kalpam

Half a kg of kadukkai, (yellow in color, thus yellow myrobalan) and half a liter of cow milk are required. Add kadukkai to the milk and allow it to boil for fifteen minutes over a stove. After allowing it to cool down, take out the kaddukkai and dry it under the sun. After drying it for three days, grind it along with its seed, using a mixer. Store the powder in a bottle. Though its seeds are toxic, they are detoxified and converted to kalpam due to boiling it with milk. Take a teaspoon of the powder, mix it in lukewarm water and drink it after dinner. Unlike other kalpams, kadukkai kalpam can be consumer for many years.

Kadukkai lehyam

You would have heard of kadukkai lehyam or paste. Some may refer to it mockingly. But in a true sense, even grey hairs can turn out to be dark due to consumption of the lehyam. It’s history that in olden days, buildings were constructed using kadukkai in order to strengthen the buildings. Reference to kadukkai could be found in ancient literature of Siddha medicine, about 4000 years old. Kadukkai should be used after removing its seeds.

There are many varieties of kadukkai. Young kadukkai can soften constipation. It adds beauty to our body, making it shine. Red variety can cure tuberculosis and strengthens lean body, adding beauty to it. Stripped kadukkai gets rid of many diseases and increases sperm production.

Before getting to bed in the night, take 5 gram of kadukkai powder, mix it in lukewarm water and drink it. Consuming ginger, chukku and kadukkai for a mandalam of 48 days will cure indigestion and constipation.

To the kadukkai powder add a pint of cumin and boil it together thoroughly using a mud pot. Then filter it, add honey to it and drink it twice daily to reduce body weight.

To three skins of kadukkai, add required amount of ginger, chilly, tamarind, and urad dhal (ulundu) and, add ghee to it. Fry it gently and add a pint of salt to it. Grind it together as a paste. It can be mixed with rice and consumed. It enhances digestion and cures constipation and also strengthens body.

Therefore kadukkai has the ability to cure many diseases, getting rid of body weakness too. It also gets rid of sperm defects, keeping the body youthful.

Generally, all functional aspects of our body will remain perfect if there is no problem of constipation. The relationship between couples in family life will be happier if there is no consummation defects in them. Kadukkai serves a wonder drug in curing those defects successfully.

(This article written in Tamil by M Maria Belsin has been reproduced in English by V Amalan Stanley)