Faster wound healing – an important finding of the medical world!

Faster wound healing – an important finding of the medical world!
Faster wound healing – an important finding of the medical world!

It is possible to have our wounds in the body can expeditiously be healed.

Scientists have authentically informed that it is possible to have our wounds in the body can expeditiously be healed. Can you imagine what would be the method to heal our wounds? It’s nothing but our saliva. Yes, it is our own saliva that is going to be wound healing medicine in the future.

Saliva treatment

It might require a few days for an injury in our finger to get healed naturally. But if it happens within our mouth, in a day or even within overnight we would have witnessed that it has got healed. Though there have been many factors behind that process of healing, a  2017 research on it provided an interesting answer. The finding is that there is an active ingredient in saliva that facilitates generation of new cells to grow. Through this research it’s not only in the mouth but wound in any part of the body can be healed by this finding. 

The saliva that helps in swallowing of food and also playing a key role in digesting the food is secreted collectively by three endocrine glands, parotid, submandibular and sublingual glands. The secretion of these glands keep our mouth moist, and at the same time having power in killing microorganisms and germs. It contains various enzymes and about 1 to 1.5 liters is secreted in a day.

Scientists world over know that the saliva contains Histatin-1, a peptide molecule that works against bacteria and also helps healing of wounds. In 2017, the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) had released a research publication where the Chile scientists revealed that the peptide molecule present in the saliva can heal wounds. The Histatin-1 found in the saliva was tested on chick embryo cells as well as on human blood vessel cells.

Generally, there are many processes and steps of healing in the body. At the beginning, skins cells will grow at the fringes of an injury. Then it will gradually spread from the periphery to the centre covering it fully. The active cells called fibroblast cells help generating collagen that provides new skin, a peptide material called elastin and other supportive peptide materials of healing. That will be followed by generation of new blood vessels that help in supplying blood flow to the injured part to get healed.

The peptide molecule Histatin-1 has been found to be facilitating all the above wound healing process. It not only generates new skin cells and spreads over the wound; it does an important healing process of generating new blood vessels too through cell adhesion.

Helps in improved treatment

Those who tend to suck any wound on the fingers and also those who used to apply saliva on any wound would surely appreciate the traditional knowledge system found in Sangam literature and scriptures that taught us for generations that saliva can be used to heal wound and some might try some memes too boasting about the brilliance of our ancestors. They can patiently listen to the new findings that provide us some useful tips further on the subject. “Though this practice has been followed for generations this habit is not healthy by itself. That is because our mouth cavity is filled with germs and microorganisms. It is found that there are about 650 bacterial species found in the oral cavity. Therefore, instead of directly applying saliva on the wounds, one can follow other standard methods such as cleaning the wound with sterile water and covering the wound using bandage or gauze pad”.

Based on the results of research on Histatin-1, the Chile scientists have shared their confidence to develop a wound healing drugs using the same peptide molecule. Further, the Chief Editor, Thoru Pederson, FASEB Journal, has stated that “accurate data from the current findings would surely open new doors of advanced treatment in the future”. 

Whatever it is, it is a new finding of wound healing from the biotechnological innovation. If wounds can be healed faster, we would also remain ready to gain more injuries proving our valor and courage!

(This article written in Tamil by V Jayasubramanian has been reproduced in English by V Amalan Stanley)

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