Multi - Benefits of Agathi Keerai

Agathi Keerai, an omnipotent spinach, is capable of curing not only physiological but also psychological problems of human beings

Multi - Benefits of Agathi Keerai
Multi - Benefits of Agathi Keerai

Agathi Keerai, an omnipotent spinach, is capable of curing not only physiological but also psychological problems of human beings.
Its botanical name is Sesbania grandiflra having precisely 63 curative benefits as per Siddha school of medicine. Mainly, this reduces body heat, heals the wounds and is a sure remedy for mental depression and other illnesses. 

Protein:  8.4%
Fat:       1.4%
Additionally, it has iron, Vitamin-A, and Vitamin - C also. 

The term ‘Agathi’ refers to ‘fire inside’, i.e. it will ignite the fire inside all organs and equalize the blood circulation throughout the body. It is a cleansing agent also.
Normally, this Agathi Keerai plant is used for proper rearing of betel leaves creeper and pepper creepers. There are different kinds of agathi spinach such as Sazhai agathi, Sitragathi, Seemai agathi and Pei agathi and all belong to the agathi family only. However, there are two specific kinds based on the color of flowers that spring from agathi. One is in white color and the other is in the red color known as sevvagathi. The leaves, flowers, roots and outer cover are widely used for medicinal purposes.

Uses of the Spinach:

* Agathi spinach will facilitate easy digestion

* Will cure acidity related problems

* Will reduce body heat and eyes will be cooled

* Urination and stools elimination will be proper

* Stomach ulcer will be cured

* Mental depression and stress will be cured

* The soup made of agathi spinach, small onion, pepper and cumin will heal stomach ulcer easily

* Foot sore and other wounds will be cured by the essence of this spinach

* With another process of this agathi spinach, i.e. the leaf of this spinach needs to be heated in coconut oil and the essence must be smeared on the spots of the skin where leuச்oderma has affected a person. In due course, these spots will vanish

Similarly, if the essence of this spinach is processed through sea conch and the same is applied on warts, warts will simply drop after some time

Use of Agathi Flowers:-
* The flowers can be used as edible fries. This will cure giddiness, eye-sore, yellowish urination etc. 

* It is a boon to the smokers who want to give up smoking. The toxic element will be cleared through stools. 

* A good combination of agathi spinach flower with pepper, cumin, garlic and onion in cooked form will take care of heart palpitation, inflammation, kidney related diseases including cancer 

* 50 gms Agathi stem should be pounded and mixed in 8 tumblers of water to be heated to become just one tumbler. This should be filtered and two ounces of the extracted juice should be taken to cure measles. This will also help a person to detoxify if any poison has been consumed by him. Apart from this, this will remove the pain and irritation in the private parts of both the genders

* This is the best home remedy for subsiding body heat. As custom would demand, most of the people would keep themselves awake during the entire night of Vaikunda Ekadasi as a result of which the body temperature will become more heated the next day. Agathi spinach Kuzhambu will immediately cure this problem and also bring the blood pressure to a balance. 

Similarly, the mourners would observe near fasting for long hours after the death of their beloved ones under certain circumstances. This unpleasant and depressing episode would intensify body heat and also the blood pressure.  This condition will also be set right if agathi keerai sambar is taken the next day

As the Agathi keerai is capable of producing negative results also, one must be careful. For instance, when Siddha medicine is being taken, the agathi keerai should be avoided lest it should nullify the effect of the Siddha medicine on the body. Alternatively, this will cause skin disorder with the itching sensation. Likewise, agathi keerai and chicken will not go together; so also one should refrain from taking agathi keerai if he has already taken the alcoholic drink; else it would create cardiac related issues.

To conclude, Agathi spinach is the most efficacious home remedy to be taken with a pinch of salt for all practical purposes.
(This article written in Tamil by Maria Belsin has been reproduced in English by P S Ramamurthy)