Wonderful benefits of plums - Improve vision and prevent cancer

Benefits of Plums - Prevent Cancer
Benefits of Plums - Prevent Cancer

Plums are one of the primary fruits among the red colored fruits like apple, red banana, pomegranate, jujubes and cherries

Plums are one of the primary fruits among the red colored fruits like apple, red banana, pomegranate, jujubes and cherries. It holds a dual taste of sweet and sour and is largely grown in hilly regions. Though there are about 2000 varieties of plums available in the world their usage in India is considerably low. Its season in India is between May and September. It is predominantly grown in Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu Kashmir in India. They look round and beautiful. They are available in red and deep red colors and the red ones remain rich in benefits.

The fruits are rich in potassium, fluoride and iron. Though they lack in Vitamin K, the fruits facilitate clotting of blood. They improve blood cells and increase number of red blood corpuscles. They are able to reduce blood cholesterol and also remove renal problems. They could soften the muscles thereby removing muscle tightness. They activate neural cells and strengthen nervous systems. They are able to improve the physique and also reduce mental stress and tensions.

They have the capacity to improve eye sight. As they are rich in easily digestible fibers they can cure constipation. They impart resistance to diseases and therefore protect us from infections. It is solely because of the rich availability of vitamin C in the fruits. There are also vitamin A and beta carotene present in the fruits, thereby helping in improving vision and also preventing from cold. They could protect from lung and oral cancers, especially vitamin A which is rich in the fruits.

The fruits can be consumed with the peel or skin. It could act as a tonic to heart, especially their red pigments. Those who look old can regain their youthfulness and look refreshed due to the consumption of their fruits. 

The pulp of the fruits can be separated, dried and consumed along with honey will facilitate blood purification.

The active ingredient, Epicatechin, present in the fruit has the ability to contain the growth of cancer cells in the body. It could protect from liver cancer too. Chlorogenic and neo chlorogenic phenols, anti oxidants and flavonoids present in the fruits have the ability to kill the breast cancer cells.

The flavonoids present in the fruits have the ability to protect the bone tissues from deterioration. Therefore it protects us from osteoporosis too. As this disease is prevalent among older women, consumption of the fruits protects them from bone diseases and also cures the same.

The presence of vitamin A, C and K facilitates new cell growth among children and also cures eye sight related problems. They are able to strengthen bone and also provide resistance to diseases.

Currently, fruits from Kodaikanal, Ooty and Coonoor are available aplenty in the market and let us get benefited from them.

(This article originally written by Maria Belsin in Tamil has been reproduced in English by  V Amalan Stanley)

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