Are you fond of Star fruits? It endangers kidneys!

Are you fond of Star fruits? It endangers kidneys!
Are you fond of Star fruits? It endangers kidneys!

The nativity of star fruits could either be Srilanka or Maldives, thus suppose the researchers. The fruit tree has been cultivated for many centuries in India and other South East Asian countries like Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Nepal and Bangladesh and also in East Asian countries and Australia and islands surrounding it . It thrives well in tropical countries. Its fruits found in green and yellow, if cut into pieces will look like stars and thus its name, star fruit. Anyone would be lured to taste the fruits at the site of them, glowing in bright green and yellow color.

If you are fond of consuming those star fruits the research data say that you should exercise caution. It is found out that the toxic substance found in the fruits could affect nervous system, particular the kidneys. The fruits are commonly sold on the road sides and people eagerly buy and consume them. Those who eat them more will have chances of being affected by the neurotoxin present in the fruits. Research findings state that it affects the digestive organs, thereby causing problems in digestion. But research publications reveal that they have more vitamin C and fiber content.

In order to understand whether the fruit is truly beneficial or harmful to us on consumption, we enquired about it with dietecian , Vanita. ‘The star fruit contains vitamin C and antioxidants that are essential for our body. And it also contains poisonous neurotoxins. Therefore it should not be consumed with empty stomach and also should not be consumed more. When a healthy person consumes it with empty stomach the neurotoxins present in the fruits will affect the person causing health problems. There is excess amount of oxalate mineral salts in the fruits. The fruits contain three times more oxalates than what is required for our body. Anything in excess will be turn out to be a poison’.

Those who suffer from kidney diseases should not consume these fruits. After consumption if someone experiences certain symptoms like headache, giddiness, vomiting and hiccups it is better to go to a doctor immediately. The fruit bas been tested on humans and animals. And it has been found out that there are health problems due to the neurotoxins present in the fruits. She said that consuming the fruits may even cause death to those who suffer from kidney diseases.

(This article written in Tamil by Ilavarasan has been reproduced in English by V Amalan Stanley)

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