Prickly Heat Rashes, Body heat, Heat Stroke... How to avoid Summer related health problems?

Prickly Heat Rashes, Body heat, Heat Stroke... How to avoid Summer related health problems?
Prickly Heat Rashes, Body heat, Heat Stroke... How to avoid Summer related health problems?

In the past, when we were young, we did not bother about the unbearable summer heat. We used to play in the hot sun, take bath in the well or river or tank and enjoy spending time in the hot sun. But whereas, nowadays, we are rather scared of the hot sun. Either in office or at home, we try to huddle ourselves under AC atmosphere in order to prevent our body from bearing the brunt of the sun at any cost. In general, there are some useful tips to protect our health from the ill effects of extreme summer.

Some people will have the tendency to faint  due to heat stroke in summer. These people should not expose to direct sun for more than two hours. Young children and old people should not stir out of the house during peak heat. In addition to this precaution, they must drink tender coconut, palm fruit (ice apple), porridge, butter milk etc. to face the heat.

In case someone faints down due to heat stroke, we must give first aid by making the person relax under shade with free air and ventilation. His dress must be loossened to make air pass over the body. We can wipe all over the body with  wet cloth. Tender coconut or glucose can be given so that they will gain consciousness and energy. Then we can take the person to the hospital in order to find out whether the fainting is due to heat or some other reasons.

Prickly heat:-
Some people will develop prickly heat rashes in their body due to heat. One of the best remedies is to apply the palm fruit or sandal paste or aloe vera over the prickly heat rashes. Prickly heat will disappear gradually. We can prepare aloe vera juice by mixing 30 to 45 ml. aloe vera, 2 teaspoon lime juice 1 teaspoon ginger essence and required amount of brown sugar in one tumbler mud pot water. We have to drink this essence to control the prickly heats.

Tips to reduce body heat:-
Some people develop heat during this summer. They can take fenugreek mixed in food. Besides this, they can eat black night shade, onion, chayote, cucumber, water melon, white pumpkin etc. Grapes are good fruits that will reduce the body heat. It will also facilitate good bowel movement. Wate stored in mud pot or copper vessel is also good. People can take oil bath once a week so that they can keep their body under control.

How to avoid diseases arising out of hot summer?: 
Some children will develop heat boils, measles, herpes ulcers etc. For measles, the best home medicine is use of red thalampu. Two or three petals of this flower should be pounded, put in water and boiled to the maximum point. This essence must be taken orally twice a day to cure measles. Similarly, the herpes can be cured by taking white lotus flower essence. Spinach can also be ground and mixed in pure butter which can then be smeared over the herpes spots to cure them. In particular, turmeric and neem leaves are capable of increasing the immunity level.

Care in food intake:
Particularly, in summer, the infectious diseases will easily spread to one by means of food and water. Proper digestion will not happen. Hence, it is imperative that one should take easily digestible foods by avoiding fried items and very hot items mixed with too much of spices. Sugar-based bakery items, sweets, creams and other snacks including burger, pizza and ice cream are required to be avoided. We can take lot of vegetables and fruits instead.

Eye-related sours:-
Heat boils and irritation will affect eyes also. Bael fruit(Vilva fruit) is the best remedy. This can be heated and the paste can be used while taking head bath. Cold water massage can be given for the eyes. Sand bath can also be attempted in a natural environment.
Facing the heat:-
Banana can be made into paste form and it can be smeared with milk over the face and neck portion. After soaking in this for about 20 minutes, we can wash our face. Milk can be added in rose water the previous night and the next morning, we can use it for cleaning our body so as to remove the black colour. Mango is a summer fruit. The pulp can be mixed in milk and used to remove the black colour of the skin.

Ten ways to protect us from summer heat:-
* Drinking water should be from copper pot or mud pot
* Fruit juice, tender coconut and palm fruit should be liberally taken
* Ragi or pearl millet porridge can be mixed with butter milk and taken during day time
* To the extent possible, non-vegetarian food items, too much of spicy items and refrigerated items should be avoided. It is always better to use fresh green vegetables and fruits during summer
* In the event of travel, one should carry sufficient water, juice and easily digestible food
* It is advisable to take bath twice a day
* Sun block cream should preferably be avoided. Similarly, black colour umbrella should not be used. It can be of any other colour
* Sand bath can be taken at least once a week. Daily physical exercise should be done
* Loose and cotton dresses should only be worn in summer
* During summer, it is ideal to give some respite to the mind and as a matter of relaxation, can spend the break time with nature like green field, beach, park etc.

The above-stated practical tips will certainly help us combat summer heat.

(This article written in Tamil by J M Jennifer Diana has been reproduced in English by P.S.Ramamurthy)

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