Tender Coconuts protect from summer heat, Health deficiencies

If summer is on, no wonder all roads and streets will be predominantly occupied by multifarious fruit & juice shops and water melon carts.

Tender Coconuts protect from summer heat
Tender Coconuts protect from summer heat

If summer is on, no wonder all roads and streets will be predominantly occupied by multifarious fruit & juice shops and water melon carts. Simultaneously, the all-time tender coconut sale will also touch its boom period. Tender coconuts have certain unique values unlike other fruit juices. The naturopathy doctor and yoga practitioner, J.M.Jeniffer Diana says that the tender coconuts contain several minerals and nutrients. It will reduce body heat especially during summer. On top of all, it will reduce fat content in our body and help us cut down extra weight.

Tender coconuts consist of different nutrients required by our body. When it comes to calories, it contains just 46 approximately. That is why nothing is a better natural way than tender coconut in reducing obesity. It will help us increase good fat (HDL) and decrease bad cholesterol(LDL). It will also increase our metabolic rate in our body as a result of which our thyroid glands will function with better efficiency.

Further, tender coconuts will increase the disease-resisting immunity level and improve insulin secretion. It is as pure as mother’s milk. It is an historical fact that during the second world war, the wounded soldiers were administered with pure tender coconut water instead of saline water.

Fibre content:-

The refrigerated juices do not have fibre content but whereas the natural tender coconut has approximately 3 grams of fibre. This helps us in digesting the food particles slowly and steadily. Thus, it ensures timely appetite without creating acidity in the stomach. It will fill the stomach properly.


This is one of the most important minerals which is aplenty in tender coconut. This will automatically convert the food that we take into energy.


Dr.J.M.Jennifer further states that tender coconuts contain 2 grams protein which is capable of controlling our appetite.

Dietician expert Vani confirms that tender coconuts do not have fat at all. She further lists down certain more salient features of tender coconut as under:-

  1. Tender coconuts contain potassium, iron, Vitamin B and C, zinc etc.
  2. It is better than other fruit juices because the white sugar in the juices will prevent full nutrients from reaching our body
  3. It will protect us from body dryness and skin problems.
  4. It will facilitate free bowel movement and set right high blood pressure condition
  5. It adds folate which is required for pregnant mothers
  6. The coconut pulp in it is extremely useful in preventing stones in kidney and osteoarthritis
  7. Those who are obese will try to cut down their extra flesh by reducing calories, rice, white sugar etc. They will take juice which contains 117 calories. But tender coconuts contain 46 calories only. That way tender coconuts are superior to artificial juices 
  8. Another important aspect of tender coconut is that it possesses 2.6 grams fibre content. This fibre content will help one reduce body weight. People who are keen to avoid fat, should take tender coconuts liberally.
  9. Some enthusiastic people would prefer to drink cold fruit juice after their work-outs. That will do no good at all; rather, it would create stomach problems. Whereas, tender coconuts would be a valuable drink.
  10. No doubt, tender coconuts have plenty of good values. However, it is rich in carbohydrate and sugar and hence diabetic patients should get the clearance from their doctors to take tender coconuts.

Ten marvellous benefits of tender coconuts:-

  1. It will not lead to constipation
  2. It will help in correcting the high blood pressure
  3. It will not create stones in kidney
  4. It will help one come out of osteoarthritis
  5. It will be helpful in controlling obesity
  6. It will not cause any skin problems
  7. It will improve the immunity level
  8. It will increase insulin secretion
  9. It will not cause indigestion

Tender coconut is doubtless the gift of nature for humanity.

(This article written in Tamil by J Nivetha and Maria Belsin has been reproduced in English by P.S.Ramamurthy)