Preventive methods to avoid Hemorrhoid

Preventive methods to avoid Hemorrhoid
Preventive methods to avoid Hemorrhoid

Simple preventive measures to avoid piles

Constipation is the root cause for many a disease for human beings, the primary one being ‘hemorrhoid’ or ‘piles’ in simpler language. Our human body is also like a machine which is subject to normal wear and tear over passage of time. Hence it goes without saying that it essentially requires lubricants for smooth function of various parts of the body. It need not affect only old people. People who do not consume balanced and timely diet may also get this ailment.

Particularly, during summer our body is subject to considerable heat resulting in chances of piles attacking us. During summer, it will take more time for digestion. During that stage, if one takes still hotter edibles or skips timely intake of food, it is very likely that piles will attack.

On the other hand, people who get affected by piles, will normally hesitate to share it with others or approach the doctor. If it is addressed in the initial stage itself, surgery may not be required and it can be treated; else, surgery will become unavoidable.

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Causes and treatment:-

Dr Jyothi Basu renowned surgeon explains the various causes of piles and the treatment for the ailment.

The inflammation of the blood vessels in the anus will weaken the walls and the blood vessels will get torn while passing a stool. This is called ‘piles’. There are four types of piles – stage 1: oozing of blood without pain; stage 2: the tissue coming out along with stool and blood and getting withdrawn automatically after the stool; stage 3: tissue coming out with blood at the time of passing a stool and not getting withdrawn automatically but only with pressure and stage 4: the tissue once having come out with blood at the time of passing a stool, never getting withdrawn even with pressure. Barring the first stage, it will be accompanied by pain during the rest of the three stages. Once a person has reached the final stage, he can be treated only by means of surgery.

Some of the causes are: a) always sitting erect for a longer duration; b) not passing stool on time and c) partial passing of a stool. Prevention is better than cure. This formula can be applied in this regard by avoiding constipation, sitting erect in the same posture for long and timely passing of stool with adequate exercises.

Flour based food items like bread and maida should be avoided. Instead of these items, green vegetables such as beans, sabre beans, cluster beans, snake gourd, ribbed gourd etc. including fruits like apple, guava etc. can be taken so that the stools will be softened and bowel movements will be easier and better. If these guidelines are followed, constipation can be easily overcome. Non-vegetarian food items are not a taboo but they must be consumed once in a while only.

People with normal health condition are required to drink 2 to 3 liters of water daily. However, this quantity should not be taken at one stretch but at due intervals only. The above-mentioned food guidelines and restrictions will certainly help the people with first stage piles condition. People affected by stage 2 condition should necessarily approach a doctor without delay. People under stage 3 and 4 will have to be operated upon for complete treatment.

Preventive measures to avoid piles according to Siddha practitioner, Dr.Karunakaran:-

It is believed that heat is the prime factor for the piles to attack a person, according siddha medicine. Acidity with bile will give room for piles, especially during summer during which time, we will feel very dry. That is why it is better to avoid sour and salt in summer so as to cut down heat for our body. Similarly, we should not sit in the same place for longer duration. We must avoid cushion chair in place of which we can use caned chairs. If it is not possible, we can use cotton cushion or keep Turkish towel over the chair for sitting purpose. Long distance travel by vehicle during summer should preferably be avoided. Last but not the least is that we must take oil bath at least for two days a week.

Regarding food habits, we can take spinach, fenugreek spinach and sukkong keerai variety which are good for piles. As regards non-vegetarian food, it is better to avoid chicken which will produce more heat. Fish is good, particularly ‘vilangu’ fish(Eel) to treat piles. Piles patients should ideally avoid fast food items. In fruits, mango is required to be set aside while juice like pomegranate, cactus and fig will be highly useful for piles. However, these juices should be taken without ice.

Apart from the above, tender coconut, palm water, buttermilk etc. will be extremely good to make our body cool. Fibre-rich vegetables like beans, ladies finger should be consumed more. Small onion should be taken in one form or the other. Plantain flower can be pounded and the essence taken for controlling bleeding while passing a stool. The matured mango seed can be pounded and the essence can be mixed with buttermilk for oral consumption. This is also capable of taking care of the bleeding. In root vegetables, the piles-affected person should not take any vegetable except for the elephant yam. It is also suggested that the castor oil can be externally applied on the mouth of anus and a teaspoon of castor oil can also be drunk before going to bed at night on a daily basis.

The above-cited home remedies and preventive steps will be very handy in dealing with piles problems.

(This article written in Tamil by R Senthilkumar has been reproduced in English by P.S.Ramamurthy)