Multiple Benefits of Guava-Prevents Cancer, Improves Eye vision, Increases Immunity

Multiple Benefits of Guava-Prevents Cancer, Improves Eye vision, Increases Immunity
Multiple Benefits of Guava-Prevents Cancer, Improves Eye vision, Increases Immunity

Guava is one of the most useful and economical fruits. Practically, it would be next to impossible for anyone to control the temptation not to taste it, if freely kept in the house. So mouth-watering a fruit it is! If a little bit of salt is added, it will be still yummy. This fruit has the feature of being available throughout the year. That is why, perhaps, most of us do not take this fruit seriously. Medical experts do know that this fruit is the nutritional repository, in reality.

Dietician Menaka highlights its uses in many ways as under:-

Guava contains vitamin C, lycopene, antioxidants, carotene and water content etc. that give lot of nutrients to our skin. The manganese available in this fruit will help us save and retain the nutritional energy in our body; potassium will help us control the blood pressure.

Four oranges are equal to one guava in terms of vitamin C. This will increase the immunity level enormously. The disease, ‘scurvy’, caused by the deficiency of vitamin C will be controlled by guava juice.

The lycopene, quercetin, vitamin C and polyphenols available in this fruit act as antioxidants. This will reduce the free radicals in the body. It will also prevent the cancer cells from growing in the body. It will further prevent prostate cancer. Lycopene is capable of controlling the breast cancer cells. The fibre content in this fruit will control the sugar level in the body. Based on the low glycaemic index, guava will further control the sugar level in the blood from increasing.

Regular consumption of guava will substantially reduce the incidence of diabetes.  This will also keep the blood pressure under control by balancing the sodium and potassium level in our body.

Uses of guava are still more. 12% of total fibre content that we require in a day is in one fruit. This will facilitate easy and free digestion and elimination of waste. Its seeds will strengthen the liver. Vitamin A, present in this, will prevent the eye defect. It will improve eye sight as well as control the macular degeneration in the eyes.

The vitamin K, present in this fruit, will help us retain our skin colour and glow. It will also prevent the itching sensation and skin rashes caused by the pimples. The vitamin B9 Folic acid will be very helpful to the pregnant mothers. It will help the nervous system of the foetus in the womb. On top of all, it will control the mental and physical stress due to hard labour or exercise.

The vitamin B3 and B6 present in guava will increase the blood circulation in the brain and relax the nerve system which will result in enhancement of intelligence. This will balance the growth of body and help one reduce the weight. Last but not the least point worth noting by the diabetic patients is that the sugar level present in guava is much less than the level in apple, orange and grapes.

It is not an exaggeration to conclude that guava is so good right from removal of black rings beneath the eyes to proper growth of baby in the womb.

(This article written in Tamil by R Kavya has been transcreated in English by P.S.Ramamurthy)