Health benefits of dates

Health benefits of dates
Health benefits of dates

he Bible regarded highly of date palms and that’s why it mentioned that ‘A righteous will flourish like a date palm’

The Bible regarded highly of date palms and that’s why it mentioned that ‘A righteous will flourish like a date palm’. Besides, it's slim and beautiful standing, as well as its sweet date fruits, were praised often in the Old Testament. It belongs to one of the palm varieties and is grown for its sweet fruits commonly called dates. It is grown with a minimum investment but its benefits are high. One need not wait for the right time to eat the fruits, anytime is ok to enjoy them. They can be served as snacks. Raw or dried fruits can be consumed directly. It’s such a sweet and remarkable fruit that provides rich minerals and also cures some diseases.

Benefits Of Dates

Cures constipation

There is a common notion that dates will cause constipation. But the fact is that it serves as a very good laxative. In order to cure constipation, pick three date fruits, soak them in water during the previous night and drink its juice the next day morning. Dates have high fiber content and easily dissolvable and therefore facilitate smooth movement of bowels and functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. It is good for digestion and also prevents dysentery.

Increases iron levels

The rich iron content of the fruits cures an anemic condition. They provide adequate energy to the physiological function of the body and improve health. They help in curing blood-related diseases as they facilitate generation of red blood cells.


The high potassium content of the fruits protects us from heart diseases. They strengthen the weak heart conditions. They are able to reduce the cholesterol accumulated in the blood vessels thereby helping the smooth functioning of the heart and also minimize the chances of heart attacks and strokes.

Instant energy

Dates are naturally very sweet as they contain all types of sugars, glucose, sucrose, and fructose. Therefore they can be consumed when one feels physically dull, especially in the afternoon as they energize our body. The carbohydrate present in them also facilitates better health.

Strengthens bones

The micronutrients richly present in the fruits, manganese, magnesium, and selenium help in strengthening the bones. Therefore dates can be consumed along with food to facilitate the proper growth of bones. Continuous consumption of dates will protect us from osteoporosis, especially among women and also the fruits are good for relieving arthritic pains, especially for the aged.

Enhances memory

The potassium and vitamin-rich fruits activate brain function and also help in the proper functioning of our nervous system, keeping it active and healthy. The fruits are good for those who suffer from memory loss, dementia, protecting them from a further decline of memory.

Additional benefits

Body weight will increase if six dates are consumed daily

If consumed regularly, it will relieve from night blindness

Organic sulfur present in the fruits will protect from allergic side effects and reactions

Facilitates regularizing of menstrual cycle

Cures stomach cancers

Method of consumption

The fruits, even if they are raw or dry, should be cleaned properly before being consumed

They can be consumed directly or along with food

The fruits can be consumed as juice, along with almond, walnut, dry grapes and cashew nuts

The seeds can be fried, ground and the powder mixed with palm jaggery and can be consumed as coffee

Dates consumed along with nuts, daily twice, will improve body resistance against diseases

(This article written by Mohanapriya in Tamil has been reproduced in English by V Amalan Stanley)

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