‘Grammar’ பகுதிக்கு உரியது.

To teach Punctuation teacher can use this activity. Initially the teacher has to prepare some flash cards with Punctuation marks like, Comma, Double quotations, Single Quotations, Colon, Semi colon, Full stop, Question mark etc.


Then ask few students to hold the cards in front of the class and explain the marks.

And then the teacher has to hand over the cards to some bright students.

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After introducing the punctuation marks the teacher has to write few sentences in the black board.

Then make a student to read the text which is written and ask the card holders to show the proper punctuation


marks card to corresponding sentences.

For e.g:

If the reader reads, ‘‘I’m happy.”

The students should hold Comma,quotation, apostrophe and full stop cards. Teacher should involve bright students first. We can ask the late bloomers to join later. This activity will help all the students to get a wholesome idea of the          usage of Punctuation marks.

- D.Vijayalaxmi G.B.H.S.School, Kannamangalam.