General topics for preliminary examination - Science - Technology special

General topics for preliminary examination  - Science - Technology special
General topics for preliminary examination - Science - Technology special

General topics for preliminary examination - Science - Technology special

For the past few years, several questions have been asked related to technology. First we shall look into space technology. Indian Space Commission, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), and other such organisations must be studied in detail. History of Indian satellites, the function of each, major space related events of the world, etc., need to be made into tables and studied. This topic is very important. Especially for your examination year, study the details of all satellites launched that year. 

Sample question 

1) PSLV stands for Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle 

2) RISAT 1 is the first radar imaging satellite 

Which of the above are correct ? 

1 only 

2 only 

Both 1 and 2 (answer)

Neither 1 nor 2

Next we shall look into India’s defence schemes. Learn about the organisational structures and headquarters of the Army, Navy and Air Force, along with research works, paramilitary establishments, names of important missiles, types, schemes for enhancing our missile stocks, etc., need to be studied. Similarly learn about Navy’s fighter vessels, Air Force’s fighter aircrafts as well as cannons. When learning about missile types, learn the names of all air-to-air, surface-to-air, surface-to-surface, air-to-surface, surface-to-sea, etc., missiles. 

Sample question 

1) Tejas is a type of Indian fighter vessel.

2) Nirbhaya is an Indian long range missile. 

1 only correct 

2 only correct (answer) 

Both are correct 

Both are wrong 

Tejas is an Indian fighter plane. 

Next part of this topic is nuclear energy. Atomic energy commission, atomic energy regulatory board, department of atomic energy, various research bodies related to atomic energy, origins and structures of public organisations, etc., need to be learned. 

India’s three stage nuclear power program, its features, India’s major nuclear test attempts, nuclear reactors in India, major nuclear reactors of the world, etc., are important for all exams. 

Sample question 

1) Tarapur nuclear power plant is in Maharashtra

2) Rawatbhata nuclear power plant is in Rajasthan 

Among these, 

1 is correct 

2 is correct 

Both are correct (answer) 

Both are wrong 

The next major item in this topic is Biotechnology. Biotechnology’s applications should be studied area-wise, such as, engineering, agriculture, medicine, environment, etc. Studying the major scientific terms of each will also help a lot in the examination. 

Sample question 

1) Blue biotechnology denotes the use of biotechnology in water 

2) Red biotechnology denotes use of biotechnology in medicine 

3) White biotechnology denotes use of biotechnology in factories. 

Of these,

1 and 2 are correct 

2 and 3 are correct 

1 and 3 are correct 

All are correct ( answer ) 

Some of the one-line definitions of above seen topics with examples are below: 

Golden rice - oryza sativa type rice, which contains genetically engineered beta-carotene which gives Vitamin A

Phytoremediation - tackling environmental pollution using plants 

Advanced Heavy water reactor - reactors which produce energy by adding plutonium to thorium oxide compounds. 

Science and technology questions are asked to a limited extent in preliminary and larger extent in main (especially UPSC) examinations. Note down the major scientific and industrial advancements / events of the year of examination and study. Your efforts will be further successful! We shall meet in next topic.

- We shall win!

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