Constipation & Banana – Myth & Reality! | Constipation & Banana – Myth & Reality!

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Constipation & Banana – Myth & Reality!

Constipation, if ignored in the beginning, will lead to many a health issue. It is not only restricted to health condition but also mental issues, according to many doctors. In particular, constipation is due to change in our present life style and the fast and furious life pattern. Similarly, lack of fibre content in our food and water in-take will also cause constipation. Inadequate fibre content will constrict the bowel movement which is why the non-vegetarian food will generally lead to constipation.


Fibre-rich vegetables, spinach, banana stem, orange, guava, pomegranate, apple, mango, fig, dates, broken groundnut, groundnut, motchai parupu etc. will greatly relieve one of constipation problem. From the unknown past and till today, majority of people advocate banana and eat bananas after their food to avoid constipation.

However, in reality, there are two types of bananas – one is traditional and the other one is the hybrid one without the seeds. Siddha medicine specialist Dr.Velayudham claims that the latter is of no use except for filling the stomach. He further explains that the traditional bananas with seed contain fibre and provide water content to the body whereas the hybrid variety of green or yellow bananas lack fibre content and they are incapable of clearing the constipation. Moreover, they contain more of glucose instead of fructose which will, therefore, aggravate the constipation problem instead of solving it.



Apart from the above, country bananas richly contain potassium which is good for heart whereas the hybrid varieties do not possess. Hence, bananas like poovam, rasthali, malai, karpuravazhai and sevvazhai should be consumed since they contain more fibre that clears the bowel easily. Bananas can be eaten half an hour before meal and they can be taken all the three times a day. However, it will be more beneficial, if taken in the morning.

Dr.Velayudham finally recommends eating country bananas instead of the hybrid varieties which are being marketed and sold more for commercial profit.


However, the general physician, Dr.Sivarama Kannan opines that both the country and hybrid varieties are good and they do not have any major difference whatsoever. He confirms that both will help in clearing constipation.

(This article written by R Senthilkumar in Tamil has been reproduced in English by P.S.Ramamurthy)

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