Illusion of Food Revolution – Better to avoid Fast Foods | Illusion of Food Revolution – Better to avoid Fast Foods

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Illusion of Food Revolution – Better to avoid Fast Foods

Western countries have started turning towards natural foods in order to avoid the deleterious effects of fast foods. But we are still into gorging fried rice, pizza and burger, entrapped in the elusive net of fast food habits. If we are not quickly coming out of this unhealthy habit our body would become an encampment of diseases.
Historical route.

Fast Foods

If we examine the historical route of fast foods there won’t be any connectivity between the fast food culture and our tradition. We are simply caught up with somebody else’s style or culture of living and feelings which are not at all connected with our way of living and feelings. But witnessing the deplorable way of fast food culture, there is a natural fear of losing our traditional healthy way that tends to change its course for the worst. Those food items that have been traditionally filling our food basket will certainly not cause any diseases. But there are many diseases that could surely afflict us through fast food items that are causing food revolution in recent times. 

Heart attack among youngsters

We have been honoring fast food items by getting rid of our nutritious traditional food items. From children to adults, based on the size we categorically consume, ‘mini size cheese sandwich’, ‘medium size burger’ and ‘large size family pizza’. But diseases won’t consider whether it’s a child or an adult. How much does it make a difference between a youth dying out of heart attack than an elderly? We have started hearing shocking news of untimely death of youngsters due to heart attack. And we fail to learn that fast foods are playing a key role of wrong food items. 



Fast foods are prepared with an exclusive objective of satisfying our taste buds and thereby tempting us. Nutritive factors are completely absent in fast foods making them impossible to improve our health. But they rapidly facilitate body weight gain, capable of causing obesity due to high calories. Therefore they are causes of obesity and ill health. If a full pizza is consumed, one needs to run many kilometers in order to burn the calories gained out of it. But the question is do we even try to go for a walk regularly. If that is so how could we burn those extra calories added to our body? These calories accumulate in our body as fat affecting our health seriously.

Diabetes and malnutrition

Facilitating immediate consumption and ease of access these fast foods cause immediate disease conditions and easily destroy our good health. The recent report findings of National Institute of Health (NIH) of USA revealed that fast foods affect secretion of insulin thereby causing diabetic condition. Even a ten year old boy would be afflicted by Type 2 diabetes. Kids consuming more fast foods tend to lack essential nutrition supply, leading to malnutrition. This will lead to stunting of growth and serious ill health.

Coaxing with pizza and burger

It’s better for the parents who cajole their kids resisting to attend school offer pizza and burger as an incentive. Though you may think you are trying to convince your kids by offering those food items you are actually fetching them only diseases and ill health. How could parents themselves risk their own children? If you try to convince your kid by offering burger for attending their school regularly you will surely make your kid plump like a burger soon. Parents should remain strictly impartial in banning those kinds of food items being offered to kids. 

உப்பு, சர்க்கரை

Salt and white sugar

Consuming fast foods regularly will cause sedimentation of cholesterol within the inner walls of blood vessels, narrowing its circumference, blocking thorough blood flow, thereby causing heart diseases. The salts contained in the fast foods increase the possibility of causing high blood pressure. It’s outright ignorance of those middle aged patients being advised by their clinicians to reduce use of salts invariably ending up having more salts through fast foods. Aimed solely at enhancing the taste of fast foods, more salts and white sugars are added to them prove destructive to our health sooner than later.

Hormonal impact

Destroying hormonal balance these fast foods cause metabolic disorders. Lasses get afflicted with polycystic ovarian disease due to consumption of ‘junk foods’ that fall under the category of fast foods. Those older generations of women who used to have sesame sweet balls and mung dhal porridge never would have heard of these kinds of ovarian cystic diseases.

Mistakes of school managementli

Schools that are supposed to teach proper food habits tend to introduce wrongful food habits to children. A few school canteens profit more by selling pizzas. They also serve fried chips in packets, bottles filled with multinational cool drinks, cheesed burgers and pizzas within their premises without fail. The simple food items such as nutritive traditional food items made of greens and vegetables along with eghg available in government school canteens are the best  for the school children.

Cool Drinks

Need of schools teaching dietetics 

Many private schools that demand exorbitant money as school fee do not succeed in teaching good food habits. Whatever wrong food habits that one learns at school continues for one’s life time. There is a high possibility of children gaining obesity in schools that do not teach proper dietetics at the school. It’s better for parents to choose schools that teach dietetics along with their regular education programs. Parents used to complain that even if they try their best to avoid junk foods at their home, their children get addicted to those items at their school. It’s heartening to learn that many schools have banned sale of junk foods and bottled cool drinks within their school premises. 

Can anyone assure when the meat inside the pizzas and burgers was originally prepared? Are we aware of the deleterious metabolic changes that could be possible with the chemicals contained in those junk foods? Have we ever examined the reasons for the increasing number of new types of diseases that are being harbored in our body due to the wrong food habits? We are blindly destroying our good health by way of lack of proper physical exercise, added by improper choice of foods. We need to change. Without any thought of hesitation we must erase off the memories of fast foods. It’s really a social service to teach others about the harmful health effects of fast foods. Let us serve the society campaigning against the wrong way of foods and food habits.

(This article written IN tAMIL by Dr V Vikramkumar MD(S) has been reproduced in English by V Amalan Stanley)  

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