Anxiety Disorder – Bane or Boon! | Anxiety Disorder – Bane or Boon!

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Anxiety Disorder – Bane or Boon!

Anxiety Disorder is a condition wherein one will experience profuse sweating on the palms and feet. Besides this, nervousness added with fear will also be felt by the affected individual.

Anxiety Disorder – Bane or Boon!

Anxiety Disorder is a condition wherein one will experience profuse sweating on the palms and feet. Besides this, nervousness added with fear will also be felt by the affected individual. Ultimately, the person’s thought process will be affected. These are all the symptoms of anxiety disorder syndrome. 

Anxiety Disorder

Psychiatrist Dr.Asokan explains the indications and the steps to be taken to relieve us of this problem. He says that unexpected incidents in life will trigger anxiety for some people and many comne out of that in due course of time. Recalling the same bitter and fearful episodes will also cause this problem. Sometimes, we will be influenced by certain adverse events which will make us imagine negatively and this will cause anxiety disorder. These thought processes coupled with the sense of fear will cause the anxiety disorder for one.


There are body related and mind related causes, in general. If the thyroid gland secretion is more, the heartbeat will be faster. This is one reason for anxiety disorder. If the adrenal hormones secrete less, it will lead to Addisonian crisis wherein the blood pressure will undergo changes. This would also result in anxiety. Sometimes, the blood flow from the heart through the blood vessels will move little slowly and the residual blood will flow after normal time which is called mital valve prolapse. Similarly, intake of steroid tablets will also cause the anxiety syndrome.

Sometimes, the impact of negative experiences will continue to pound our mind again and again, thus causing the anxiety syndrome. Lastly, the imaginations of certain happenings that did not happen in our life would also lead to unwanted anxieties.

Anxiety Disorder

On an average, nearly 4000 thought waves will be experienced by our mind and brain. Once in 14 minutes, different and additional thoughts will occur. When this anxiety disorder affects a person, this count will obviously be more. They will have forgetfulness and confusion in recollecting or remembering their daily routines. The brain that will function involuntarily will switch itself to sympathetic mode as a result of which blood pressure, heartbeat and sweat will increase. There will be some difficulties in speech too. Tendency to pass urine or stool will also be there and they will become nervous.

Who will be the victims?:-

In general, all people will have a minimum level of anxiety disorder. Only when it becomes abnormal, it starts giving trouble. Similarly, it affects men more than the women. In sexual life, men will experience lack of erection and the resultant dissatisfaction in sex. They will develop a sense of inferiority complex. Alcoholic persons and teenagers will also undergo this problem, in particular.


There are some simple exercises to do away with this problem in the beginning stage itself. To the extent possible, one must keep himself free from stress and tension Dr.Asokan by listening to good music, reading books, watching good movies etc.

3-4-7 breathing exercise will be a very useful technique. Counting from 1 to 3, one must inhale steadily; then hold the breath counting from 1 to 4 and finally releasing the breath rhythmically counting from 1 to 7. This exercise will make one become as calm and cool as possible. 

In addition to this, one can learn and practice yoga. Likewise, indulging in pleasant thoughts and imaginations will also be good. However, if the anxiety disorder has already reached its zenith, one should consult the doctor and do these exercises under his guidance.

On the contrary, a small amount of anxiety will do wonders, especially, it will boost the morale of the students in regard to their taking up their examination or interview etc. When it crosses the border, it will impact our performance; it will cripple any person for that matter. Much depends on as to how we handle this anxiety disorder with absolute caution and care. If we are in control of it, it would be only a boon and not a bane. Hence, proper awareness is a ‘must’.

(This article written in Tamil by P Nirmal has been transcreated in English by  P.S.Ramamurthy)

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